Thursday, October 2, 2014

October, Blogtober...

So, I haven't been around these parts in a whole month. & My last post was a rant about my job, I think...
(By the way, the day after that post, I put in my 2 weeks notice. Officially unemployed again for 2 weeks (& a day) now.)
But anywho,...
Helene is co-hosting a month-long link up, basically, and all you have to do is blog everyday in October, they even give you blogging prompts. So, I'm going to try to participate.
And by try, I mean that I will probably skip a few days/prompts. I believe that a persons state of mind effects what they say (write) & some of the prompts will just have to be overlooked by me at this point in time. Because really, who wants to read too much Debbie Downer stuff as part of a link up?
Any way, if you'd like to link up, do it! Go here to see the blog prompts & join in. :-) 

Now, I missed yesterdays prompt because..One Direction & 5 Seconds of Summer...& yes, that's a legitimate excuse. ;-) (& I didn't pre-type a post) But, because it is something that I like to think about pretty often, I'm going to cover it now along with today's topic...

Day 1
If I won the lottery, I would.....

First and foremost...
I would probably keep it on the DL & tell only a few people (our parents)...or maybe not even tell anyone. I almost think I would go into hiding until I could figure out how to go about it all. And even then, I still don't know who I would feel comfortable telling.

I would buy my husband & I a chunk of land & then we could proceed to start designing and building our dream home. (I think the key here, is being smart and buying something that you can afford year after year...talking about land & property taxes, etc...just because you can afford to pay for something up front doesn't mean there won't be any kind of payments in some way -not including monthly bills, that's a remember that.)
I used to say I would buy his dream car, my dream car and then a few practical/everyday vehicles (& truck and an SUV for us)...but I teeter with that. Because that would be at least 5 or 6 least.

I would help some family (both of ours) that need it & a friend or two. I might not be able to do anything major for anyone (of course it all depends on the amount of money I win), but if I could help relieve some stress in their lives to help them breathe easier, I probably would.

I would encourage my husband to not quit his job on a whim, but to take bit of a sabbatical so that we could enjoy some other things in life & so he can be refreshed. I may even still look for a part time job myself.

I would honestly probably plan a few trips for the two of us & a few family trips & also a few friend trips. Destinations? Maybe our trek across the UK & Ireland, a US road trip, Disney, Vegas....those are a few that come to mind. I also have a few surprise trips that I would love to take my husband on, but can't...I would definitely do those. He deserves it.

I would splurge on some concerts, and by splurge I mean backstage/meet&greet/front row type of things. There would be a concert fund made. 

I would put some in account for my niece and nephew & brother-in-law.

I would put some away for the future, "retirement" I suppose.

Then, I would put a chunk or two into savings & then research and find out ways to invest. 

I think that's it....there are a few other ideas that float around my mind sometimes but I'll keep those in my mind because I'm not one hundred percent sure about them. :-)

Day 2
Dream job as a child. Dream job now...

I had a few things I wanted to do as a kid.
I remember I wanted to be a lawyer at one point. The idea of being a firefighter popped into my head at one point (my uncle is a firefighter). But I can remember always playing school. Being a teacher was something that I used to want to do (& I'd be lying if I said that I didn't still think about it from time to time).
Photographer is also one that was planted and grew in me.
So, what would I like to do now?
Hmm.. it's hard to say sometimes, because sometimes when I think about it,...I just don't know.
 Being a photographer is still there. I would love to grow and learn even more about it & do soemthing with that. Not sure I would want to be a typical photographer though. (families, weddings, etc...) I wish I could do concert photography or sports photography. I don't know. I would honestly love to shadow a couple of photographers so I can watch them and pick their brains.

I also kind of wish I could do something to do with music. As in love with it as I am, I think..(i think) would love to have a job that involved music somehow....

& That's that. All I got for ya....

Love & Stuff,

The Daily Tay