Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Take us to the candy shop...

So, almost two weeks ago Stephanie did a Throwback Thursday post talking about Halloween during the best time ever, the 90's. You can find that here. I was inspired by it to do a post about the good stuff from Halloween that might not always be the same nowadays.
The candy, of course.
I feel like nowadays people blindly buy and most go for chocolate.
Because it's an easier option.

This list is a mix of things that I don't think you can find anymore & a list of things that you can.
I asked Stephanie to contribute & since she's a guest in this post, her five are up first, followed by my five! So here are some of our favorites.

1. My absolute favorite, and most missed, candy was the wonder ball.  Nestle used to make this little hollow milk chocolate ball filled with hard fruity candy.  Those chalk-y type things like candy lipstick/necklaces but shaped like fruit.  It was the best of both worlds really, with the chocolate and the hard candy chunks.  Make no mistake, I do not like to mix my candies - I love chocolate.  I love gummy bears.  Chocolate covered gummy bears ruin my life.  But wonder balls didn't make you mix them.  You broke open the all and could eat them separately, which my OCD self just loved.  I want my wonder balls back!

2. Life Saver Holes.  Remember these, and mini m&ms? I love things in mini.  They came in little tubes and they were life savers flavors as well as different mixes like 'island fruits.'  My personal favorite was plain old tangerine.  But I loved the original kind too, which is weird because I don't like actual life savers and never have.  Anything in mini form, though, I'm all over it.

3. Watermelon Laffy Taffy with the seeds.  WITH the seeds, you hear me, laffy taffy?  Stop making it without seeds.  Without the seeds is a disgrace.

4. Entertaining ways to eat gum.  Fruit stripe, bubble tape, bubble jugs, the ones in the bandaid container.  My spearmint Orbit seems so boring now.  I'm not sure why I needed a clever way to stick a piece of bubble gum in my mouth, but apparently I did because I had all of these and more.

5. Swedish fish aqua life.  I don't like today's all red all fish shaped swedish fish.  Remember aqua life? Essentially the same candy but in multiple colors and multiple sea creatures.  I actually liked those! I miss them. I think I probably don't like today's swedish fish on principle.  I'm sure they taste the same.

 6. Suckers (Lollipops). Charms, Tootsie Pops, Dum Dums, Safe-T-Pop, Lifesaver Swirls, Paintbrush suckers, Mickey Mouse suckers, Ring Pops, Whistle suckers, etc. Sure, sure, you can get pretty much any suckers anytime, and I still do, I won't even lie. But there are some that you just can't find anymore. Two that I loved that you can't find anymore (or at least I don't know where to find them) are the paintbrush suckers and Mickey Mouse suckers, both of which I can't find photos for.  But really? Who doesn't like lollipops? You just can't not like some kind of sucker.
7. Fireballs and Jawbreakers. I'll say mainly fireballs for this one though. I've always loved them. We used to buy them buy the jug- no I'm not kidding. I guess I like candy that takes minimal effort. Jaw Breakers are great for that, obviously.

8. Warheads. Sour Straws. Sour Patch Kids. You catch the drift. SOUR. I love sour candy. Remembe Warheads Spray? Anyone know where I can get that, or if it's even available anymore? No, but really. I do like Warheads. A bunch. And sour straws, sour gummy worms, etc.

9. Jolly Ranchers and Now & Laters. You know you liked them. Whether it be the sticks, small candies or the lollipops. I don't know exactly what it is about them. But I love them. Luckily, there's no shortage of these. And Now & Laters. One for now, some for later. Again, I don't know what it is about these. I loved them. I'm sure I still do, it's been a while since I've had any. (I'll get back to you on that).

10. Nerds. You know, those little hard candies that are easy to inhale eat. I have to put nerds because my husband likes them & when I first told him about this post & asked what candy he used to always love getting on Halloween or whenever, he said nerds. And he's right. When you stop eating them so much, you forget how good it is.

Obviously, there are tons more that myself and I'm sure Stephanie could add but 10 seemed like a good number, for now. :)

What are or were some of your favorite kinds of candy?

**If you're handing out Halloween candy on Halloween, add some of this to your candy bowl!
**And definitely check out my girl, Stephanie's, blog!
(Thanks for contributing, Steph!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Oh, hey there...

I forgot to blog Thursday.
And then Friday. I don't even remember why I didn't post.
Oh wait, yea I do...See below.

Oh well.
about 3 hours after started this post, I'm finally finishing it! lol
I started and then got a call that my Texas family finally made it into town so,
had to go see them!

My weekend was pretty good.

Friday I had a job interview. I wasn't going to say anything because I don't want to jinx myself.
I figured I'd keep it mum and then if I get it, I'd be able to announce that.
But I haven't heard back from them yet.
I'm thinking about doing a follow up email or something.
Anywho, cross your fingers, say a prayer, send good vibes or whatever. I hope I get it.
I'm not sure how many people applied or anything like that but,
they talked like they needed someone soon so, who knows!
So I tried not to think about it all weekend.
Came home, watched a movie and just had some family time.

Rest of the weekend was spent doing what seemed like nothing. lol

Hubs went hunting and FINALLY got his first deer, ever.
He got a nice sized doe.
And he was FINALLY able to shave his beard!
Chewbacca no more! Thank God it didn't get as bad as last year!
Him going all hunting season without shaving sucked.

I don't have much of a recap cause we didn't do too much.
He hunted, I shopped a little with my parents, nephew and granny.
Trying to find a pair of pant proved to be that way it always is.
I'll talk about that Wednesday though.
We got my nephew a gun & then went and sighted it in and shot it.
He didn't, he's still not ready, which is 100% fine
We ate.
Watched 2 movies I haven't seen in FOREVER!
Indian in the Cupboard (we bought it for my nephew cause he's never seen it [crazy] but is reading it right now and wanted to see it.
And Brink! Erik von Detten. Need I say more? No, didn't think so.
That's pretty much it. So it's like, we did stuff, but not A LOT.

