Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ramble Post...

I am not sure what to post about...so I'm just gonna ramble...
let's see what happens...

I woke up at 7-8ish with hubs yesterday & surprisingly didn't crash throughout the day...until...game time.
BCS Championship game & I fell asleep for a few during the 2nd quarter...I'm like a guy "watching" football. LOL!
Anyway, Bama SEC won! It was almost a shut out. Notre Dame just didn't really show up.
The game ended after 11, which for me is like the middle of the day for normal people, only last night, it felt like 11 o'clock for normal people....lol does that make sense..?
Anyway we got to bed around midnight and then...hubbers fell a sleep around 1. & then instead of trailing off with him...my eyes went from this (-_e) to this (O_O)...let's be honest here, sex can sometimes give you an energy boost! Dammit. Sorry, I know you guys just wanted to know that. But hey, we're all adults here! lol Plus, I'm kinda on a stupid "schedule". Which is still another post all together, which I just remembered I never did. I'll have to do that soon...Update on my baby-making, fertility/ovulation mumbo jumbo...which also just reminded me that I need to make my follow-up appt with my gyno.
See, blogging is good for the memory! lol Writing both of those down right now!
SO-anyways, I proceeded to catch up on the shows I missed during the game, Teen Mom 2 & Catfish. Finally, 3am rolls around and I was finally able to trail off to sleep. Ugh. And just like that it was back to my normal. Slept until noon.  -_-
Sitting here reading through blogs & trying to figure out what I want to accomplish today.
Leads me to a bunch of random toughts...like:
There is nothing to eat in this kitchen full of food! It doesn't help that I don't really know what I want.
So,...chili cheese fries it is. Yum!

Oh, Harry and Ms. Swifty broke up...I'm in total shock.
Can you sense my sarcasm? ;)
Can you also sense my joy?
Many "sources" confirmed it. The article I read is this one. But it was mentioned by many other celeb news/gossip places. Then it also led to the #halyorbreakupsongs hashtag on twitter, lol. Silly people, it'll just be a Taylor Swift song, give it time. Also, it led to the realization and many people pointing out that Kim K & Kris Humphries marriage lasted longer than those two did, so...congrats Kim? lol
I'm gonna go ahead and reiterate, I do like T-Swift...her music and I do think she's a nice girl. & I obviously love Harry...Oh Harry.
I just didn't like the idea of them together...mainly because...well,...I didn't want him to get hurt. I mean, look at her track record. 

But, after much bitching and complaining both out loud and to myself, I put my big girl panties on & said that I was happy for Harry, if he was happy. So there you go.
Also, they seemed so,..awkward...unnatural. I don't know.
There are a lot of people saying they think it might have been a publicity stunt, and I would believe it to some small degree...but then again, why would you do that?
Either way, I'm not totally ripping on the girl, even though I kind of am. I do hope that she finds "the one" I just think she needs to stop searching & trying SO hard, & also...maybe don't let yourself fall so hard, so fast?
Actually, I think she just needs to be single, do her thing & find herself completely!
Going from Connor Kennedy too Harry after only a couple of weeks...I mean..seems like Harry was rebound. 
And then...just like that, 'tis done.
Anyway, it's pretty bad when my mom posted the link on my FB wall yesterday & then today one of my FB friends had posted the same thing on my wall, only no link just "Taylor and Harry broke up". lol
Yea,..it's that obvious I loves the man.
Which also leads me to think,..
Whyyy do I, a happily married woman, want to stare at his face all the time or care about who he dates or any other detail about his life?! lol
Well, because I'm human.
I even told Doug yesterday "my British boyfriend is single again," to which he replied "the one that was with Taylor Swift?" LOL Even he kind of accepts it.
Don't get it twisted though. I'm pretty much obsessed with my husband, so don't even think anything otherwise.
So, do any of you have a (or multiple) celeb/musician/athelete/"untouchable" crush(es)?! Do you have it bad, too? lol
"You got it, you got it bad. When you day without your man your whole life's off track." No? K.
(I could probably to a post decicated to this, I might just do that one day. But for now, I'll stop.)

I'm also sorry that I just took up that much room rambling about that. I know you don't care, but whatevs. lol It did help the times pass for my fries to cook. ;)

Onto another subject...
Hubs and I are going to have our first date night of the year this weekend (if he doesn't go to the Hunting Club with my bro & mom). If we do, it's his choice of food, so we'll be going to Red Lobster (I don't eat sea food, but at least their cheddar bay biscuits are the bomb.com!) & maybe I can squeeze a movie out of him! There are a couple I want to see. Either way, I'm ready for our first date night of 2013, & also the first stress-free date night since way before the holidays! lol

We were invited to a birthday dinner on the 15th & now have also been invited to go bowling the 19th. Both with the same people, their birthday's are a couple of days apart. So it's kind of hard to say no to either one, since they are both friend, in different way. Let me just say that...it's kind of super awkward when 2 of your friends date..
But not even that...it's been kind of awkward the few times we have hung out. I don't know...
it honestly confuses me. But I be damned if I'ma let it eat away at me. I said I wouldn't last year & I didn't...and my year was fab....so, same thing this year! :)

Oh, my mom left my dog outside for well over an hour...my chihuahua. So I hope she doesn't get sick! 

I really need to do laundry, mainly mine, but hubs is almost in need too.
I also really need to clean...lots of things. I had intentions of it yesterday...but I ended up sitting on my bed, just listening to music. lol

So...now that I have rambled and thought of things I need to do & even came up with a few post ideas, I think I'll stop boring you! :p

Hope everyone is having a great day!



  1. My daughter is MADLY in love with Harry and when she heard they broke up she actually cried tears of JOY!! lol.... I'm taking her to see them in concert in exactly 197 days she reminds me how many days till the concert on a daily basis! Good luck with that baby making it fun trying! :>)

    1. Ahhh! I love it! haha She has amazing taste, high five to her! I'll be seeing them in 164 days! lol I'm taking my cousin & her other cousin, but I am just as excited as them!!
      & Thanks! The trying sure is fun, lol. It's just kind of awkward "scheduling" or saying, "hey we need to bang today." lol

  2. This post made me chuckle. I love random posts. And as much as I love T-Swift I totally agree that she needs to take time for herself. She may be 23, but her back-to-back relationships scream "high schooler".

    1. Yea I just read something on Pinterest last night comparing her and Miley Cyrus...found it interesting. http://pinterest.com/pin/141019032053879918/

      It does seem very high-school to bounce around SO much. She doesn't have to have a man to be happy! Now if only she could realize that!


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