Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm glad it's Friday because even though it was short week, it's been a hectic one,..for my hubby at work.
Nothing in particular to talk about today, just rambles.

I checked our bank account. OUCH! I have got to get back on top of things real quicklike. It's too low for my comfort. Which means, hubby loves eating out for lunch will decline greatly & we are gonna have to be more mindful of what we buy. Ay-yi-yi. Money sucks doesn't it? It's great until you don't have anymore. Luckily today is payday for him so I won't be too stressed.

I sometimes wonder if the fact that I'm not a "morning blogger" bites me in the ass. I don't usually post at 7 or 8 or earlier unless it's scheduled, or unless I happen to actually be not only awake, but functioning then (which isn't entirely uncommon either). I just blog at random hours of the day,...or night and sometimes I feel like people look over it. Or their just not interested.

We're supposed to clean this weekend...How many times do I say that? Way too often for it to not have happened yet. We don't have any plans this weekend SO there will be some cleaning or I'll blow a gasket. If I can't have my own house yet, give me a damn functional basement apartment. Not just a bedroom and a bathroom.

Spiders. None of the men living here have sprayed the yard yet. I've seen more spiders than I care to, inside and outside. Not to mention if they don't get on it, we're gonna have a flea issue....and with 5 fur babies total in this house...a flea issue really is an issue.

We have a wedding to go to next weekend. I (like a typical girl) have nothing to wear. So I think after I drop my nephew off with his mom I'll shoot over to Gville & have a little solo shopping trip. Speaking of shopping, June means Mall of GA. I go get my ring cleaned every 6 months & while I can go to a store closer, it gives me an excuse to go to the mall, and I take it. I need to hit up Charming Charlie too. Anyone been there? LOVE IT! If you have one nearby, go! At least check it out.

I need a new book. I still have my Book Of Lost Things that I stopped reading so I could read The Happiness Project. But if you have any suggestions lets me know. I kind of want to reread The Great Gatsby.

I also need a scrapbook, so I'm thinking a trip to Michaels may also be on the agenda today! :-)

So yea, that's all I got.
TGIF, y'all!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer Bucket List. What's on yours?

Linking up with the lovely Holly & her friend Trista for to share my Summer Bucket List!

I KNOW I'm leaving things off.
I know I'm going to read around and see tons of things that I normally would have put on my list.
BUT, this is a last minute thought up thing, so consider it incomplete!
I'm also THAT girl who is all, "it's actually still Spring, Summer doesn't start for almost a month." So, suppose this is an End of Spring/Summer list for me. :)
Might not get to do it all, but doesn't hurt to have things in mind! ;)

Night Fishing- One of my childhood memories is night fishing as a family. I've been wanting to go again.
Cook Outs- Self explanatory, pretty much.
Concert- That should really be multiple. I know for sure I'm going to two, One Direction & JB. But I'll take more than that!
Clean/ Work on Basement- clean out, paint, get a couch, decorate, live.
4th of July- Not sure what we're going to do this yea, but a replay of last year would almost be fine by me.
Family Time- Self explanatory.
Go Outside- Lay out, walk, play, whatever. Just try to be outside more.
Drink & Relax- I don't drink (I mean realllly drink) that often anymore. I could use a tipsy kind of night.
Falcons Practice- The training complex where they practice is about 30ish minutes away. I want to go to at least one practice. I kind of want to watch them practice with the Bengals. :) (&then let's not forget the START OF FOOTBALL SEASON!!! WOOOOO!!!)
Scrapbooking/ DIY- I know I'm doing a scrapbook, so I'm hoping that kick starts me getting back into it.
Stone Mountain- Never been. But we're going!
Movies- Date nights, duh! I'd love to go to a drive-in!
Zoo- Love animals. Haven't been to the Zoo ATL in a hot minute. But what's also sad is we actually have a small zoo 5 minutes from my house. I need to hit it up also.
Doug's Birthday- Don't know what we're gonna do, but it's in a week and a day!
Lose Weight- ...well there's that we'll see how it goes.
Atlanta- I want to do at least one thing in Atlanta that I've never done. (Which is A LOT)
My Birthday- Not sure what we're doing for it either, but EEK!
Weekender (or 2)- This is our vacations. lol We usually only do 3 maybe 4 days, and we call them weekenders. I really want to go to FL, or Gatlinburg/PForge, or maybe even back to Savannah, or maybe somewhere else. Ya know, just a weekender or 2!
Celebrate- Our Anniversary, Father's Day, My Brother's Birthday, My Besties Birthday, My Nephew's Birthday, My Cousin's Birthdays, Love, Happiness, Life. EVERYTHING!

So yea, that's about all I got right now.
What's on YOUR summer list?!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Link Up Wednesday & stuff.

I can't believe...
... We have no water! Seriously sucks, I hope it can be fixed today. 
... I've officially taken on the scrap booking project for Framing Hanley. Now that I've talked about it "out loud", I kind of have to do it.

Weigh-In Wednesday has new hosts! Heather, Ashlee, Bailey, and Amy.

So lets talk about the fact that this past week I have failed miserably in the workout department.
And whats worse is that I decided to join in the challenge with Holly & then failed right of the bat.
It's okay though. I'm not counting myself out. I'm still in the challenge, I'll just be at the bottom of the totem pole in the "at least I tried & didn't totally quit" section. I'm still going to do it, I'm just not beating myself up for it.
I don't have much else to say about weighing in or exercising. If I'm being honest, I'm starving right now, I haven't eaten lunch yet & I'm getting hangry.
Last Week: 158.5
This Week: 158.5
No Change. I'm surprised to see no change. But happy. I'll take that.

Onto other things...

I have been drafting up a storm! Any time I get a post idea while I'm at my computer I quickly go start a draft post so I don't lose or forget about it! I don't have a lot, but still. And I still need to finish up my relationship/marriage posts for next week! NEXT. WEEK. My 2nd anniversary is 11 days away!

