Friday, January 18, 2013

Happies and Crappies

So, I am currently drafting a yes, I took a break from drafting a post, to do a post...
Neely and Marcy participated in this new link up & I decided I'd give it a try as well.

It's a Link up created by Stephanie & Sarah, today is the very first one, and it's called:
Head over to their blogs to check out the deets & join in!

-It's Friday! Duh! I'm ready for the weekend and more time with muh man!
-I finally bought our Globetrotter tickets last night.
-Doug said he can get or did get some drop ceiling railing for free, yay!
-My day of rest yesterday helped me.
-Sunshine. So nice to see the sun and a gorgeous, still cold, day after dayyyys of dreary rainy days.
-I have a Peace Tea and it makes me happy. Razzleberry, baby!

-I applied for a receptionist job the other day & haven't heard back [yet]..I'm used to it, but it still sucks every time it happens.
-I've messed my sleep up again. I'm a night owl anyway, so for me to see 2 or 3 am isn't uncommon...It's when I start seeing 4:30 or 5 or 6 that it get's messed up.
-I've had an earache almost every day this week.
-I haven't talked to my bff much this week, I know her life is busier than mine, but I still get down when we aren't able to talk.
-Being hungry and not knowing what I want, which resulted in scarfing down a snack bag of popcorn and contemplating a turkey and cheese sammich. I'm hongry!

Okay, so it's a short one today, but I'm still kind of focused on my other post, so I'm gonna get back to it!
Hope everyone is having a great Friday & has a great weekend!
Y'all have any plans?!
For us, just bowling as far as plans go...and I'm not sure how long we will stay there. Then anything else can be a go with the flow thing. :)



  1. I get down when I don't hear from my bff in a while too <3
    I hope you hear back from that job!

  2. i hope you hear from the job soon. i know how rough it can be waiting and waiting! thanks for participating in happies and crappies! we hope you'll join us next friday!

  3. Ugh, I'm a night-owl too...I hear you!

    We must live fairly close together...I'm in N. GA too. :-)


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