Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Ok..

It's Thursday Boo's! Lemme tell ya, I just don't have motivation today..& you know what? It's Ok!
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It's Ok...
-that I thought today was Friday for a while.
-that I didn't go to sleep til about 7 am & didn't get up until 1.
-that I'm also not doing shit today.
-to reminisce and feel old feelings again, sometimes.
-that I totally forgot I was just doing this post...dammit!
-to be unsure about American Idol this season. But, it's mainly because I'm not happy that the most popular rock station in Atlanta was abruptly stripped from the airwaves for yet another pop top 40's station back in September & supposedly Ryan Seacrest may have had a small part in it...Fuck Face. Yea, I'm a grudge holder. (Let me be clear...I no longer have a modern/alternative rock station to listen to on the radio.) Fuck. That.
-that that is almost irrelevant because I still love me some Kardashians & other shows that are RSP (so either way I'm still contributing to his fucking pocket).
-that it's supposed to snow.....harrharrharr. I'll believe it when I see it. It'll end up a sleety/slushy/ice-y mess if anything.
-that I'm so over being a woman right now. Ugh.
-if I'm annoyed with people talk about "real snow" now that they have move out of the south & returned. Like shut the FUCK up. Yea...I'm that annoyed. Just because you have been fortunate to experience mounds of snow, its rare that we get an inch or why don't you just let people get excited for slim possibility that we'll get anything.
-that I'm obsessed with music as much as I am.
-that I'm ready to runaway to FL to see my bestest. It going to be April before I can see her again. (& that's if our plans actually happen) Ugh. :(
-if I feel like I haven't been as present this week...But I have right? lol I think I only missed yesterday.
-to randomly break out into so- Black Velvet in that little boys smile. Black velvet with that slow southern style. A new religion that'll bring ya to your knees. Black velvet if you please...
-that that is literally how my brain is working right now.
-if I'm not sure if we're gonna go bowling with friends this weekend...which kind of sucks because we've been wanting to go bowling for a while...just...alone I guess? lol idk. But we're both on the fence right now.
-that I loving having my length back in my hair, but I'm still get used to it again! It's annoying sometimes. lol
-That I still haven't bought our Globetrotter tickets OR paid my aunt for my JB ticket...2 things that I need to do!
-that always end up just rambling in this post! lol
-that I let my sailor mouth loose. I gots a bad mouth sometimes, y'all.

Happy Thursday, loves!


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  1. Haha, loved this. I still love ya, sailor mouth or not!
    Mad jealous that your going to see the globetrotters!
    I thought today was Friday too, damnit. I do that a lot!


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