Now my parents are gone for the week and I have to make sure myself, Doug & my brother have necessities and figure out what we are eating. (Read: I'm primary housewife/mother right now, lol)
And we need to carve punkins! We haven't bothered with it yet, but it's happening THIS WEEK! Also we have a movie to go to, Doug knows it, and so I'm gonna make that happen to.
We should have a good week, Doug & I, we kind of have a lot planned!
I'm excited!
Now I have a couple of blog posts to work on for later.

So, I'm outtie!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WIW and stuff

I almost don't even know why I'm doing a WIW's become such a habit though. lol
I have nothing really new to talk about. I don't really feel like preaching about healthy eating, fitness, whatever today. My weight didn't change from last week.
Which I'm so glad about cause I went into the weekend not caring what I ate, I knew it was going to be one of those weekends where there wouldn't be much "healthy" eating. So that's cool.
But what I did do over the weekend that I'm sure balanced that out was lots of walking. I'm talking on Saturday about 4-5 hrs of walking and 2 or 3 of standing, and again on Sunday, about 3 hours of walking/standing. So, with all that, I got exercise in. lol
It all works out.
Last week: 160.5
Today: 160.5
No change, as I said.

Also, I hate to ALWAYS mention MyFitnessPal, I updated my app and it logged me out, which is fine, but it hasn't let me log back in ever since. It keeps saying "please wait this could take a while"....anyone else ever have this issue? It's aggravating. That being said, my MFP is slightly off cause I'm having to do it all online & shit sometimes I just can't find what I'm looking for to enter.
Weigh IN Wednesday

Anyway, enough of that...
I didn't post yesterday. I've been in a slight blog fog. (you like that don't ya?) It's not that I don't have ideas, I'm still freakin' computer-less so I'm still having to use my moms, again. It makes me feel bad cause I always feel like I "take over" her computer when mine's on the fritz. UGH!

Speaking of computers...Ohh mah God, I'm gathering ideas and suggestions for my next one. I'm a strictly PC girl. I do not like Apple products, but I'm being told by multiple people that a MacBook or iMac would be ideal for media (which is my main thing, I want for photos & music). So I am SO torn. I'll at least read about them, but I'm still leaning towards PC.
Do y'all have any suggestions? If PC, which brand (HP, Lenovo, Dell, etc...)
I know it's all my decision, but I like to get others inputs.

I though about entering a pumpkin carving contest that one of my favorite bands is putting on. Speaking of carving pumpkins, I still have not even bought any to carve. That shall happen soon. SOOON.

Well hell, I'll be honest, I don't have a whole lot to talk about right now, decided to throw a post together. So here ya go.
I think I may go put in a couple of applications now.

Love & stuff,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Where, oh where, did my weekend high go?

You know how some Mondays you can wake up and still be riding the high from having such a great weekend? Yea? This isn't one of those.Instead of still riding the high I seem to have face planted into Monday.
I'm short fused today but I'm mustering together the bit of a good mood I do have and shoving some into this here post.
Because, while I may not want to hear anyone eat today, I actually did have a great weekend.
Let's recap shall we...

I already told you how most of Friday went, on Friday. Well Friday evening was chill. Doug had a good check so that will maybe help up build our checking account back up a bit. Doug, Dad & I sat around and watched Kevin Hart's newest stand up, "Let Me Explain". (Read: Doug & I watched and Dad dozed in and out before finally deciding to go to bed. haha)

Saturday was day one of Gold Rush & while Doug "took this weekend off" from hunting,..he actually still went hunting. So I waiting for him to come out of the woods. We got to town at about noon, got $40 out of the ATM (all of which ended up being spend on food and drinks, oopsie ;) ) & starting walking around. We checked out all the booths & then around 3 we found us a spot to watch the parade from. After the parade we checked out a few more booths, sat down for a few and then headed over to the main stage for a concert. I knew beforehand that there were supposed to be a concert on Saturday, two hometown bands & I wanted to see both of them, because I know people in both of them. Hometown support, ya know.
The first band started at 4:45 & I stood for the whole thing in support of my High School chorus teacher. They are called Radford Windham & Step Back Cadillac. <- click the name to go to their Facebook page. The fully bearded man, Radford, was my chorus teacher and I've always liked hearing him sing. Super excited that he is has this band now. This was my first time finally getting to see them & I like it. They are supposed to be having a CD come out after the first of the year sometime if I remember correctly. After their set I stopped by, got a hug, said hi & had some small talk and then Doug & I sat down and waited for the next band to set up. By this time it was about  or a little after and we had been in town, on our feet for  hours. My feet, my back, and my knees hurt & Doug knees were bothering him. Second band started I think around 6:30. They are called Coal Mountain Band. (<- click to go to their FB page.) I went to school with 2 of them for many years...once ever since Elem. So it's nice to know some of what they have gone through and to see where they have ended up. I hope they continue to do well in this endeavor. They are great too. They also are supposed to have a CD coming out after the first of the year sometime.
Both bands have a country/southern rock (RW & SBC have a bit of a folks sound, also) So fair warning before you check out their music, should you want to. I know not everyone likes that. But if you, check them out, if not pass word along to anyone you know who does like it. :-)
We didn't stay for their whole show. We listend to about 5 songs I believe. That just means we'll have to go to another.  :) We were beat. Hurting. Tired. And we had about a mile walk left to get to our car. You know how you can be physically hurting so much that your stomach kind of starts to turn? Ever felt that? Yea, that where I was. lol So we went back to my Granny's, where we parked, and headed home. Stopped in for Subway & it was home to be laaaazzyyy & crash out.

