Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Tornado Watches. That's just life in Georgia, y'all.

Of course I would pick today of all days to actually wake up (and actually be awake) before 8am!
& I feel great. I got up, saw Doug off to work. Ate some eggs & drank some Sunny D, printed off some resumes & now I'm trying to decide what the rest of my day will consist of.
And I really don't want to be out in this weather, if it actually decides to get bad.

Gotta love the weather in Georgia.
The say if you don't like the weather, wait about 15 minutes & it'll change.

And for the most part, this is true.
I love, love, love my state!
It's the Heart of the South (as I like to call it).

But we can have the most effed up weather sometimes!

Jan. 30th & it's 65 degrees & we are under a tornado watch until 4pm.
Of course, we all know wishy washy forecasts can be lately.
But it just feels a tad ominous outside. Of course that could be just the simple fact that it's pushing 70 degrees in the winter.

Let me fill you in, I HATE tornados, like scared shitless of them.
I can handle Thunderstorms, if they don't get too bad.
But once that wind picks up a lot, and the lightning gets outta control & the thunder is so loud that it feels like it alone might shake my house down..
Nuh uh. Man down. Count me out.
Here are our Radars::

And around 1:30 (when it looks like the bad stuff may actually hit me):

The little black star is around where I am. 

So, I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't get too bad! Not only for me, for everyone in the path of this weather system!

Oh & how about I feel like a bad fan!
Framing Hanley announced a show Monday & I just found out about it last night! What?!
It may not seem bad, but I feel like I'm supposed to know as soon as they post!
I like to be able to retweet anything important like that on the Street Team account ASAP to help make sure people see it!
I've been a little more absent on Twitter than I thought, but still, I didn't see even see it on Facebook!
I don't know, man!
Butttttt, alas, all is well, I know about it now.
Now I just have to figure out if I'll able to make it.

I asked Doug.
Tickets are $10 each... "that's out of my budget"
And it's only 3 hours away... "that's out of my range"
He thinks he's funny.
One of my friends told me to tell him to make that my Valentine's Day gift.
She's a genius!
I asked & he said I don't know.
That man!

I know there is one pretty much sure fire way I could make it,
but I just have to decide if I want to take that route...
I'd love for Doug to go with though.
But we'll see. I have about 2 1/2 weeks to figure it out.

Anywhooo, I may be back with another post today if I'm not able to get out and about to get some stuff done.
I've got some post ideas.
(I know, I keep saying that)
I just have to put them together in an actual post as opposed to in my brain, where they end up getting lost!

Happy Humpday!


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  1. I've never had to deal with actual tornado watches except recently, but I know that I too am scared shitless of them! They can be so destroying. I am thinking of you today as that nasty weather encroaches on you :) let me know how you make out!!!


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