Sunday, October 28, 2012

This and that, and GO DAWGS!♥

Had a pretty good week, stressful, but mainly brought on by myself.  Friday was a good ending to it. Doug had a really good day at work & then we went out to dinner & a movie with a couple of friends that we are kind of reconnecting with. We ate Applebees, which was good. Then we went to see Sinister. It's definitely a weird one. I liked it. And then my hubs left me....for the hunting club. He's getting the itch to get a deer since my brother & dad have got their first kill of the season. So he and my brother and a friend headed down about 2am this morning. It never fails, when I spend the night alone, at home, I tend to stay up all night doing nothing but watching TV or on the computer (mainly listening to music). I don't know if it's cause I miss him, or if it's cause I'm enjoying the alone time. -probably both- I don't know.

Today was dedicated to the big game...
All I did was wake up, get ready & sit my booty in front of the TV.
May not have been the prettiest game, but when we were good, we were good. They still need to get their heads in the right place. But to knock off the number 2 team, who is WAS undefeated, not to mention our big rival...YES! I'll take that! Still a lot of work to do though. Hope they hunker down for the rest of the season! Aaron Murray needs to step back just a little & zone in on what he needs to do, his boys also need to do the best to be where they need to be. Would have loved seeing some Murray/TK play today, but that's okay. Jarvis Jones was back on the field which was great for us and him. & My man, Todd Gurley! Love that Gurley man! He was is beast mode today. But, ultimately, Malcolm Mitchell did it for us! That last TD was so needed! One of the biggest downers today, in my opinion, was the shit talking. Just shut your mouth and play, a couple of words exchanged is different from being all up in their face. Be the bigger man! Although, I'm sure in the heat of the moment, it's a little different. Could the whole game have been better, of course; but it could have also been worse. All in all, I'm proud of my boys for not giving up.
I also have to say. I was watching the sport shows before the GA game came on & happened to see the footage of Marcus Lattimore's leg being broken. And--there are just some things you cannot unsee. I can't watch stuff like that. (That MTV show "Scarred", I flat out REFUSED to watch it. No, thank you.) So, I had just happened to look up at the moment they played and & I saw it. I feel sooo bad for him right now. His season was ended early last year due to a torn ACL & he worked and came back from that, and now this?! If the injury report I read is correct he has a broken femur, broken or chipped patella (knee cap), and 4 torn ligaments in his knee. That is brutal. I'll reiterate what several people have said, the sportsmanship shown by both the Gamecocks and the Vols was impressive. He definitely has lots of support though. I don't care who you are a fan, or superfan, don't ever want to see someone hurt like that, on any team, in any sport. I hope he has a speedy and smooth recovery physically and mentally. He really is an asset to the Gamecocks, their biggest asset. He's a good player, no doubt about that.  I'm not a SC fan, but I think I'm sympathetic to them just a little because I have a good friend who is a fan.

Football aside, I have been super clumsy today. At first I didn't think anything about it, but once I started knocking things over by barely touching them with just my fingertips, it hit me. Then it was solidified when I spilt my Mountain Dew right next to (almost on) my moms laptop & then a little over an hour later I spilt cat food all down my steps; I wish that was an exaggeration. I really did not feel like vacuuming the steps at 10 at night, but oh well! haha. I'm winding down from the day now & listening to music. It's always a different kind of quiet when he's not here. It's enjoyable, but at the same time, not so much. I want his company. But, I hope he's having fun & hope he gets him/us a deer in the morning!

So, Friday & Saturday have been great. I'm pulling for a good Sunday as well! Hoping my Falcons & Broncos call pull W's. Doug will be back home & I'm currently looking up gator recipes. We will be having gator bites for supper tomorrow. It seems appropriate with our team just spanking them from their undefeated-ness, & we haven't cooked the gator that my brother got from his hunt yet, so, it all works out. I don't like seafood or fish,..pretty much anything out of the water, but I HAVE tried gator'll see if I try them again. lol It's also our first time cooking gator, so, wish us luck that it's edible! Seems fool proof.

Anywhooo, I could probably ramble on, but I'll stop there for now.