Sunday was day two. We I slept until about 11 & finally roll out of bed & threw myself together. Picked out a more comfortable shoe. We got there around noon again & grabbed $100 out of the atm, because I had some things in mind I wanted to buy, and we headed into town. We only spent about 3 hours in town this time & our loot consisted of food (lol), I got a candle, a wooden wall plaque & a print of a local artists painting. He's not from here, but he met & married a local and fell in love with out town. :) His name is Grant Searcy and he's fantastic. He has a new school feel to his art & it's different & I love it! (All my goodies are picturd below.) After grabbing our final goodies, my coco bongos & his funnel cake, we headed towards the car and were out of town by 3 something. Then it off to his moms to check a trail cam & then home to again be lazy & enjoy some deer tenderloin. Mom got her first deer of the year, a spike. We had a good supper last night & then I unwound with a looong bath/shower and then sitting my ass in bed...watching a game that I'm still a bit mad about...maybe that's why I'm not in the best mood today?....hmm....We aren't even going to talk about football right now though.
Anywho...that was my weekend.

The only thing we didn't do was carve pumpkins but hoping we squeeze that in sometime this week. :D

So...Backstreet Boys/Goo Goo Dolls/Avril Lavigne/The Fray tickets, a good pay day for hubs, Gold Rush, good food & new goodies, and some great tasting deer meat. That right there is a successful fall/Gold Rush weekend.
Now if my feet would return to normal feeling & my shins would stop hurting (started getting shin splint, blah) I'd be great.

And here are some pics.

Gyro. My first one. Idk how I went 25 years without ever trying one, especially when I have the opportunity to every year!
Radford Windham & Step Back Cadillac
Gold Rush Days♥
Coal Mountain Band

Saturday night, leaving the concert.
My Bahama Mama. A necessity.
Part of Sunday's crowd. (This isn't even half of it. & Saturday is always wayyy more packed!)

Dougs unsatisfying chicken quesadilla 
My goodies. A Fisherman's Prayer plaque, Grant Searcy Artwork, and a Baby Powder candle (that smells so cool-JUST like baby powder) for the shitter.
Dougs funnel cake, which a hungry onlooker.
Fun fact: I just had to ask the owner about it...That dog is a Boggle, half Beagle half Boston Terrier. So cute!

Doug's cousin won First place in the 51st World Open Gold Panning Championship 
Okay...fuck. Blogger is being stupid so they are ALL out of order, but I don't care anymore.

Happy Monday and stuff!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Five on Friiiiday & I am backin that azz up with excitement!!

Oh hot damn, this is my jam!
(if you didn't just sing that, then you're wrong)
Oh yes, today, Friday, is. my. jam!

I've felt better today than I have in a couple of weeks, with pcd turning into a full depression with everything that happened last week, I told myself I was digging out of the hole & thank goodness I was able to do it in time for this weekend. I actually think the upcoming fun-ness that should happen this weekend is what helped pick me up.

Anywhooo...let's do this business!
Linking Up with Darci & Whitney today!

It's Gold Rush weekend. A festival that happens in my town every year. Shuts down the middle of town and there are booths and fun as far as the eye can see. I've loved it since as far back as memories go & I still love it. It's one of those things you always look forward to. So, I am SO ready for this weekend!

Doug said we could carve punkins! YAY! I don't know what I want to do to mine, but I'm excited as shit. (Remind me of this if you see me complaining on Twitter about it. lol) I'm thinking either another Framing Hanley pumpkin or an old school, simple face)

I'm finally deleting texts off of my phone in hopes that it will free up some storage space so I can receive fucking notifications again. Seriously it's ridiculous. I don't get ANY notifications anymore. And texts...EL OH EL...The number I had on my phone is embarrassing...let me give you a very, very small idea of the number...I already deleted one thread of message, from a number that hasn't been a working number for over a year...that thread? Had over 4,000 messages in it, with the first on in it dating back to August 2011 (when I first got the phone). Between that and another thread and some other random messaged that I haven't deleted for what ever damn reason I think I've deleted close to far.
DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT. Anywho, if this fixes my little issue and helps my phone even a little bit, I'll be able to hold off on getting a new phone for just a while longer, which would make me and my wallet happy.

I updated a couple of apps last night & MFP was one of them...apparently updating it logged me out. So I type in my info to log back in and it says "please be patient, this might take a while.." Yea, I'm still not logged it...It's still "taking a while". Shithead. Speaking of...if you're my friend on MFP,'ll probably be big-eyed as hell this weekend, cause today I have a constant craving for moutntain dew and this weekend I am going to try my damnedest to get me some Sbarros because I have been craving and talking about it for a couple of weeks. Hey, at least I'm doing a lot of walking tomorrow & maybe Sunday. Maybe it will balance it out. ;-)

AND FINALLY! So you know how some radio stations put on/sponsor holiday concerts. "Jingle Balls", "Jingle Jams" or whatever. Well there are a couple of our stations that do that also & last year, I went to my first Star 94 Jingle Jam, I blogged about it here. I got to see Ed Sheeran (EEK!!), Alex Clare, Grace Potter, Andy Grammer, Jason Mraz (EEP!) & Phillip Phillips(EP!), it was an aaahhhmazing show. I went for Ed & was blown away by EVERYONE that performed. SOOO,...I decided I might go again this year & I have been WAITING for the announcement of the line-up and when tickets go on sale and blah blah blah...WELL, Wednesday I happened to be listening to that station in the car when I heard them FINALLY mention it...and then who was going to be on the line-up. Let's just say my jaw dropped and I called Doug right then and asked told him I was probably gonna get tickets if that was okay with him. He said yes. Which means I actually told and asked. :) Anyway, tickets were set to go on sale today at noon & I was awake before 10a.m. and watching the clock tick by. Noon hit and I GOT MY TICKETS!
YAYY! So who am I seeing?
These guys:
Hey, Mr. DJ (Keep Playin' This Song) by Backstreet Boys on Grooveshark
If You Want It to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy) by Backstreet Boys on Grooveshark
These guys:
Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls on Grooveshark
This girl:
Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne on Grooveshark
& these guys:
Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray on Grooveshark