Remember my Ballin' on a Budget post, talking about saving money and such? Did anyone else take on the 52 week saving challenge at the beginning of the year? Doing any good with it?
I know it's a random question, I just happened to be thinking about it. I'm still on target with it. Actually I'm "doubling down" whenever I can. So I have 2 of them printed out & I've got my regular one in an big envelope & then in that envelope I have another one with "Double down" written on it & another print out to keep up with it. It would be awesome if I were able to Double the savings every week. That'd be $2756 as opposed to $1378!
Anyway, I was just curious to see how anyone was doing.
I've had money on the brain & I have been figuring out my brothers bills & trying to decide how to help him save and see why he is so "broke" all the damn time. He finally showed me his stubs & how much he makes & told me his monthly bills & gas expenses and such. I don't have all of my info, I still need to know how often he eats out etc. But it turns out, he's pretty legitimately broke, so I'm gonna figure up & them make my suggestions of how to build up his cushion and see if he'll go along with it. WE SHALL SEE!
And I have a couple on envelopes I need to start up so I can start stashing money in those for special things too.

And I I am STUCK like Chuck on the Cruise Remix. I mean who doesn't love Cruise by Florida Georgia Line?! And who doesn't love Nelly?! So naturally the combination is just love.

I think there should be a Songs of Summer link-up! And you'd post a song/songs that are on your summer (or everyday) "playlist". But then again, you know me, I'm all about music! If I were to do that would anyone even be interested?

Speaking of Link Ups, I want to give a shout out to a new one. My first bloggy bff Karla, and 9 other lovely ladies who are newlyweds hosting a new link up! It's only for the month of June, they will all hit their one year anniversaries in June & as I mentioned I'll be hitting my 2 year! YAY for June weddings/anniversaries! So, I think this is awesome. I think I may add it to my Wednesday link up post. Although the first on might be posted later than it's supposed to. It's sort of an advice thing for marriage. And anyone can participate, whether you have been married for 1 year, or 25. Or even if you're engaged or just in a serious relationship. Seems like it will be a great place for advice and to just see how other couple deal with things & things they go through, etc. SO yea, head on over and read her description, it's better than mine! lol  (click the picture!)

Anyways. I got a few errands to run so I guess I should get on that!

Happy Humpday, Lovelies!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fast 6 & Hangover 3

We fed the box office this weekend.
Saturday, my mother-in-law, brother-in-law, husband, nephew and myself went to see Fast 6.
I think I mentioned the other day that this in one of my favorite movie franchises.
& if not, I'm saying it now.
I'm a car lover. Thank my Daddy for that.
So, Fast 6 did not disappoint me.
I left with an adrenaline rush & wasn't aloud to drive.
(Side note: when Dukes of Hazzard came out in the theaters years ago, we went to see it. After leaving I found myself easily driving 100mph down the highway without realizing it.)
And can I just say that the writer of this movie & I must share a brain, there were parts in the movie that I totally predicted. Not because it was predictable, but because that's what I wanted to happen!

It was so cute to see Brian & Mia become parents, I'll be interested to see where their characters end up.
The big deal for me was Letty being back in the picture!
I remember actually crying in the theater when she died. (I get invested into these movies, and her character was a favorite of mine! haha)
(This isn't a spoiler, because if you watched and paid attention to the last on you saw where Hobbs was given a photo of her.)
There was another part that kind made me sad (for one of the characters) but in theory, it was a big puzzle piece.
They are doing an amazing, amazing job at tying all the movies together.
As anyone who follows them might know that it's been confusing being as 2 characters have died, yet are still in the newer movies.
Trust me, the puzzle all pulls together and it's awesome.
 On the way home Doug & I pieced everything together & it left me SO excited and so curious for the next one. We already have a theory of how we think it might go, or who it might involve (& the theory of how I want it to go, or who I want it to involve.)
I'm REALLLLLY hoping the screenwriter/story writer/director/whomever does something along the lines of what we are thinking.
Maybe they should just see this & get with me and I'll share my ideas. HAHA, yeah, right!
I'm loving that they are not really straying from the story lines and that every movie has a place in the franchise. (referring to that one "random one that didn't seem to fit in to the rest", aka Tokyo Drift, it totally fits in.)

If you like/love these movies and were wondering if you should see this one, I definitely recommend it.
I give it an A++ (even if I am biased.)
If you have for some reason never seen any one these but kind of want to see this one, I strongly recommend watching all of the other ones first.
The ONLY small con, is there was a bit more fighting action as opposed to driving action. It was good, no doubt, but some would say they are getting away from the driving/car aspect of the whole thing. Which, as we know, plays a HUGE part in these movies. So I'm hoping in the next, it will come back around a little more. And in my opinion, it could go either way.
If you do go see it, don't leave immediately. Some one the credits will roll & then there is another clip. It's a huge puzzle piece. ;)
And there will be another one. Fast & Furious 7 is set to release on July 11, 2014. (aka My Birthday, next year! Best. Gift. Ever!)

And thennnnn,

Yesterday, Doug & I went on a day date to see Hangover 3.
This one did a good job at rounding out The Hangover franchise. (This is supposed to be the last.)
Gonna start of by saying the first one will always be the best.
The second was a little...ehh...but still pretty good.
This one is good. It definitely has it's funny moments.
It followed the other 2 in the sense that there was a missing person (kidnapping/hostage) and then a mission to get said person back.
The difference between this one and the other two is that the other two start off from them waking up with a Hangover and trying to remember what the hell happened...this one doesn't necessarily start out like that.
Mr. Chow also plays a bigger part in this one, kind of like the second one.
It does all tie together & ends with a happy ending.

And then there is the, um...twist?
Makes me wonder if they are leaving with a HUGE cliffhanger or there will be another movie, but maybe under a different name/new franchise.

At any rate. If you are one of those that are super picky about spending money on going to see movies in theaters then wait til the weekend and see the Matinee since it's cheaper. Or if your a tightwad, you might be able to wait for DVD release (which I'm assuming will be coming out in October or November)
If you like this franchise, go see it.
I give it an A.
It made me laugh & like I said it rounded out the trilogy.
With that being said...if you go see it, don't leave right away. Some of the credits will roll & then there is a clip. This is the "twist" I was talking about. And it had me in tears laughing.

Okay, I'm done playing movie critic I guess.

Doesn't feel like a Tuesday does it?!
Have a good one!