**OH, I Just had a friend make my night! But poor Doug, it's yet another concert that I want to go to next year. Gotta make it happen!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sugar, Spice & Other Things Nice…my little business.

In 2008 I made my first diaper cake for my best friend who was pregnant with my first God Son, as a complete surprise to her. And she loved it. I made a couple more after that, all as gifts for friends. I had always received lot of compliments on them & after being told I should sell them, I thought, “well…why not give it a try?” That’s how Sugar, Spice & Other Things Nice came about in 2010.
Needless to say, business isn’t really booming. Which is what I feared would happen; diaper cakes are a bit on the expensive side. A couple of months ago I quietly made the decision to myself that I should probably just stop, so I did. BUT, with this new blog, I am going to put myself out there, again, in hopes that maybe I can reach more people. Facebook is great, but kind of limited (unless you can somehow get your name spread around). I hadn’t even bothered to set up a paypal because nothing was really happening. So, in many ways I’m still in my “start up” phase of business. There are still details to be ironed out. I have also never mailed a diaper cake, so my fear of them falling apart in transit got the best of me. I am willing to try though.
I still have the fear that nothing will come of it, I probably still won’t set up paypal until I see something happening; that's just my insecurities coming out. But, you can’t succeed if you don’t try, of course, “If at first you don’t succeed; try, try again!” So this is me trying again.
So, now that I’ve expressed my fear, let’s talk about happy stuff!

What we sell?
Custom Diaper Cakes, Homemade Hard/Rock Candy (made by my mom & I), & Tie Blankets.

About my diaper cakes:

I work and talk with you to try to figure out what theme you would like your diaper cake to be. Diaper cakes are on the expensive side, it’s really hard to make them cheap without losing money myself. So, I always say it would make a good group gift, if 2 or 3 (or more!) people want to chip in and have a cake made. They are cute baby shower decoration & even baby room decorations. The majority of items are usable baby items, I only say that because of the ribbons & other small decorations.
*I DO ask that you contact me WELL in advance of the shower, or occasion, so that we have plenty of time to figure out a direction, I can locate and buy all I need (in some cases some things may need to be ordered), and time for my to figure out packaging and mailing. So, I would like to know at the very least 5-6 weeks in advance.
**Prices vary and are based on materials+labor/time+s&h.

Our hard/rock candy:

I have been eating this stuff since I was a kid, my granny used to make it. Now my mom and I make it for family and friends, usually around holidays. When I started my page, we decided to offer the candy too. There are a lot of different flavors available. At this time we are only selling 8 oz jars. They are $3.50 each, at the moment I’m only charging $4 for shipping.
*Price is determined based on material+time/labor+s&h.

No-sew, tie blankets:

These are just as they sound, blankets that are tied and not sewn. They are made out of fleece material. Pick just about any pattern you want, but remember that I may have to order the material. I made one as a gift & figured it was easy enough to offer it as well. They are easy to make.
*Prices vary and are based on material+time/labor+s&h.

I’m inviting you to come “Like” my page -> Sugar, Spice & Other Things Nice
Check it out, read the notes (the Candy note has a list of all of the flavors available), look my other photos.
As I said, I’m kind of still in my “start-up” phase still. So not everything is concrete.
*Prices are subject to change.

I'm also hoping to add some more to it, don't want to elaborate just yet. I'm working with very limited space so I don't have a consistant work area right now.

Thank you in advance for checking it out. I would be so appreciative if you would share it with others!!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Framing Hanley

I mentioned that there was one band in particular that I try to promote.
This is them..

They are Framing Hanley. They are 5 piece rock band from Nashville, TN, consisting of 5 crazy dudes; Nixon, Brandon, Chris, Luke, and Ryan. While they are known, I believe they are underrated. They are unfortunately identified largely with a song that they covered 4 years ago, but if you take the chance to look pass that, they are amazing musicians. Their love for their music, and for music in general, shows.
I love these guys.

