Monday, July 7, 2014

Worrying gets you nowhere...

But really....
Yet I'm such a worrywart. I always have been.
There have been a couple of things that I push aside so I don't contantly think/worry/dwell on them. (for example, our TTC situation). And then there are the "pop-up" or unexpected things that make you worry.
Right now? Well, right now I'm worried about a little bit of all of it.
There's just a lot at once right now.
The baby thing, then something unexpected (which is also health related & at the moment has me worried the most), on top of everything that I need to do or help do this month (showers & birthday parties to plan), plus some changes comin', not enough time for things.
My brain hurts...or maybe that's just a headache...wait..that's the same thing.
See? It's mush.

My unexpected issue isn't anything I want to talk about at the moment. It could be nothing, or it could be a bigger issue. I'd rather just wait and see what is said about it first.
In the mean time, if you're a praying type of person, please kind of say a little one for me. Or if you're not, send me good vibes. I try not to ask for prayers for myself too often, but right now my anxiety is sky rocketing & I'm just not able to clear my mind of all of the worries.
Even though I know that worrying does nothing for me, I still sit here on the verge of tears feeling confused and scared.

It really sucks. I shouldn't feel like this.
This is my birthday month, hell, this is my birthday week...I'm supposed to be in a better mood. I'm really hoping that by the time this is posted in the morning, that I can be in a better frame of mind.

Sorry that my first post in FOR-EV-ER is like this.
I'm just trying to clear my mind a little bit.