Friday, May 24, 2013

T.G.I.F! What are your weekend & Memorial Day plans?

Today is short and sweet.
First, OUCH! I'm hurting y'all. Everywhere. I've gotta mentally prepare to do it again today or I may not make it. lol
Second, I can't believe that today is my nephews last day of 3rd grade. Ahh! We got him out of school early today & his teacher almost made me cry. I'm too sentimental for my own good, had to fight it back.
Third, can this weekend start, like now?!

On my plate I have.... 
Today: Workout (day 2 of 300/30) and clean, I want to at least clean my bathroom. Also, considered laying out, but not sure if that will happen...unless I go on the back porch.
Saturday: Hubs, myself and my nephew are heading to my mother in laws to hangout with the family, watch all of the F&F movies, cookout and then go see Fast 6. I. am. so. excitedddd!!! I've been waiting over a year for this to finally come out!
Sunday: Date night/or day with Hubbers. Gonna go see Hangover 3. We were going to go last night, butttt, my brother wanted to go fishing & asked Doug..I can't deny my man of his fishing. ;-)

And that's about all that's "planned". We'll see what else may come along.

Everyone have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!
Don't forget the reason behind the day!

 So, what are your weekend plans? Anything fun or exciting or just laid back?


Thursday, May 23, 2013

300/30 challenge & "Am I not turtley enough for the turtle club?...

Turtle, turtle!"
(Name that movie!)

File:Eastern box turtle.jpg
Did you know that today is World Turtle Day?
That's okay, I didn't either until a couple of hours ago.
I like turtles.
I had one as a pet when I was little and I loved the little guy.
I also remember when I was a kid, my mom, dad, brother and I were coming home from somewhere are we passed the big ole thing in the road. We turned around and went back and it was a biiig turtle, I mean...big.
Anyway, it had been hit by a car apparently, the shells was broken and cracked, but  it was still alive. If I remember right, we put it in the bed of the truck and took it to our house, but it eventually died.
That affected me to the point where when I'm going down the road and I see a turtle, I will stop, or turn around (if it's safe and I'm able) and I'll get out and move it to the other side of the road. If there is someone else with me, there is a chance I'll make ask them get out and grab it, if I'm driving and they're willing.
I've even rubbed off on my cousin, I love to get a text with a picture of a turtle saying "saved this guy today." I love that she will do that now.

On World Turtle Day, I would like to ask you a favor.
Save a turtle!
Not just today, but any day. Any time you see one in the road, help it. Or at the very least don't hit it! (But also don't wreck! Avoid it safely, if able.)
They are fairly slow movers as we all know. And a lot of us humans, in our big ole cars don't pay attention to the little things on the road. If you do this move them the direction they are heading. The way I see it, they are headed that way for a reason, if you put them back on the side of the road they are facing away from, they are likely to turn around and try crossing the road again. I always moved them the direction they are facing.
(Be careful of any snapping turtles!)

And now that I've just preached about let's move on to something esle.

Like how I think Holly is maybe trying to kill me! lol I kid, I kid.
Holly initiated a challenge to lose the food baby. She propose that we do 300/30. Which is this workout courtesy of Courtney at The Petite Athleat! And we do it for 30 days. Take your before picture before you start day 1 and at the end of 30 days, take an after picture, to see your results. Visit Holly's blog to see her explain it & talk about a little incentive -a prize- for someone at the end of the 30 days.

Well, I decided to try out this challenge.
I took my before picture last night.
Today is/was day one, and I think I may die.
At the end of the work out, you will have done 300 ab & core workouts, in 15 minutes.
Here's how it went for me...
I'm pretty sure there are several that I didn't do 100% properly. But I'm completely out of, I have to work up to being able to do it 100% proper.  (Courtney's pictures make it look so....effortless, lol)
I feel it in other places. This is how I know I'm not doing them properly. Although I'm sure you are supposed to feel it a little in other places. My core doesn't hurt too much (right now anyways). But I feel it in my thighs and my back.
I also fell short on like 2 exercises. Again, gotta build endurance for it. But I did not omit any completely. I tried them all.
So, by the end of the workout, which took me longer than 15 minutes (which is normal for beginners, I'm assuming.) I had not done 300, but I did calculate it up, and I had done 236. Not too bad for my first day.
And I'm glad that I'm doing this during the day when my husband isn't home, and doing it in the privacy of my room, because I'm sure I look like a spaz trying to do it. lol 
The point is I did it!

After wards I decided to do just a few Kettle bell exercises, so ya know..I feel a little in my arms too.
And stairs are not my friends right now.
I don't know how I'm gonna work out with hubs once he gets home. Maybe I'll be good and rested and rarin' to go!
Or I might get out of it, we tossed around the idea of a date night tonight.
So we'll see.

Happy Thursday, y'all!
It's almost FRIDAY!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weighing in while eating Pizza Rolls.

 It's Link-up Wednesday.

I can't believe...

...Doug & I still haven't been keeping up with the crunch challenge. The shit's not gonna work if we keep taking 4 to 5 rest days. lol 
...The end of the school year is almost hear.
...I'm actually going to suck it up and miss seeing Steve O this weekend. Shhhh, can you hear that? It's my heart breaking. tired I've been the last couple of days. It's like I can't fully wake up. -_- Gotta fix that.

Last week: 156.7
This week: 158.5
Up: 1.8

I called this. Being sick, having a tooth pulled and not being able to eating for a week will make for some good weight loss. And then your diet returns to normal.
I mean, I'm chowing down on Pizza Rolls at the moment. Yum.
No biggie though.
It's idiotic to beat yourself up about something to the point of worthlessness. Dieting is something I never ever beat myself up about aside from saying, "maybe I should have ate that." But it quickly goes away.
Weightloss is different. Not so much weightloss, but weight gain.
But again, it's not going to matter pouting. It would be different if I was completely obsessed with it.
And I'm not.
If you are, you shouldn't be.
Obsessed can be quite a strong word. Be passionate about a lifestyle change.
Be dedicated.
But don't do it to a fault.
Learn to love yourself now, and then you can love yourself more once you see the changes happening. Not to mention, you'll be extremely proud of yourself. Obviously.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Happy Humpday, Beautiful Ladies.
Love yourself today, and every day!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

With my anniversary coming up...