I’ve only been to 4 shows in the past 2 years but I try to support them as much as possible.
Instead of posting all of links I’ll just make it easy and post their some of their videos here and just ask that you take a few minutes to watch them. Check them out. They really are amazing artists.
Framing Hanley- Hear Me Now

Framing Hanley- You Stupid Girl

Framing Hanley- Back To Go Again

Outside of their music they’re a great bunch of guys. Humble, loving, and appreciative.
They have 2 albums, ’The Moment’(2008) and ’A Promise To Burn’(2010), under their belt, they have been blessed with being able to tour the US, UK/Ireland and Australia.
The music business is a pretty tough place these days. They parted ways with their record label before they could get back in the studio. Coming down to their last resort, they decided to do a kickstarter (a website that allows musician, artists, entrepreneurs, anyone with a creative idea to describe what it is they want to achieve and offer incentives to people to help fund their projects)  fundraiser to help them out a with their next album & tour. We achieved and surpassed the goal they had set and now they are currently in the midst of album number 3, called The Sum of Who We Are, which is dedicated to their fans.  :)
These are our guys and we have grown to love them and their loved ones. This fan base is very much a family of sorts. We're protective of them. We are FHamily & FHans [[FH(Framing Hanley)+ fans/family= FHans and FHamily]]
They’re very over looked or only seen (or heard) for their cover of this song….

Yea, this is "that rock band that covered 'Lollipop'". But they are so much more than that.
Take the time to listen to a few songs. If you find any that you like, then I’ve done my job as a fan & street team member.
Also listen to the following songs:
Fool With Dream, Alone In This Bed, Weight of the World (perfect song for when you are really overwhelmed in life), Slow Dance, The Promise, & Built For Sin.
And if you like those listen to more! Or you can ask me for other song suggestions. (But honestly I really do suggest them all!)

To hear a couple of their new songs click on these links.
Flight Risk- if you click to listen to this, read the story under it, anyone who has ever been affected by losing a loved one to cancer..or anything really..can probably relate.
Unbreakable -beautiful relationship song. I'm in love with this one.

"Like" their Facebook Page!
Follow them on Twitter!
Subscribe to their YouTube Page!
And more importantly, SPREAD THE WORD! Post a video, tell a friend about them!

And also follow these two pages on twitter as well::
FHFans is the twitter for the official fan site which is ran by 3 awesome guys named Dustin, Mike & Bobby.
FH StreetTeam is the twitter for the official street team, it is run by myself and 6 other people who are Jenn, Jon, Christy (doot), Deanna, Manda, and our only UK correspondent, Claire.

If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask. :)

"Fall"ing Apart?

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons of the year.
So a couple of months ago with the summer ending & fall approaching there were a few things that I was looking forward to this fall…

I’ve missed them all.

First was Nopi National.
For anyone who doesn’t know, Nopi Nationals is the Supershow of car shows. The last one was in 2008, they announced they were not doing the show anymore due to the economy being so bad. Since then I have been hoping they would try to bring it back. Last August I even emailed them asking if they had any plans or hopes of reviving it. At the time the answer was unsure -pretty much a no in my opinion-. Fast forward to April and I got an email announcing the return of Nopi Nationals. I was SO happy & Doug & I decided on the spot we were no doubt going.
We didn’t. The reason? My brother was picked for a gator hunt, he invited my dad and Doug to join. Doug didn’t want to pass it up, since it might be the only chance he ever gets to do that, & I didn’t want to say no for the same reason. And I knew it’d be a great experience. It was worth it though. They had fun and my brother got a 5’10” gator. With that being said…I told him next year, if it comes back, we’re going.

Second was the Cumming Fair.
I mean it’s just a fair & I don’t go every single year. But this year I wanted to.
We didn’t. Mainly because Doug had had a couple of stressful weeks at work & I wasn’t going to demand he come home from working all day and get ready so we can rush to the fair. I’m okay with this missing it because it happens every year, but I still just really wanted to go.

Third was Gold Rush.
My town hosts a 2 day festival every single year. It’s always on the 3rd weekend in October. (which was this past Saturday & Sunday). The town is shut down, booths are put up everywhere, there’s a parade, a carnival area. It’s crowded, things are over-priced, but it’s still somehow always fun. I have not missed Gold Rush in at LEAST 12 years….
This year I missed not one, but both days. SO. MAD…and why? Because I am SICK. I woke up Thursday sick & it has beaten me down ever since. Started as a sore, raw throat, moved to my head/sinuses, then moved to my chest & then it just kinda hit all 3. I’ve taken about 6 different kinds of medications to fight it off & even tried to get a dr appt (which for my stubborn ass, is saying something)..of course they couldn’t see me today, so whatever. But I’m feeling alright right now. I’m hoping, HOPING, that it’s backing down.