OHEMGEE, I am sooo excited right now! I don't know if there will be anymore artists added to it or not, but I'm excited about just that line up, so I hope it remains the same (in other words, I hope no artists have to bow out). 90's & pre-teen Sissy is SO HAPPY right now! And I'm pretty excited about The Fray too.
Above all else. I'm seeing BSB. LIVE. FINALLY! (O_O)
And the Goo Goo Dolls!
And Avril!
Holy God.
And I'm sittin right about here (the star)
My first time (EVER) having floor seats to a concert at a big venue. So I'm excited!

Now I'm just ready for my hubby love to get home!
I'm all smiles today.
I really hope it lasts all weekend,
I hope this weekend turns out fantastic
AND I hope it turns out fantastic for you as well!!

Love ya, Later!

I wore yoga pants

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some new tasty stuff...and one not so tasty thing.

I'm not normally known for trying too many new things.
I'm a creature of habit.

But every so often something catches my eye & peaks my curiosity.
So I bite, no pun intended here.

Since I don't have a blog post idea, and again it's 9 p.m., I'll tell you about a few new things I've tried in the past couple of months.

1. Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls
The kickin’ taste of Buffalo style chicken made with Frank’s® Red Hot® rolled in a snackable crust.
I'm not really a wing eater, and I'm not really sure why but we won't bother with that. I bought these mainly for my husband or whoever else in the house. But when I noticed they weren't being touched. I decided to just try them myself. It's basically a buffalo wing, wrapped up. They're actually not too bad. And they're made with Frank's Red Hot Sauce.
My verdict: If you like buffalo wings & like snacks, give them a try. We'll definitely finish the bag & wouldn't be opposed to buying them again.

2. Starburst Candy Corn
A lot of people don't like candy corn (the "normal" kind) but, I do. I was looking through a Target sales paper one night a month or so ago & saw these & pretty much thought I must have them. And so I did.
My verdict: They're good. It's different at first, especially if you know (and like) what typical candy corn tastes like. But I love starburst & so I'm glad I tried these.

3. Grape Sunny D
I don't know how new this is but, I noticed it for the first time about a month ago. My husband is a grape lover, as am I, so it was almost a no brainer to try it. I've only drank one glass of it though but, it's still good. Need to finish it off.
My verdict: Good but, not like Juicy Juice good. If you like grape juice try it at least once.

4. Twizzlers Pull 'n' Peel Grape & Orange.
I'm not even going to attach a picture.
...just no. Don't do it. I don't recommend. It's an odd mixture of flavors. No! Stick with the cherry ones.

5. Trident Layers; Grape & Lemonade...(there seems to be a grape trend...)
I like Trident gum (as in it's the primary gum I buy) & I like most flavors. This one is new, as far as I know, and I had to try it.To me it tastes more like lemonade than grape. But you know what? That's alright. I give it a thumbs up.
My verdict: It's good. Try it!

6. Trident Layers; CANDY CANE!
Another new one, as far as I know because I have never seen this before, and it's Limited Edition. Just for the holiday season, I'm sure. But it's already in store. And I LOOVE IT! I mean, who doesn't love candy canes? (That was rhetorical...If you don't, please don't tell me, it's just better if I don't know.) Anyway, it tastes like a candy cane & kind of makes me ready for Christmas because I want a candy cane!
My verdict: Good! Why don't you have a pack yet?

Welp, there ya go, for the sake of having a post today. :)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Weigh In Wedneday
It's that time again...
even if this is happening at 10 pm.
Good thing I've never been a blog-at-a-certain-time kinda girl!
I'm getting back into using My Fitness Pal.
And complaining almost everyday about it.
It's soooo tedious. Especially when almost everything you eat at home is homemade, so you have to "Create A Recipe" then log in every. damn. ingredient, and then figure out how much of each is used and blah, blah, blah. (In a southern household, sometimes we don't measure, we just pour to taste...and so that make MFP a PIMA (pain in my ass) Laaazy me gets annoyed with that.
Also...while the scanner is a life saver so you're not typing it out and search through their database for what you need, I hate scanning everything before (or after) I make/eat my food. Mainly because when I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I don't want to wait to log it all in. Sometimes I just jot everything down and log it in later. But, another thing is questions. I don't like people getting all up in my business...not that I have too much business to even get into. Say I'm scanning my dinner & someone walks in the kitchen...
Them, "What are you doing?"
Me, "Scanning everything..."
Them, "...Why?"
Me, "To enter into an app that counts calories."
Them, "Why?"
Me, "TO SEE HOW MUCH OF A FATTY I AM To see how many calories I eat/day. To help me not be a pig and lose weight..."
Them, *snicker* (not to be confused with the candy bar)
See how annoying that seems? When you live in a house full of folks like I do.
Also,...what about things that can't really be too easily birthday cake? Or the restaurant I went to on Saturday night, it's not a big you can't look up the nutrition info. So, EFF!
But..then I realize, of what the fuck ever. I already said I wasn't going to obsess about it, and by God I'm not. I don't think I logged anything in over the weekend.. And that's fine. I also pretty much ALWAYS go over my intake allowance, and that's fine too. I'll have to get into the swing of things and I think I can naturally lower it just a wee bit.
That's what it for, for me, accountability.
But, I'm honest with it. lol I'm a snacker, and a mountain dew drinking. I log everything with approximately how much I eat, because I am NOT gonna measure every single thing I eat. Sorry, nope, no way.
My solutions for things I couldn't figure out a couple of times is to put it in the food notes. It obviously doesn't count the calories, but I'll know what I ate.
That's my damn rant about My Fitness Pal.
Weighing in....
Remember last weeks was "invalid", so I'll go from 2 weeks ago....
Two weeks ago: 161.2
Today: 160.5
Down 0.7
More importantly I'm right on the verge of being out of the 160's. If I would move my lazy ass, I could do it faster & easier!
In other news... I'm starting to feel better.
I decided not to go to that concert I was supposed to go to last night.
I feel bad for waiting until the day of but, when I came down to it I wasn't as excited as I normally get for a concert. I told her I didn't want to be the wet blanket and that she should probably find someone else to go. And she did.
She texted me a couple of times pretty much telling me that I didn't miss much and she wasn't sure she was even satisfied with it.
So, I really hope there are no hard feelings.
I'm really looking forward to this weekend.
I MAY be getting tickets to another concert on Friday. More on that later. (In other words, if I get them, you'll know...)
And this weekend is Gold Rush. Weekend long festival in my town. It's kind of a big deal. I look forward to it every. year. And Doug said we could get pumpkins to carve also, so hopefully that will happen. Whether we go to Burt's or just get some WalMart pumpkin, I don't care, I just wanna carve come punkins!
He's skipping opening weekend to spend the weekend with me since he knows I love Gold Rush. :-)
So, I have my fingers crossed for a great weekend!
That's all I got for ya.
Two posts today...yay.
Now it's time for Duck Dynasty.