I'm gonna finally post some back history about Doug and I.
A bit of a preface of it....they might be long, so bear with me.
I'm going to break them up into a different posts, so they'll post over several days.
My story telling can be sporadic. I like to write, but it tends to turn out like that because I find myself wanting to condense it. Let's face it, if I were including all details it would be WAY longer because I'd want to include every detail, and would just seem way more drawn out than necessary. So bear with me on that, also.
I don't think I've posted about any of this, so I hope you guys enjoy accompanying me on my trip down memory lane.

I probably won't post them until the first week of June, which is the week leading upto our anni.
So for now I'm just kinda getting my thoughts down and in order.

Cool? Cool.

I also have other post ideas, if I can just actually just make myself write about them.

Just want to take a minute to thank everyone who hangs around and to anyone who actually reads my posts about my day to day life. And I really want to say thanks to those who comment. They really do make my day. I love developing friendships with my readers. Don't be shy, lets chat!

Does anyone have a blog FB page? Is it worth it to have one?

I really don't have anything to talk about today.
I've thrown my sleep off just a bit & so I'm a little blah.
I'm still looking for Pinterest projects to do, and I think I'm about to take on doing 2 projects from Framing Hanley.
I got a little down on myself last night. It always happens when I'm searching for jobs online. I just get discouraged and it's a snowball effect. So..yea. I need a little bit of busy body work. I rebounded fairly quickly and I'm in good spirits today. I'm just tired.
I'm also gonna double up on working out instead of waiting for Doug to get home. Since guys tend to lose weight faster, I told him I would do some during the day and then also do what we do when he gets home.
Pretty sure my weight will be up tomorrow as opposed to what it was last week.

So yea...there's my ramblings of the day.

Haha...that's about all I got.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Billboard Awards & other T.V & Music randoms

So,...ya, the music lover,..I watched the Billboard Music Awards.
Did anyone else.
Not gonna do a full recap, just going to touch on a few things...

1. Kid Rock wins. I've always been a Kid Rock fan since "Cowboy"/ Devil Without a Cause . Love him. And his comment last night, PRICLESS!! You go Bob Ritchie!
2. I wasn't thoroughly impressed with many of the performances. The Top 2 of the night hands down go to Ed Sheeran and Prince. They were the best. of. the. night. Seriously Ed's voice is like angels singing. And Prince, well I hope those "artists" in the audience were taking notes.
3. The Biebs getting booed. Empathetic little me hates seeing people be booed (most of the time). But I am a little worried about Justin. He just seems like he's going through a lot lately, although I'm not quite sure what it is. I'm more so worried that his head, aka ego, is growing a little to large. One of the great things about him has always been his ability to always stay humble, I don't want him to lose that. All that said...Justin please don't go all diva on us in Atlanta in August and make us wait 2 hours later than planned to see you. Also, please don't lip-sync. Just,...don't. Imma tell you one time. Loved you the first time I saw you live, but that was also almost 4 years ago. Don't make my love for you that I sound a little like a creeper, let's move on shall we...
4. Taylor got 8 there's that....*crickets* Look, it's no stranger that I went through some bad blood with Taylor recently, what with her trying to get some new writing material about dating my British boyfriend and all. There really is a piece of my that still likes her and her catchy ass music. But... there are just some things you can take back. Like looking smug when you win awards over your exes band. It's really okay though, she is doing her damn thing. I'm gonna be eyeballing the next record though to see if there are any England inspired tunes. Let's just Thank God she didn't jump the gun and buy a house is London next to Harry. Cheerio, mate! (I should really just let it go, huh? lol)
5. Speaking of my British bf. They won 3 awards! The weren't broadcasted though, which is okay, I kind of figured that since they wouldn't be able to be there, being on tour and all. Congrats, 1D! I'll be seeing you in 4 weeks, 4 days & a few hours. But who's counting? I cannot wait to see my Harry, even though I'll be far away. :( I can still close my eyes and dream... Now that I've reached full creeper status...moving on again...
6. My mom and dad had a discussion about Nicki Minaj's ass. When a little some thing like this M:"Look at it, it looks like a big knot. It just, it's too much for how small she is.....You know it has to weigh he down." D: "Yea, but they like it." *during lap dance* M: "Really?" D: "She's a dirty dancer" lol. I'm paraphrasing of course, but you get it. Seriously though, girl's got a donk. I mean, is it real?
7. I think Tracy Morgan did pretty well at hosting.

And that's all I got for you. Mainly because that' all that is coming to mind...

In the T.V. world..
-Watching the awards meant missing North America, but thank goodness for DVR, right? Can't wait to watch the first 2 episodes.
-Since the first episode, I have missed Bates Motel & kicked myself for it. It was a show I really wanted to watch. So, I saw that there was a marathon on yesterday (since the season finale is tonight) SO, I DVR'd it...and them proceeded to stay up watching as much as I could from 1am to 5am. I'm done with 6 episode, so I have 3 left, plus the season finale.
-Girl Code. Anyone else watching this, cause it's genius! I never really got too into guy code, but Girl Code is on another level! So funny.
-Client List. Who doesn't love J.Love? She's always been a favorite of mine & she's one of my hubby's celeb crush. Anyway, I love this movie so of course when the show came out last year I was all over it! Season 2 is definitely not disappointing either. I get soooo into this show, it's ridiculous. Every week I can't wait until the next week.
-The Real World: Portland. Anyone else watching this? I'm a Real World junkie. There are only a few seasons I've missed. Can we talk about how crayyyzy Nia is. And she's from GA...I mean we're crazy here, but not all of us are that bad. Promise.
-RHOC. Vicki is having an identity crisis, that much is true. I don't like that she had so much work done. And I agree with Tamara that if it were "Wines by Vicki", Vicki would invest more time. I also hate that Heather and Terry are bickering so much. I like them. I hope the Reality TV curse doesn't ruin them.
I'll stop there...
I told you before I'm a reality TV junkie...I genuinely love T.V/movies.

