Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peace, Love, Rubber Gloves.

Don't understand the title?
That's okay.
I'm gonna tell you what it means.

To save you from another monotonous "day in the life of" post, I've decided to post about someone as sort of a shout out I guess.

So, I like YouTube.
I was catching up on my YouTube videos the other day,
I have a very small few that I watch every day/week (whenever they post.)

This is one of them.
This is Mazzi Maz, or just Maz. (Marius if you want to get technical.) :)
The guy with the white chin.

He's 18 & he seems like a nice guy.
He's from Wolverhampton.
That's in the UK for those who don't know.

He is one of my favorite people on YouTube!
I came across Maz back in August I believe, when he posted this video about Zayn (Malik...yes, another 1D reference here) deleting his twitter. After watching this video and agreeing with him. I proceeded to spend the next couple of days watching pretty much all of his videos (lol). He's actually ones of Liam's best friends. So, while I admit that One Direction kind of led me to him, it's kind of irrelevant to who he is or what he does. I mean, I didn't even know that at first. I thought he was just someone else with an opinion about all the drama that was happening at the time. Haha.

He normally posts on Sunday & Wednesday and he does "Story Time".
What that is, is he takes stories that people send to him, or Yahoo! questions & reads them outloud and gives his opinions on them.
He also does challenges, and Q&A's, etc...just fun, sometimes crazy stuff.
He's just funny to watch.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm easily amused.
HHe another one of those people who says what pretty much everyone else is thinking. lol e makes me do a stupid laugh almost every damn video...
You know what that is, one of those laughs that just kinda happens and you have to stop for a second and wonder what the fuck that sound even was?!
Yea...that laugh.
He ends his videos with "Peace, Love, Rubber Gloves"...when I first heard that I was like... O.o whaaat the hell does that mean?! lol Then, I don't know. I like it. It's original & unique. Much like him.
He also dances. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I love dancing. I'll never be amazing at it, but I love watching it. And he's good. Like, I think he could be in the next Step Up (if there ever is another).

Anyway, he also just recently started a new YouTube channel where he does daily Vlogs. Just bits of his day and such. He starts off in the morning and ends at night, usually with "thanks for watching, love you."
I don't know, mayyyybe I'm weird, but I like watching them.

And, he has just started to sell wristbands that say "You Are Beautiful" which I have yet to get my hands on one. With the money from those, he pays expenses for the wristbands, orders more & then donates to a charity or charities of his fans/viewers choice. I think that's a great thing.
You can get one HERE! I personally want a "peace, love, rubber gloves" one!

Maz, if you ever see this! HI! I love you! I would say if my husband and I ever came to England I'd love to meet you, but I'm shy, which means I'm also awkward. So, yea! Haha. You just keep being you!! I'll keep watching your videos as long as you keep making them! Thanks for making me laugh!

So, yea...anyways, that's my shout out to Maz! If you like to watch youtube videos, definitely check him out!! Subscribe to his channels. He seems like a really cool guy.
I'll be back to updating you on my life tomorrow, I'm sure!
So yea,

As Maz would say...
Thanks for watching (or in my case reading).
See you next time!
Peace, Love, Rubber Gloves!♥


Mazzi Maz Story Time
Mazzi Maz Vlogs
You Are Beautiful Wristbands

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  1. you said you would tell us the meaning of peace love rubber gloves and that is why i read this, not so you could fangirl over maz...


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