Happy First Birthday, Sissy Fits.

Wow, it's really been a year already?
I have to say, and maybe I've already said it before...
This isn't my first blog
but, this is the first blog that I've used this way.
Meaning not for just fun, silly stuff.
Aka Tumblr.
A little over a year ago my best friend and I were talking about starting blogs.
She eventually did not (I wish she would have, I still wish she would) & I eventually did.
After talking to my husband about it & getting his opinion I decided I'd give it a try.
Then came the name game. I had no clue what to even begin calling it.
So, I remembered something my husband said to me one night in the kitchen after I had went off on a long rant, had myself worked up and frustrated.
He called it a Sissy Fit & I love that.
He still calls it that when I really get to going about a topic.
So, I chose that...and then boom, Sissy Fits was born.
While I try to switch it up every so often,
I don't quite know which direction this blog is going, or will go.
And that's okay. I'm not a particular kind of blogger, I don't have a niche.
I never started this to talk about one area of life.
Although I did think about becoming a celeb blogger years ago....
What I do know is the primary reason for this blog is that it is very much a like diary.
A place to talk about the good, the bad, the ugly, the unimportant, the silly, the serious (etc.) things in my life.
A diary that I, for some reason, am sharing with who the heck ever reads it.
And, if you are reading this, well then
that's you.
So, I don't have a special post, really.
Just a Thank You.
To anyone who takes the time to read.
To everyone who takes the time to comment.
I feel like I have been and still am forming some great friendships.
I'm absolutely still growing as a blogger and I am forever finding inspiration from others posts, comments, etc.
I'm grateful that I've came across so very nice bloggers who are willing to help or answer a question when I have one.
So, Thank You to those of you who have helped me in any way.
I'll be back in a couple of hours with Weigh In Wednesday.
Happy First Birthday, Sissy Fits!
And hopefully many more to come.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My up and down weekend..

Wow, I mean...just wow.
My weekend was very...up and down.
Very, very happy and yet heartbreaking all at the same time.