Going back to music...
What I've been listening to lately...
1D- both albums.
Fall Out Boy- Save Rock and Roll
Framing Hanley- All songs.
Ed Sheeran- +
Cher Lloyd- Sticks and Stones (I like a pretty good bit of British artists.)
Demi Lovato- Heart Attack, it's so catchy & she's great.
Florida Georgia Line- Cruise. & the remix with Nelly is fabulous too!
And whatever mixture the radio wants to spit at me.
And my MP3 player too, on shuffle. Always a little surprise.

Next 20 Song Shuffle:
1. Steve Earle- Copperhead Road.
2. Backstreet Boys- The One
3. Pretty Ricky- Never Let You Go
4. Saliva- Always
5. Wilson Phillips- Hold On
6. Transmit Now- The Last Thing
7. Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffet- It's 5 o'clock Somewhere
8. Uncle Kracker- No Stranger To Shame
9. Disturbed- Stupify
10. B.G.- Bling, Bling
11. Korn- Fuck That
12. Miranda Lambert- Famous In A Small Town
13. Puddle of Mudd- She Hates Me
14. 504- Wobble Wobble
15. James Otto- For You
16. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- Into The Great Wide Open
17. Carrie Underwood- Last Name
18. Rage Against the Machine- Bulls On Parade
19. Pretty Ricky- Juicy
20. Avant- Makin' Good Love Remix w/ BTNH

This is what happens when I want to blog but don't have much to talk about. lol You get a long, random post about T.V & music. I'm starting to write down blog ideas again though. Now I really need to give my dog a haircut, so I think I'll go do that now.

Happy Monday, Loves!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Currently on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

We have been struck with more rain the past couple of days so today is pretty much Lazy Sunday.
I've seen everyone do these currently posts every so often so I figured, why not? It'll give me something to talk about,...maybe. ;)

Currently I am....

Listening to my mp3 player... current song: One Direction- She's Not Afraid

Reading... aside from the many tabs on my computer screen... The Happiness Project still. I'm close to being finished though.

Drinking water.

Into flowers and plants more than usual. I've been wanting to change up some of the flowers around here. I think it's coming from my EXTREME urge to have my own place to be able to do this too.

Thinking about all kinds of things. My mind is everywhere. I need to do dishes & laundry, figure some out for Dougs birthday, figure something our for our anniversary, what do to for my birthday, my nephews birthday, etc....

Writing a grocery list & jotting down some of the things on  my I said, it's all over the place.

Wishing my nose would stop being stuffy....good things is, I'm not sick anymore, now it's just allergies. :-) Also wishing I could have won a sliver of the lottery.

Wearing pjs! Soffes & a tank & tee!

Watching nothing at the moment. But The Billboard Awards come on tonight. Also "North America" on the Discovery channel.

Wanting to go see Steve-O this weekend, still trying to kind of talk my hubs into it. A vacation with my man. To workout. (I know, what's wrong with me? ;-) ) And a Mountain Dew, bad.

Excited about F&F 6 this weekend, been waiting over a year! And super excited that F&F 7 is scheduled out on my birthday next year! One of my FAVORITE franchises, I've been an avid watcher/follower since the first one. LOVE. & Seeing One Direction next month!

Needing to really get to planning everything coming up. Also needing to make a decision & then gather everything to go ahead and get ready to update my ID.

Ready for the next few months June: Hubby's birthday month, Our anniversary month, One Direction show. Summer!  July: my birthday month. August: My nephew turn 10, eek. And preseason football kicks off! YAY! & then FALL!

Contemplating what phone to get next. My contract will be over in August & my HTC has served it's purpose. I'm leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy S4...hell I'd even go for the S3...Anyone have any thoughts on them??

Feeling content. There are definitely a few things that could get better, but for the most part I'm pretty well content.

Hoping that this upcoming week is good for my hubby at work, myself, and all of you! Now I'm gonna get off of here and start brainstorming ideas for all of the things that I need to start planning.


Friday, May 17, 2013

April, Part 3- Augusta for my boys♥

Weekend 3, or should I say that Friday -26th- was kind of a last minute thing.

It's no surprise I love Framing Hanley. :-)
Well I had missed 2 opportunities to see them already, once in February and once in March.
SO, this time, I refused. Only I didn't have anyone to go with me since it was on a Friday.
So I asked Carla, and of course she was down.
So that Wednesday I booked the room & bought the tickets.
& Friday after she got off of work we headed out on the 3 hr adventure to Augusta.
Another place in GA I had never been to.

We made there with enough time to check in, finish getting ready & head out to find the venue.
We got to the venue a little early, before they opened (which means we rushed for no reason). But that's okay, it's always good the be one of the first ones there.

Got in, sat down & was watching the draft until showtime on a pull down screen they had.
I spotted Ryan at the merch stand so we walked over to say hey and ask how everything was goin', was able to tell him Congrats on his engagement in person, & go ahead and buy our shirts. Then I talked to a guy who I had met in Atlanta last year, who is also a FHan, & then we grabbed a spot right at the stage and waited for everything to start.
The first act was, interesting. They weren't terrible.
The second act was "Suberbob". They were so good! I even bought their CD. They make me think of P.O.D. (remember them, don't ya?) Have kind of a rock/rap type sound (more rock, of course).
& Then it was finally time for my boys!
There is nothing like the feeling of being at a show when it's an artist/band that you just absolutely l-o-v-e.
Everything melts away & you're so in the moment & for that time, everything is okay.
After the show we sat on the edge of the stage and let the line to talk to/see/buy merch from them go down.
By then it was about 1am, Carla was getting antsy & wanted to get to Taco Bell before it closed, so once the line was gone we jumped up & I went over to talk to them. Talked to Nixon for a few about the fundraiser, the new album and the music video; & then to Chris about his wifey & baby. Then everyone got in for a picture & gave my hugs and said my goodbyes. I didn't get any one on one with Brandon or Luke, but that's okay.
We made it to Taco Bell & after getting $20 in food, we headed to the room, pigged out & passed out.
My heart was content.
Saturday was spent driving home & then relaxing with my love.
It was good, not too awkward between Carla & I, considering our on-and-off-again state that we've been in.
& Sunday was just a Sunday, lovely. :)

L to R: Chris, Luke, Ryan (back), Me, Nixon, Carla, and Brandon
Love, love, love this picture. This is the first one that I've got EVERYONE in it. The only thing I would change is I'd be in it solo. I know that sounds bad & if Carla saw this she would probably take it personally, but I don't mean it that way. I just want a picture with them solo. But there will be other chances. ;-)

It was the best ending to such a great month.
My heart was so full and content from that night, and from the whole month.
April was amazing to me.
I'm definitely blessed.


