Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nervous Breakdown...

This is what Football does to me!
I was so ready to fall to the ground and cry & throw a pity party for myself. The Bengals are out, The Broncos lost last night so they're out. My Falcons were my last hope! Also, this is the 3rd year in a row they have made it to the playoffs...(the past 2 years they have lost their first playoff game...which this year, would have been THIS game). 
I didn't even watch the whole game, but the last 5 minutes were INTENSE!
I was soooo sure that the Seahawks pulled one out over us after a game winning touchdown with less than a minute to go, but nope, nuh uh...with literally less than like 20 seconds we regained possession & were able to make a pass, & kick a game-winning Field Goal.
I'm just...
I'm speechless!
Trying to not get TOO excited though...we're not to the Super Bowl yet.
*deep breath*
Okay, so I wasn't sure if I was gonna post again today, but I'm kinda bored & I'm not sure if I'll make it on tomorrow aside from Karla & Nicole's Instgramazing Weekends link up, even though it will be short cause I've slacked on InstaG, or it feels like So, I'll include a weekend recap kinda thing.
But, tomorrow...I still have like 3 loads of laundry to do & we replaced our TV stand in the b/r with a dresser, which means the extra stuff that was on the stand is now just chillin in the floor! lol So I gots some cleaning I need to make myself do! Tomorrow is also the last day of the Semi-Annual sale at Victoria Secret & Sissy needs a new bra. I mean, for reals. The one I'm rocking is over 2 years old. :-/ Sorry boobs!
So, tomorrow is sounding like it might be busy, which is good! :)

There are a couple of posts that I want to do.
One is on budgeting and saving money, Nicole posted about wanting to do The $5 Challenge & it reminded me that I never finished my money post! lol It probably won't be anything informative...just sharing how I save moolah. If you take something away from it, that just makes it even better. :)
I really do kinda wanna do one on celeb crushes, lol. Gotta let my inner fangirl loose.
Need to do a baby/fertility/whatever, update.
I also wanna give a s/o to a YouTuber I love to watch! He's funny.
And there are a couple of more ideas & I can't remember them for the life of me right now. >.<

But anywho!
Gonna ask a favor.
There is this band that I like...they are called Transmit Now. They're from Orlando and they have a chance to win the opportunity to perform at the GRAMMYs! My favor? Vote for them, please! Would be a great opportunity for a small, lesser known band!! & They are good!
Voting ends Friday & you can vote 10 times per day.
Click HERE to vote! (Don't forget to do it 10x's!) (Thanks in advance!)
If you wanna hear them first check out these songs:

Aaaannnddddd, I'm going blank now.
Oh, and before I go...
How about it reached 70 effin degrees yesterday, in the middle of winter...
Mother Nature needs to get her shit together!
It felt great! However, it is not welcomed, by me, in the middle of winter (coming from someone who doesn't like to be cold).

But yea,...this post was So, I'm just gonna go now....


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  1. Oh my gosh. Jonathan was screaming and yollering yesterday! and we had all the windows open so I'm sure our neighbors think we're nuts! haha! He has been a die hard fan since High school. Have you ever been to Flowery Branch? That's where my mom lives and that's where the Falcon's Training Camp is so every summer we go sit and watch them practice. It's pretty awesome because you're like on the field with the players and it's free!


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