But one of the main things that I am upset about…actually happened during the summer…& it was visitn my best friend…Over the summer I found out that the last week of August I would the opportunity to visit my best friend for an entire week, alone. Before I even told her about it we were talking online one night & she was telling me about how she was taking a week off of work soon…I asked her when and it just so happened that it was the exact same week I would be able to be there…so I got super excited and told her about it & then she got excited!
Didn’t happen. Why? Because of one of the hurricanes…whichever one was set to make landfall around the Destin, FL area the last week of August. See what was going to happen is my dad was going to drop me off at my friends (she lives near Jacksonville) & then he had to travel to Destin for work for the week. Well with the threat of the hurricane his work trip was canceled ,therefore so was my trip. AND, I’m pretty sure whichever hurricane it was pretty much didn’t affect Destin too much, if at all! Total devastation! 

The good things out of all of these are; 1- I know I’ll get to see her again, we usually see each other 1 to 2 weekends out of the year (at least)…it’s just not TOO often we get a full week. 2- My husband had a great experience & dudes trip, gator hunting & let's face it, what wife doesn't like to see her husband happy and having life experiences as well. 3- The fair comes every year, & maybe next year the music line-up will be better. 4- Gold Rush happens every year, plus everyone said that this year it seemed way more crowded. & 5- Doesn’t really have much to do with my rant, but the quality time Doug and I have spent together  means a lot.

I was just sitting around thinking about all of this Some of it may seem trivial, but still.  It matters to me. With all that said, I’m gonna continue fighting this beast of a cold & look forward to the rest of Fall & Winter, and the Holidays.

Friday, October 19, 2012


I’m a Pinning fool!
I use Pinterest, like many other, for inspiration on several different things.
The main things would be photography inspiration, DIY projects and recipes.
Oh, and home d├ęcor!
I just love it.

Follow Me on Pinterest!

What do you use Pinterest for? (if anything in particular)

What is a "Sissy Fit"

When I first decided that I might want to do a blog the first “title” that came to mind was “Wife Life” or “My Wife Life” with intentions of writing about my life, as a wife among everything else. Well all variations of that url were taken, so I had to go back to square one. I asked Doug what he thought and he couldn’t think of anything either. So then it dawned on me…what about “Sissy Fits”, since it’s personal to me. But then I thought, well I don’t know if that will fit because “fits” usually have a slightly negative undertone. So, I had to think on it for a few days.
I’m going to jump back for a minute here…
What is a Sissy Fit?
A couple of months ago I was ranting about something to my husband I made the comment about me throwing a fit about something & he said “you don’t throw hissy fits, you throw Sissy fits” & it made me laugh; I instantly loved it. Haha. So my husband gets 100% credit for this phrase because he is the first person who ever put a name to it.
Basically…it’s my twist, my “unique” version of a hissy fit. A hissy fit, thrown by Sissy -Me-.
Back to now..
Now, not all my posts will be ranting or have an angry undertone so I wondered if this would even fit. I’m not trying to give the impression that I’m ALWAYS angry…(I just get annoyed a lot, lol). So I was still trying to think of other titles/urls that would work. I kept coming back to this one though.
Upon double checking the definition of a fit, with one being “an sudden outburst” I decided it could work. That just about any kind of ranting or raving could be described as a fit.
Alas, Sissy Fits was “born”.
The point of this blog is mainly for personal growth and improvement and also for fun.
This is just a way of sharing my journey in life. Personal, not personal, all of it. I’m trying to figure out my body, having a few issues and there is also the pregnancy issue. I also need to drop about 30 pounds. I have a lot of soul searching to do. I need to try to decide on a career and finding a job is a battle in itself. I’ll also just talk about being a wife. I hoping that this all works out--there are several small things that need to be figured out but they all come together under one thing: My life.
So this will be my struggles, my good days, bad days, things I love, or don't love, or but I'll also throw in crafty stuff, food stuff, etc...I don't know.
Stick with me!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An idea of who I am...