April, Part 2- Savannah

Second weekend in April was a mini-vacation for myself.
I met my best friend in Savannah and we had a girls weekend.
No hubbies & No kids.
It was SO SO nice & the first time it's been just the 2 of us since we were 14 I yeah...haha almost 10 years.
She lived in North East Florida, and we wanted to meet in the middle somewhere but couldn't decided where, so we picked Savannah. It was a longer drive for me than her, but that's totally fine.
I didn't take many pictures, which I regret, but that's just more of an excuse to go back. ;)
What I can say is that, Savannah is beautiful.
The spanish moss every where is so pretty.
There was a lot that we didn't do, being alone in a city we were unfamiliar with so we just kind of wandered around.
We did walk River Street, it's was neat. Touristy, but neat.
Loved seeing some of the older the buildings.
We also realized that you kind of need more that 1 to 2 days to really experience things.
We only spent one day in downtown, which was Saturday.
Friday when we got there we hung out, rested & went to Chili's for supper & then to Bass Pro Shop (she had never been to one). It was raining & we just wanted to have a laid back night.
Saturday was downtown Savannah/River Street until almost dark, then we headed back towards the room, we stopped to get a blizzard at DQ & stopped in Oglethorpe Mall to go to a couple of stores.
Sunday we went to Bass Pro-again-, Target, & mall & ate some Sbarros before we said our goodbyes.

It was way too short, as always & some people would ask why we went to the mall and stuff when we were in a place we had never been & could exlpore? My answer is we rarely get the luxury of just going to the mall, or grabbing lunch, or dinner, having a few drinks, having girl time, etc.. So we did things that we would be able to to "at home". We had our favorite snacks and junk food & spent time listening to music, talking and dancing, being silly, our room. haha, and we loved it. 
We decided that any of the tours or anything like that that we wanted to do, we would have to bring our hubbies back with us for those. We ain't really trying to be wandering around an unfamiliar place at night ya know.

So, coming out of that weekend, I can say...
-That I'm proud of myself for making the trip. My anxiety was through the roof to the point where I was nauseous & had to take a stress poop, don't try to act like you've never done that. We're all adults here, lol. That's the furthest I had ever traveled alone, & my first time having to navigate through Atlanta, alone and I did pretty damn good. :-)
-Also, I can't wait to go back to Savannah. It was really fun, I wanna go and check out more of the squares & see the historical stuff. Also wanna go to Forsyth Park & Bonaventure Cemetery (yeah, I'm that weirdo who loves graveyards). There is so much that can be done! If you've never been, go.
It was good because it wasn't too crowded at the time, we picked a good time to go, I think.
-And I miss my bestest already. HATE leaving her. I can't say good-bye dry-eyed, ever.
I'm thankful for our husbands for being cool with us going solo. And I'm glad she was able to come, I know how hard it can be to leave your husband, but I know it was harder for her to leave her babies for 2 nights. But it was just one of those things that we both just needed. ♥

WWII Memorial on River Street.

The Waving Girl statue on River Street
You're crazy if you think that doesn't look good. BBQ Chicken Sliders w/ Fries from Wild Wings Cafe. mmmm
This is our normal...

Being that I'm not against going there again, if anyone has any suggestions of places to go & things to do, leave them in the comments, any and all welcome & appreciated. :-)


April, Part 1-Checking Mr. Aldean off the list...

So after being so annoyed with almost a month worth of computer issues, I almost threw out the idea of even blogging about April, but I can't it was just too good. So, I'll just get it over quickly. As in I think I'll do 3 posts, all today, to just knock it out. Nothing too awful long winded. Gonna try to be short, sweet and too the point.

April was pretty amazing to me, I can't deny that at all.
I was able to blog throughout April but not in detail because I was using a borrowed computer which means I had NO pictures on it.
Weekend one was great because Doug & I house sat. Alone time=amazing, duh.
So let me just pick up on Weekend 2...

So 2 days after the tornado, my hubs and I headed down to Athens to UGA for a once in a lifetime concert experience. 
We bought tickets back in the fall of 2012, because Doug & I both decided we couldn't miss this.
There has never been a concert held at UGA/ on/in Sanford Stadium.
The fact that we would be among thousands attending this was amazing.
The fact that it was at the Home of the Georgia Bulldogs made it even better!
The line-up was Thomas Rhett, Jake Owen, Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean.
The concert was so amazing.
Thomas did great starting everyone up, Jake did awesome getting everyone moving, Luke wore everyone out and Jason finished off the night with a bang.
That's about the best way I can put it!

A little back story on WHY I was so excited and determined to see Jason...
Back in 2004 or '05, I had planned to go to the Cumming Fair to see Jason Aldean and Josh Gracin. This is when Jason was still new. I had just seen Miranda Lambert & Tracy Byrd at the fair & Jason & Josh were supposed to perform 2 days later, I believe. Well, that day comes and it's raining. Well I didn't want to go in the rain (even though the stage/crowd area is covered), so we didn't go and I've kicked myself in the ass for it ever since. I vowed that I WILL see him live one day. Couple opportunities came and went & then this popped up and it was just perfection. So happy to have finally see him, even if I did have to way 7-8 years later & pay over $100/tic. So beyond worth it. And he ended the night with Hicktown, so my 24 y/o & my 15/16 y/o (or however old I was) self was extremely happy!
AND I got to see Luke Bryan shake it, I mean HELLO! (And let me tell you, if you have never seen him live, DO IT. Homeboy can dance. I'd be lyin' if I said I wasn't standin' there slackjawed a time or two).
And the fact that my husband was so happy and had so much fun made it even better for me!
All acts were amazing, I definitely recommend all of them.
& :-)
My Love & I

Buses & Jason & Luke sightings.
Stadium filling up, Stadium mid-concert & Stadium toward the end of the night.