Friday was spent with my mom & nephew, shopping for last minute things for my nieces birthday party. All. Day. I mean from about 10:30am and not getting home until about 6 or :30pm. At least we got to have lunch with my Hubs and my Daddy. And my nephew didn't complain too much, so that was a plus. He did get his Halloween costume, so that may have helped. ;-)
Saturday was birthday party day. (And game day. And the bad news day.) Up early to make sure the kitchen table was cleaned off and the kitchen was as clean as we could get it. My girl got to stay with me, her Dad & brother while my mom & her mom went to get her cake. Love that. Quality time with my niece. She helped me separate the favors, and got to pick out which ones she wanted. Shhh. Then we did table set up and my brother helped hang a couple of streamers. All very simple, but enough to make her feeling special. My little cousin was the only other kid that came, so it was her, my cousin & my nephew. But that's okay. I wanted to have something for them to do instead of having to just occupy themselves. So, I chose cupcake decorating. She likes to bake. She got to help make the cupcakes and they cooled down while we waited for the chicken and macaroni to finish cooking. After everyone ate we got out all of the cake decorating stuff and everyone sat around and decorated their own cupcakes & cupcakes for those who weren't there. Then it was gift time. She made away with quite a few goodies. After that we sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake & had a bit of ice cream. Yes, we had a cake too. haha. She seemed to love everything and have a great time so, that's all that matters to me. She was all smiles all day, and that helped me be all smiles.
They left at about 6.
Let me rewind real quick, let you in on the heartbreak.
Georgia lost. We came off of this high from beating Tennessee, but also knew that we wouldn't fare too well this week having lost 4 or 5 of our key players. You can tell when there are people missing. It really shows. And I think 3 of those players are out for the season. And then, the rankings. We fell, bad. 15th. So. Sad.
But the real heartbreak, the one more important than the game, the one that I got the call about while my niece and I were decorating for her party. Rufus had been found that morning by his Moms friend. Not in the way we had hoped. Doug said he had a hole in his side, the we presumed to be a gunshot, and that from the way he looked he had been there for a while. We think he was either shot there, or shot and then dumped there. Doug also said he thinks he had been killed early on in the week, either the night he went missing or possibly the next morning, because he was already starting to decay a bit. Sad and pissed off doesn't even begin to explain it. He was found on the dirt road down by his Mommas house. The dirt road that I rode I don't even know how many times hollering and whistling for him. The dirt road that we WALKED halfway down looking and hollering for him. And all that time, we missed him. Thursday while I still at his moms, alone, I rode down the dirt road again and stopped at one point, where I saw some vultures fly from, thinking the worst, only to find deer bones. So, Saturday when I asked Doug where exactly he was found from that point, he said maybe 7 foot from where I was looking. How did I not walk down and see him. Maybe I wasn't supposed to. Doug said he was kind of glad that I wasn't the one who found him because he knows how I am. It would not have been good. So, I wasn't looking forward to that news Saturday, and I had to walk to the bathroom and cry for a minute because my niece asked me why my eyes were watering, she didn't catch on that I was crying, thank goodness. But I pulled myself together and kept a smile on my face for the day. I didn't want my niece to have any attention off of her, so I didn't let myself dwell on it at the moment.
After my niece & her mom left, everyone at the house loaded up their hunting stuff while Doug and I went out to eat with his Mom and Brother. We went to an Irish Pub Restaurant in town that I had been wanting to go to. We had been once, but it being our first time we weren't too adventurous with food, so I think I had a salad and I can't remember what Doug had. But, I had been telling Doug that I wanted to go there and try something I had never eaten before. So this was the perfect opportunity. I had Shepherds Pie & he had The Shillelagh (a club sandwich) and we were both satisfied. I'm proud of both of us. And my brother-in-law, he also tried something new to him. We are pretty much creatures of habit, so trying new foods is kind of a big deal. lol  Despite all the sadness the four of us were able to have some laughs. After dinner and trip to Walmart it was time to head back home so I could see everyone off. By about 10:30 I was home alone.
Sunday was a solo day, since everyone was still gone. I was able to spend the day, alone, doing absolutely nothing. And I liked it that way. I didn't get to watch any of my teams play, but the three that played all won. I was able to watch my shows on time instead of record them. It was pretty good. Everyone got home around 10pm.
Then yesterday my computer wouldn't turn on for me. Actually, it wouldn't turn on for me Sunday night, but I thought I was maybe being tempermental. But, it was a no go yesterday also. I'm so ready to have a new one, but I just don't know if we can afford one right now.
So, this post is long, happy, sad and mostly picturless, because I haven't uploaded my pictures from the birthday party on my moms computer. I also had not yet uploaded them to FB, so I can't swipe some from there, and I'm just not wanting to upload them to her computer right now.
With the way last week was, only for it to end how it did on Saturday. I'm just all around mentally exhausted still. And I'm sad. There such a heavy sadness in me right now that I know I need to let loose, and grieve but I keep trying to be strong. I'll let it flow out soon, and this post has helped. I've cried. Ugly cried. But, there is more, I feel it. It hurts.
I'm going to a concert tonight and right now I don't want to go. I know it will be good for me, I know it might help me, be a pick-me-up, so I'm not backing out of it. And hopefully I can have good things to say about it.

Sweet boy, you were only 3 1/2 years old. Such a big baby and sooo lazy. It'd always crack us up how you'd lazily climb onto the couch or bed instead of jump. Or how you'd just kind of slide off the couch and plop down on the floor. You were such a fun and happy dog. It's already so lonely feeling without you up there. Pooch and Rusty look for you, it's such a noticeable absence. It breaks my heart to see Pooch walk outside and sit in the driveway like she is just waiting for you to come back. It still has not fully hit me that you're actually gone, not missing, but gone. I'm not ready for it to hit me. I think I'm still in a bit of shock and denial. I'm so sad that someone took you from us, from Jarred. I just hope you know how much you were, are, loved and are already missed. We were so hopeful that we would be reunited with you in a happy way. If there is anything we could have done, we would have. I just can't believe this has happened. I'm miss your sweet face and your loud bark, your silly excitement and your laid back personality. I love you and miss you so much, Rest In Peace.
R.I.P. Rufus

Friday, October 11, 2013

New Framing Hanley...

If you've been around here for a hot minute, you know that one of my number one bands is Framing Hanley.
And I talk about them, a lot.
So why should today be any different?

They had to push back the release of their very long awaited and anticipated third album, again.
This time there was no new release date announced.
But, since they did have to push it back, again, they released 3 new songs.
3 songs off the new album.
Three FREE songs!
The are called:
Crooked Smiles
No Saving Me
Walt and the Wolves

I encourage you to go get them.
They are free so even if they end up not being your cup of tea,
at least they didn't cost you anything.

You can listen to below, but those are lower quality.
The high quality ones are the ones you download.
They are the exact ones that will be on the album.
To download them, click "Download all 3 tracks FOR FREE RIGHT NOW".
Follow the instructions.

The album is called "The Sum of Who We Are" and it's going to be amazing!

And please, if you like them, share the link ( on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, your blog, IG, wherever! 

Thanks a ton!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's WIW again already?

Weigh IN Wednesday
I don't even want to talk about it.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I can't really weigh-in today.
I'm at my mother-in-laws and her scale isn't digital, which is no biggie but, I stepped on it after I woke up and it said 156.
That cannot be right.
I'd like for it to be, very much so, but it can't be.
As much junk as I ate over the weekend, and drinking almost a 12pk of beer alone.
Not to mention stress and feeling bloated and snacking my nights away.
There is no way, with all of that, that I lost 5lbs.
I call bullshit.

So...I'll just mark it as invalid this week.
Although, in the spirit of being totally honest about this.
I'm pretty sure I gained a pound or two at least.
Maybe not but, I just feel like I did.

