Tuesday, September 2, 2014


You know...I know there are bad days in every person's job. But isn't a job not supposed to make you feel good? Or be rewarding or at least satisfying to an extent? Or boost your confidence some? You know what's most satisfying for me. A check every week. You know what else my job has done. Made me question myself twice as much. Did I do that? Have I forgotten this? Did I call so&so back? And the worst past is I write down pretty much everything I do, but if something doesn't get written down I wrack my brain trying to remember.
And I'm only 3 months in. It's brought light a lot of weaknesses that I didn't think were weaknesses. Our maybe they aren't. Maybe it's the job/environment. Maybe I'm just not meant for this particular job. Which is fine. Except I don't want to feel like a failure. I'm THIS close to putting in a two week notice. I'm just doing too much. To be a receptionist that is. I mean if I'm not mistaken, receptionists answer phones/ take messages, handle appointments, scheduling, payments & filing. I do that and then some.
Excuse this post, I'm just ranting. I'm at work on my day off...again... that has been a common occurrence lately as well.