Thomas Rhett
Jake Owen

During Luke
Luke (Yes, I cheated & took pictures of the screen. :-) )
Time for Jason
Jason & Luke doing "That's The Only Way I Know"
Then this happened, LUDA! He came out to sing "Dirt Road Anthem"

I'll mention that Kelly Clarkson also made an appearance, sort of. Jason sang "Don't You Wanna Stay" and Kelly appeared in the back corner of the stage for get part. Now...a lot of people say it was really her, a lot of people say it was a hologram. I am not sure what it was. But it was still cool.
I don't have a picture of the shirt I bought. But I love it.

And so there it is, weekend 2 of April.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh hey, here's the missing blogger, back on Wednesday of course.

I got my computer back and I'll be damned if the McAfee didn't start giving my troubles...again
Anyway, all should be good now.
*fingers crossed*
So, of course I'm back for what has seemed to become my regular Wednesday post.
So for a little update first. What I thought was strep last week turned out to just be a bad cold, which I still haven't fully gotten rid of, but it's on it way out, I can feel it. Around Friday I became nauseous & had some um,...quick trips to the bathroom for the next day or two. Mother's Day was fantastic even though I was still sick. Since we weren't able to buy our moms anything yet, we all got together at my mother in laws & I cooked dinner for everyone. We had chicken enchiladas, tacos (for my bro & Doug's bro who aren't too into trying new stuff all the time), corn, rice & salads. Everything turned out great & then once my parents & bro left, Doug & I stayed longer and played Phase 10 with my mother- & brother- in-law. Which I dominated in, might I add!
Anyway, about halfway through the day Sunday, Doug started to feel sick. We were both sick on Monday & because I had pounded meds into him, he felt WAY better yesterday. :D & So did I.
My tooth pit still isn't closed by up completely but I'm starting to eat normal again. :D
I think we are getting back to normal!
Hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day!

Robin hasn't posted yet today so I'm not sure if I Can't Believe... is happening or not, but I know she has a lot on her mind/plate at the moment so that's more than okay. And, she can still be positive, like talking about the things that make her happy & that my friends is why we love her so much! :-) If you haven't met Robin, you should.

 I can't believe... all the trouble my computer has given me.
I can't believe... the week I've had with sickness.
I can't believe... that our anniversary is creeping up on us.
I can't believe... how much money Doug & I spent last week, ouch.
I can't believe... I haven't eaten (ate?) anything yet. Should probably get on that!

Well, last week I had said how my hubs & I started on 2 workouts, but then I went to the dentist and that put me outta commission for a couple of days. WELL, we didn't pick back up until yesterday.
Once I started getting better, he go sick. You can call it an excuse or not, I don't care. When I feel shitty, I don't wanna do anything, he's the same way.
ANYWHO! As I said we picked back up yesterday & we did the same 2 workouts. We were both ready for it. We started over in the crunch challenge since we had one done one day of it. So,...yeah, there's that.
So I'll just get to the weigh in.

Last Week: 160.1
This Week: 156.7
Down:  3.4

Of course I'm happy to see this, but I'm also realistic. The diet called "Get A Tooth Pulled & Not Eat Regularly" works, but I don't recommend it. I have also gone a week & day (but who's counting?) without Mountain Dew- because I've had to avoid drinking out of straw. That will change, as soon as I'm comfortable using a straw that sweet taste will be mine again. I want it in my mouth...
As I said before, I'm finally starting to eat normal again. My first complete meal was Mother's Day & I've been pretty okay on eating since. 
Realistically, I won't be surprised if this number goes back up a little, of course I'd like to see it stay or go lower, so we'll see which way it goes. :)

Also I just want to bring to attention something.
As a SAHW, I watch Katie almost every day. I think everyone should watch the episode that came on yesterday. It's about hidden a eating disorder (not anorexia or bulemia) but it's called "Disordered Eating." And it talks about just being obsessed with food and what you eat & calories & worrying about how much you eat, how much you need to workout to counter act that and blah blah blah. I really think a lot of women fall into this category & don't even know it. It talk about other things too, healthy snacks, the way women view themselves, etc. It was just a really good episode for women. I definitely think that if you have the time, watch it for sure! It's one of those that will make you think about it and if it applies to you, etc. And, again, I think it will apply to lots of women.
The link below is to the site, you can find the videos there. It breaks it up into different videos, but maybe you can search around and find the entire episode in one video! :)
Could you have a hidden eating disorder?

Happy Humpday!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Guess who's back, back, back...

back again, gain, gain
Shady's back, back, back
tell a friend...

I should be able to get back to business as usual now.
My beloved computer has come back to life.
I actually got it back on Wednesday, but I spent Thursday sleeping most of the day away.

I'm still recovering from having my tooth pulled.
On top of that I'm still sick.
Miserable is an understatement,
but I've tried keeping my spirits high.
Hopefully this will all go away soon!
I really just want this hole in my mouth to close up so I can eat!
Tuesday all I ate was grilled cheese before the dentist.
Wednesday all I ate was ice cream and I think a pack of gummies.
Thursday I snacked around. A couple of crackers, some gummies, and I actually ate a burger. Did I enjoy it? No, I was too busy trying to make sure I didn't get it near the whole. Basically swalloing most things whole right now. lol but hey, it's food on my stomach, right?!
It's driving me nuts seeing everyone at home eating these damn delicious suppers & I'm over here all helpless & coughing my head off. lol
Okay enough complaining. 

Doug said he would take me out to eat once I was healed & all better. Not sure if he's still talking about Taco Bell or something more, haha!
There is now officially less that one month until our anniversary!

I have NOOO clue what to get my mom & Doug's mom for mothers day.
We're both clueless.
I think I'm just going to ask them what they want, that way I know they'll like or use it.

What are you all getting for your mother & your mother- in- law?

I feel like I'm a bit rusty with blogging. Bear with me.
But that's about all I got for ya right now.

Okayyyy. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's time to weigh in and I just wanna eat!