Last Week: 161.2
Today: who knows? My guess would be, if it's not the same as last week then, maybe 162.

I know I sound like a broken record here, but MFP has popped into my brain again and I really would like to start using it again.
I think if I could take a day and log in the meals that I eat often (for ease) I'd probably start using it again. Cause let's face it, it's daunting having to log it all in when you are about to eat.

Le sigh...

Update on my MIL's dog is that there is no update. :( He is still missing. We are still trying to remain hopeful that maybe he will be found and returned, or find his way back home. Since we are at her house tonight (and we last night) I just kept looking at the door and waiting to see his face letting me know he's ready to come in. :( We have flyers printed I've contacted vets and shelters. Filled out a lost dog thing so that he's in the computer. My MIL put up a few signs the other day and we'll do more of those. And there are several neighbors who are keeping their eyes open. I miss him, even though she also has another dog and the neighbors dog is here all the time, it's still lonely without him here.

The happy nugget of today is that it's My Girl's Birthday! (That's my niece, in case you're new around here.)
She's the best surprise to happen to our family & I can't wait to see her Saturday!! I cannot believe she is already six!

Well, I'm off for now, it's almost time for hubs to get home and me to cook!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend recap & doggie prayers.

Oh this weekend.
It was a pretty good one.
Doug went hunting & me...

I got wasted by myself Friday night.

Spent Saturday nursing a slight hangover (really just a headache and sour tummy) and spending the day out and about with my mom, dad, and granny & then it was home to watch THE MOST NERVEWRACKING GAME EVER!
My Dawgs. Holy piss. First of all, good game, the Vols fought.
However, we lost most of our starting offensive line up just in that game! SO SO BUMMED!
The game went into overtime and thanks heavens that the final Vols TD was overturned, because we won by a field goal. Once the game was over I just wanted to cry. It was that stressful.
I am proud of JJ Green though. He stepped up, with Gurley and Marshall both being out. I'm also sad to find out that Marshall is out for the season as well as Scott-Wesley and the verdict is still out on Bennett. I'm really, REALLY hoping he isn't out for the season.
And then my computer decided it didn't want to be friend with me, again. But I posted about that yesterday. I still haven't tried to use it again.

Sunday-yesterday- was spent getting groceries, making a couple of pies, and cleaning the laundry room/bathroom, the kitchen and the living room for company. Then straight into cooking supper. It was hectic and non stop, and completely worth it. It was for My Granny's birthday (which is today), and she got to pick what she wanted for supper and dessert (My peanut butter pie, instead of cake) and then I invited one of my uncles and his family (& they came!) and it was a great evening. Made her happy. We were still missing about 1/3 of the family (my niece, her mom, my nephew & my other uncle his wife & their grandson) but it was still good.
Then to make things even more great, the Bengals beat the Pats! AND the Broncos beat the Cowboys! WOO! Unfortunately the Lions lost.

The dust from cleaning yesterday was not friendly to me though, I don't usually get too bothered by dust unless there is a lot...and in some places there was a lot. I'm still feeling it today. Ugh.

Last night, I was laying in bed and decided to get on FB on my phone (which I'm about ready to throw at a wall) and noticed that my mother-in-law posted about her dog missing.
He went missing last night and still has not returned home.
I went up there to look around today and Doug is going to help look around now since he's off of work.
Please keep him/them in your prayers that he is found or returns home. She and my brother-in-law got him about 3 years ago after her husband (my BIL's dad, hubs' step-dad) passed away and he was huge in helping them heal. He's their baby (& ours) and I really just wanna cry. We are worried that he's either hurt or someone has him. It's just not like him to stay gone that long. So, I just want him to be found.♥

Anyway, that's all I got today. I have to hurry and eat and head two counties away to my nephews baseball game.


Before I go, I want to say Thank God that Baby Harper's heart surgery was successful. I keep Lora and her sweet family on my mind constantly. Keep those prayers head their way! Keep growing, little man!♥

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Technology loves throwing me curveballs.

My computer is breaking.
Sad day.
It doesn't want to open or close and a few pieces have broke off.
So random.
I'm sitting there about to look through some of my pictures and then boom, the computer turns off.
And won't turn back on.
(I also have a bad battery & it won't charge. So anytime it comes unplugged, it dies.)
But it wasn't unplugged, it was computer telling me that my battery was critically low. No shit.
So...go to get another battery out of my mom old computer (which happens to be the same as mine.)
And what do ya know? It doesn't want to open! Oh but wait, you CAN open it, but then it doesn't want to close again.
I mean, I'm about due for a new computer anyway. Mine is almost 6 years old.
But shit, gotta have money.
So, what I'm hoping to due is make an envelope tonight for a new computer & maybe after the new year I can get one. I'd honestly love a desktop, but I'll probably get another laptop first, cheaper and all.
In the meantime, I'll have to search around and see if I can't find someone to fix mine to where it's at least functional for another few months..
So let's hope that I can get it functioning again.
I always feel bad when I have to borrow my moms computer.

Oh and then my phone wanted to start telling me that it's storage space was getting low.
Another no shit moment.
I've had it for 2 years and a couple of months...which in phone terms means it's old.
The speaker has been messed up for over a year now but, I've been able to live with that.
However, lately it's been lagging a bit. And the charger is falling apart.

I think I'm gonna type up most of my posts for the week and schedule them, just in case I can't get my shit fixed.

Anyone have any suggestions for computers? PC only, no apple.
And the phone I've been looking at is the Galaxy S4 Active. My mom & brother have it and it seems pretty good.

I just felt like ranting for a few minutes.
Today should be a good day.
Hope it is for everyone else as well.


Friday, October 4, 2013


Today is Friday...and I had originally intended to post about the concert I went to last Saturday for the Fan Friday link-up. But, didn't feel like typing most of it up last night, so ya we are at almost 4pm on Friday with no post.