First of all, I added an "about me" page. But I'll be a little more in depth here...
As I've mentioned, my name is Brandy. Although growing up I would have thought my name was Sissy. I literally go by that name informally. Anyone close to me, or who has known me my whole life addresses me by it. I'm 24. I'm quiet, shy, a bit reserved...until I get to know you. I'm definitely a weirdo, you'll come to know that. I can also be quiet the bitch, again, you'll be able to tell that too. I speak sarcasm, fluently. I'm not perfect in any way other than being perfectly flawed. But all in all I like to think I'm a fun, kind-hearted person. I've always been one of the people that my friends come to to talk or ask advice, so I like to think I'm a good listener & advice-giver.
I’m from a lovely small, tourist, college town in the foothills of the mountains in North Georgia. I love my town. I am married to one of my best friends, we met in 2003 through my brother and after being friends for 6 months we decided to start “going out” & we have been together ever since. We finally married last year -2011- on our 8 year anniversary.
My family is Number 1. They drive me crazy but I know -most of the time- it’s out of love. I'm from a  family of hunters and fishermen. I’m an Aunt, which is one of the toughest but best roles in my life. I have not -yet- been blessed with a child of my own, but that’s something I will address later. So, in the meantime Mine & Doug’s little family consists of: myself, Doug & our 3 fur babies; Trixie is our Chihuahua, Bella is our Puggle & Sugar is our cat.
We currently live at home with my parents since we are a one income couple, it would be challenging for us to afford our own place at this point in time. So, we’re very thankful that they allow us to have the entire basement. So we kind of have an apartment, it‘s just in the basement of my parents house. But, it works for us right now, it’s 2 rooms, a living room and a bathroom (we use the kitchen upstairs).
My best friend, sister, other half is Amanda. She currently lives in Florida. We met in 5th grade and quickly became inseparable. She moved away in 2001 & since then we have made every effort possible to maintain the closeness of our friendship--and it’s worked! I would seriously be lost without her! Her kids are 2 of my God Kids & they are just the cutest munchkins!
Among many things that I love,..I absolutely L-O-V-E 2 things (beside family & friends) & they are Photography & Music. If I could dedicate my life in some aspect to those two things, I probably would. My ultimate dream would be to be a music photographer. Either a musician portrait photographer or an in-house photographer for a band/artist. Growing up I always had a camera attached to my hand/face. As I grew up, my love for photography grew into basically an obsession. I truly see the world differently. I love being able to capture a moment in time or a memory to hold forever. I do believe that I have a talent when it comes to photography. As for music, I wasn’t blessed with a voice or any other musical talent really, but my love for it is infinite. Music drives me--daily. Being able to have a song, or lyric, for every mood, or that suites everyday or occasion is amazing. I support tons of artists, I love a wide spectrum of music -Thanks Mom & Dad for that!-. There is one band in particular that I actively try to help promote, but I will save all that for a different post.
So, among the many things I’ll post about, photography & music will definitely be talked about a lot. I may even share some of my stuff. ;)

Well this is just a little about me. This whole blog will be getting to know me little by little.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Started

Hi! So, my name is Brandy...
I am no stranger to blogging, but my other ones --which shall remain nameless to everyone, so don't ask-- are different. However, I have never tried a legitimate blog. What I mean by that is posting regularly, whether it be every day, every other day, twice a week, whatever. I'm a stay at home wife at the moment who needs something "productive" to do, I brought up this idea to my husband and he supported it.
So, this is for any and everything that comes to my mind, could be personal, social, media, etc., etc. I just like to rant and rave & share things that I love. So one day it may be how my husband, or whoever else, is driving me crazy, and the next it may be about my favorite TV show. :) Just every aspect of my life!
So, I'm just getting everything started. I'll get an "about me" up soon and get a plan for posts ready and all that good stuff. I already have many topics in mind to talk about, outside of my personal life. ;)
I'm super excited about this!