Lemme tell you something. I am SO hungry. I want Taco Bell, Sbarro's, Chicken tacos, a hamburger, some hot fries, a milkshake, a mountain dew, some French fries, a steak. Y'all I just want food. Solid food! I haven't eaten anything since before noon yesterday & I am STARVING! I'm about to break into some ice cream though. Looking forward to getting back to normal, hubs said he'd take me to get some Taco Bell, d'awwww!

I can't believe... the week I've had! Ay-yi-yi! Last Wednesday I got a toothache, by Friday a knot had formed about the troublesome tooth & I had to wait until Monday to call around to dentists. I have a fear of dentists so it was a bit overwhelming. I had no luck Monday. So, Tuesday I called 2 other offices to get prices & made an appointment. I went in yesterday at 130 & left by about 2:45 or 3 with one less tooth. She wanted to pull it because it was a pretty big infection from the way she talked. I was fine with that because it's been broken for years. In all honesty it should have been gone forever ago. Bad dental care on my part. (I've always had bad teeth.) Anywho! So I'm leaving the dentist and I start to feel my throat becoming raw, and wouldn't you know I woke up today with what I'm pretty sure is strep. Thank God the dentist gave me antibiotics for the infection in my mouth cause now it will help with my throat, assuming it's strep. So yea...haha.

I can't believe... I've been able to stay in as much of a positive state as I have with all of that going on. Like, I feel fine mentally. haha, but physically I'm hurtin'.

I can't believe... how lucky I am to have the hubby that I do!

I can't believe... my mind is so blank...well actually I can. Pain medicine.

I can't believe... how behind I am on blog reading, especially Erin Disney trip. Gonna go catch up on that now!

Well alrighty, it's that time again.
Husband and I have been wanting to walk -outside- but it rained here from about last Tuesday or Wednesday til Monday. Super ridiculous. (Lake Lanier is above full pool again! -silver linings, folks.)
Last week, Wednesday I think it was, I bought a big ball & a jump rope! And on Saturday night we checked prices for a new backboard & rim for the basketball goal up at his moms. We're gonna replace the old one so that we can play around whenever we're up there, & it'd be something my brother in law can do outside, too. I spent last Thursday or Friday...I don't remember... printing out some of my workout pins. I bought a binder and sheet protectors & bam! We have a workout binder.
Monday we both decided to try some workouts. We only did 2 different ones.
This one:
I'm kinda sad though because we're already off track with this. Monday was day one, yesterday was day 2, but we didn't do it because...well when you get a tooth yanked out you don't always wanna workout afterwards. It's not an excuse, it's just the reason we didn't do it, but it'll be okay. We'll just pick up day 2 soon. :) I wonder how far we can get in it. lol
And then we did part of this one:
We cut out the push ups & crunches. The push-ups because we were working in limited space & crunches because we did the first day of the crunch challenge first. We did it all though, from 10 to 1 of the jumping jacks, squats, and jump ropes....and we are still feeling it mainly in our thighs.
And like I said we didn't do anything yesterday.
All in all, I'm proud of us, still truckin' along.
Doug said that after the crunch challenge he expected to look that that picture. LOL! He crayyzay.
All that said, my weight is just slowly falling little by little.

Last Week: 160.9
This Week: 160.1
Down: .8

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. :)

Is blogger being a jerk to anyone else today? It's just not wanting to do right for me. I'm not sure if the links attached to the picture for the link ups. If not, I'm sorry!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hey hey hey...

It's Faaaaat Albert.

Okay not really.

I'm still alive. Closer to having my computer back. Hopefully by the end of the week. *fingers crossed*

Ready for some randomosity...(?) lol

--I had a great weekend. Celebrated my Daddy's 51st birthday with the family & house sat for my mother in law.
--I've had a toothache since about Wednesday I think.
A bump or knot formed above a problem tooth which of course scared me & basically forced me to suck it up and face my dentist phobia. I have an appointment today at 1:30. Scared would be an understatement. I'm hoping she's not a bitch & she won't scare me away from the dentist for another almost 10 years because I have a mouth full of mess that needs to be worked on BAD! Back on topic though, I hope this little bump is just nothing & it either treatable or will go away on its own.
--It has been raining her for a week. A WEEK! Until today, so nice to see sunshine & blue skies!
--I'm almost a month out from mine & hubs anniversary. This one is a big deal for me.
I also realize that I haven't really ever talked too much about our relationship or wedding. I might pepper May with a few stories about it leading upto my anniversary. Of course, it all depends on getting my damn computer back.
--You'll also be seeing me talk about April for the first handful of posts. Dang it! I'm about 7 months into blogging, & I hate when I can blog when I want to!
--I got a lamp for my bedside table! Big deal right there! haha. I don't think I've had a lamp in forever...(if ever...) it's always been a fish tank. So, I'm happy to have a lamp. lol
--Can we talk about how ridiculous Kailyn was on the Teen Mom 2 check-up last night?
--Anyone heard about the High School in Georgia that's under scrutiny because of the 2.5 hour student led prayer session??? Yea that's my high school. I'm proud of those students, my husbands cousin was actually one of the ones who was saved during it. I'm not overly religious & I get why people are saying it shouldn't have happened -kinda-...but in the same sense if you're needing direction & seek it from a teacher, there is nothing wrong with that. & there was no student there who didn't have permission to be there. The news gets shit twisted. As we all know.
--I'm stalling from getting ready, as if that is a good idea...
--I'm happy.
WOAH, what?! ;)
--I will be back tomorrow for weigh in Wednesday & to tell some of the things that I just can't believe...


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

Well well, here we are again.
I can't believe it's already May.
I can't believe how busy April turned out to be.
(but I'm so happy it was!)
So, ya know. The weigh in thing....
I'm still just walking right now.
Doug & I are going to try some couples workouts.
I have a pin that links to some of them, so I'm gonna print 'em and see what he thinks.
He has been walking and using our workout machine/station for his arms and legs.
So, he's definitely still with me on this "journey".
Only he's doing better. haha.
Anywhoooo, I honestly don't have more of an update right now.
Last week: 161.4
Today: 160.9
Down: .5
That's all I got for you today.
Happy Humpday!
Get you some! ;)
sorry so short. still borrowing a computer to blog. merp, herpa, derp derp!