Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

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It's Ok

...that I am just so close to my breaking point with technology. Seriously if it would just work with me, we could get by a lot easier.

...that I procrastinated and possibly missed an opportunity. (actually that's just ok, but I can try to make myself feel better, right?)

...that I went to the mall with my cousin to job hunt and left with a card saying where to apply online, and a full belly from Sbarros. (I actually really want to rant about that job thing, but I'll wait for now.) I did try on a cute dress though. ;)

...that Framing Hanley announced a show to be on the last Saturday of Feb. it's only 3 hours away & I REALLY REALLY want Doug to take me!!! I asked and he jokingly played it off (which to me, says no.) A friend even told me to tell him that's all I wanted for Valentines Day (genius idea) and he just kind snickered. That man!

...that I am having a serious internal conflict about the above situation, with something that takes me back to last year and the bullshit drama shit that happened. UGH. It shouldn't even be hard, but for me? Oh, it most certainly is.

...that I totally forgot that I had already told you guys about the Framing Hanley thing yesterday, oopsie. Love youuu! lol

...that you guys may or may not think I'm a totally creeper nutcase because of my post tomorrow. Gonna try to finish it up tonight. :p 

...that my mind is all scattered right now.

...that I'm done with listening to the news, h-a-t-e it. There was a shooting in a middle school in southeast atlanta a couple of hours ago, one person is in the hospital and alert. I feel bad & hope they recover fully and fine, it's a 14 year old & the bullet grazed the back of their head, so it sounds like they should be fine.
But I'm tired of hearing about it. Not this one in particular, but all of it. I know that sounds super heartless, but I'm so. over. it. All of it, all of the shooting/guns bullshit. I hate the news....and I'm just gonna stop there with all that for now. I'm trying to just keep my mouth shut.

...that I have to cut this short because my cousin want to go to walmart...what do you do when you live in a small town? Go to WalMart! Sad but true. :p

LoveYou BUH-BYE!


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