Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's My Age Again?

Is it even relevant?
(yes, it some cases)
But, I mean, really?
Back in December, right before Christmas, I was Christmas shopping with my mother in law &
I saw this sign. I should have bought it, but didn't.
I loved it. I stood there and stared at it for a few minutes. I even looked at the price.
I'm actaully tempted to make the trip back down to Cumming to see if it's still there.
Which I doubt.
But I would love to have it in my house.

I'm going to sound like a major hypocrite with this post,
because I am definitely one to look at someone and say (or think)
"How old are you?" or "Why don't you try acting your age?"
Some people just take it wayyy overboard and you really do just have to look at them and wonder
"How fucking old are you?!"
Because, a lot of the time, people do choose inappropriate times to turn into a kid.
Or to turn into a baby (if they're already a kid).

Now back to my first point.
I'm 24.
But I act a whole variety of ages.
I'm not joking...
It depends on the day!

I'm a whiny baby.
I'm more mature than my momma.
I'm a 14 year old girl who gets giddy at the sight of a cute boy.
(let's be clear here, this only pertains to celebs/musician. I am married, ya know.)
I'm a punky, "rebel" of whatever the hell age I want to be.
I'm a wise old owl... that's an get my point.
I'm the voice of reason.
I'm the person who needs the voice of reason.
I'm achy, and run down.
I have more energy than I have sense.
I'm a hormonal emo teen/young adult who hates the world and everyone in it.
(aw, hell, adults are like that too)
I'm a normal twenty-something year old who is just going about her day.
(My normal that is, which is far different from everyone elses)

But the one constant in all of that,
is that I am always

No, I will not grow up!
No, I will not "act" my age.
No, I will not stop making jokes.
No, I will not stop giggling.
No, I will not stop playing kid games.
No, I will not stop farting and laughing at it.
No, I will not always suck it up when something doesn't go my way.
No, I will not stop dreaming, ever.
No, I will not let life knock me down. (or I'll try not to anyway)

I'm not saying to always throw caution to the wind and act like a total D-bag. Or throw a fit in the middle of Walmart, or Target, or wherever your drug of choice may be. Or to be totally immature just 'cause you can.
I'm saying, common sense, if you possess it, kinda tells you how you should act; and a good upbringing is a major contributor to that.
What I'm saying is, some times/days it's okay to not act like that! 
It's in the timing.
I you don't heed any of what I'm saying an apply it to yourself, apply it to other people.
I'm mainly referring to adults with this.
(because let's face it, when you have an almost 10 year old acting like a 4 year old...just, no. Stop it. Act right because that shit isn't cute.)

Say you're at a concert & there are a group of people hootin' and hollerin'. More than likely it's just innocent fun. Well, instead of turning your nose up at it, smile/laugh & hell holler with 'em!

Or if you're at the aquarium waiting on the dophin show to start & a group of people start doing the wave in the audience, don't sit like a knot on a log when it gets to you. You get off you heiny-ho and ride that wave!

Or say your husband is acting like a kid. Let him, for about 5 minutes & then you can whip his ass back into shape..
lol, okay I was kidding with that one!

It's perfectly okay to have fun, within reason.
Growing up doesn't always have to be a ba-hum-bug thing.
If you like to snob around and act your age and never laugh and well whatever else it is that you do.
That's awesome for you. I applaud you...a little
But don't walk around thinking that everyone else is going to have a stick shoved up their ass too.
I know I definitely won't, that's a one-way street, exit only.

I'm serious when it's needed. I know how I'm supposed to act.
And when I need to, or am expected to, I usually do act right.
But if I know I don't have to act that way or any certain way, I probably won't.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
For me, it really does depend on the day.
Which is why when you're reading my Sissy Fits, one day you'll see me talk about having a baby and next I may talk about how fudgicles (fudgesicles) look like frozen poop.
(If you don't know what that line is from, then you're crazy, j/k ask & I'll show you.)
I don't wanna grow up! ;)

And because I am forever obsessed with music, I'm leaving you with this gem.
Because it inspired my title, & who doesn't love it?! 


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