I sucked as a blogger yesterday/last night.
It's okay though. Everyone sucks at some point.
(Contrary to how this post is starting off, I'm in a good mood.) get a ramble box today...

--I'm supposed to be putting some of my music on my brotha micro mini card so he'll have jams for his phone.
But, I felt like blogging first.
Sorry, Broseph!
Also...I don't quite know what to put on it. He gave me pretty much free reign.
Which isn't always wise.
I think he needs some One Direction & maybe even Backstreet Boys thrown into the mix.
Don't you think?

--My husband is leaving with my brother in a few hours, they'll be gone until Sunday & I'll have 2 nights off a full bed to myself. Yep, it's definitely hunting season. As, always I'll miss him. But, deuces, baby! Get me a big one so we can have some tenderloin & jerky. And so you can shave!

--Speaking of my husband, I'm so glad he embraces, and actually share the same weirdness as me. We've decided that if we can get our living room functional that we are gonna do a small Christmas tree down here. Just to be festive...more on that later, assuming it actually happens. But, I actually need to shut my pie-hole because it's too early to talk about decorating for Christmas.

--I'm gonna see if my mom wants to hit up Spirit Halloween with me this weekend for shits and giggles. Cause it makes me way happier than it should to be in a store like that. 

--This weekend is supposed to be laid back, which I'll take. Last weekend was amazeballs, but so hectic. We have a birthday dinner to cook for my Granny on Sunday and that's pretty much the only plan at the moment. Family time & football, I'll take it.

--& I still haven't kicked PCD. I'm still looking for the rewind button on my life VCR so I can go relive Saturday night but, it's just nowhere to be found. Sad face.

--I was talking photography with one of my fellow FHans on twitter the other day that does what I would like to do, and my God, every time I talk photography with someone it motivates me to really want to try with it. But, that goes away. It's a bittersweet thing, that's for sure.

--Welp, now that I've wasted a good twenty minutes staring at the screen and typing every so often, I suppose I'll go do what I was supposed to be doing. :)

♪But, I can't leave with out backing my azz up...
so, you get the next 3 songs that comes on, on my MP3 player....




I wore yoga pants


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Ahh, hello, hello.
Not much to say today. I really don't need to spend too much time online (of course, I say that every day).
So, I'll just jump into it.

Weigh IN Wednesday

This past week I've felt kind of blah, but kind of not.
I feel like I've made okay choices in food. I mean, there is always -and will always be- room for improvement.

Oh, and that dance dvd..lets just say after 2 second I realized exactly how much rhythm I've lost & plopped back down on the couch.
I'm not giving up though. Just got discouraged. It happens.

I tried a new rice recipe out Friday. I was cooking my MIL birthday supper & she wanted enchiladas, which gave me a great opportunity to try the rice recipe that I found on Pinterest just the night before. Haha. It called Mexican Brown Rice & Pinto Beans. It's a clean eating recipe.

Anyway, instead of posting it myself, I'll just let you go to the site that Pinterest took me to. So go here and read it. My verdict of it: it was good. I did a few things different, like no onions (Doug doesn't like them), so I used minced onion. And I didn't do the pinto beans, which I will do next time I cook it. The biggest flub was that, because I was rushing so much, I cooked it for the time it says and called it done instead of tasting of how tender the rice other words, it should have cooked a little longer. I'll definitely make it again though, I'll try it at least one more time before I boot it. It wasn't bad, just rushed cooking. I also didn't take a picture..again..rushing.
But it's a "clean" recipe, so I figured some of you health nuggets would also like it.

Now onto the nitty gritty [dirt band]... The ever so fun weigh in...
Last week: 161.4
Today: 161. 2
haha... Down 0.2.
Still down...still take it. lol

C-ya, buh-bye!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello, Goodbye

I'll be completely honest, I wasn't going to post today. But I needed something to do to pass the time until it was time to cook, I am.
I didn't want to address it...but it's bothering me right now...
I'm so sad at the fact that we live in a Country that is Free yet are now being FORCED to buy health insurance. Nevermind those who can't work, or can't find jobs or anything of that nature, they had better find the funds for insurance. Nevermind the families who can make it by, pay check to pay check, it's okay...they can always use their food money to pay $200+ for health insurance. Because when they are starving, at least they'll be able to go to the Dr. so they can be told they need to eat. Or hell, as I just said, nevermind we live in a free country, where our leader can FORCE us to buy HIS idea.
Nevermind any of that, right?
I'm not into politics or anything. But I do live in a middle class family. We're not rich or wealthy, but we make it. And my Daddy is a government employee.
Let me share with you what pisses me off the most right at this moment.
My Dad is a Federal employee. You all might also remember I posted about my dad having surgery almost 2 weeks ago. Well he still has not been released by the doctor to go back to work--meaning, as of Friday, his doctor said no work still... Now what this Gov't shutdown means for him is that all of his leave is cancelled for now...that means sick leave, vacation time etc. In other words, my dad had to wake up at 4 am and go to work-against Doctors orders, because if not he'd be considered AWOL. What makes this better? He doesn't even know if or when he would be getting paid, so right now, he could be essentially working without pay.
Round of applause for our government.
I just hope everything gets resolved sooner rather than later, before there are even bigger consequences across the US.


Linking up for the first time with Allison for Hello, Goodbye.

Nestful of LOve

Hello new link-up.

Hello October...

Hello Cumming Fair...

Hello Gold Rush...

Hello Halloween...

Hello October birthdays...

Hello perfect days...not to hot, not yet cold...too bad it doesn't last long...

Hello chili & veggie soup weather...

Hello pumpkin patches & pumpkin carving...

Sayonara September, you were great to me and my family.

Hello to all of wonderful blog friends.