Wednesday, August 28, 2013

WIW Pop-Up

Weigh IN Wednesday 

Oh hello there.
It's me, Miss MIA.
Could you ever even begin to guess why?
The Internet. Oh yes, the internet.
Sprint was lovely enough to send us a $540 bill Saturday & when my mom checked into it, it turns out they had changed our account, without us knowing. So needless to say we are trying to be minimal with net usage so we don't go over again & looking around for new a ISP.
Speaking of,....who do you have & do you like them?!
Mom was thinking about AT&T Uverse, but we don't know yet. 
Any suggestions?!

I've been trying to think of other ways to workout. Aside from just getting lazy, I get bored with typical routines. I have a lot printed off & in a binder (yep, I have a workout binder), but I want something to change it up a little.
I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, or I think I did, that I was thinking about doing Hip Hop Abs.
(btw, I'm still in the "thinking about" stage of that-lazy ass)
Yesterday at Wal Mart I was just moseying around and decided to walk down the workout isle & saw another dance DVD that caught my eye.
In case you don't know, the Step Up franchise is one of my absolute favorites. I love most dance movies because I love dancing.
So I was thinking that since this one is only about $9, I might try it.
I don't know.
Has anyone else tried any kind of dance workout dvd's and like them?

Last week: 164.2
Today: 164.2
No change.
Week of water is going alright, I've allowed myself to have 1 to 2 dews, so that I wouldn't beat myself up about it should I cave. (IOW: being realistic) Monday & Tuesday I only had 1 Dew, the rest water. I'm reallllly craving it today though, I might have 2.
Week of sleep, well that's a different story. I think sometimes your body knows how much rest you need more than you do. I took Zzzquil Monday night & fought it for a little while trying to watch Teen Mom 3, well I didn't make it to the end, I know I was out before Midnight...which you would think would put me waking up around 8-9. Nope...try 1pm.
So last night I skipped it....last time I looked at the clock before going to sleep was almost 5am...I woke up a little after noon.

I'm super bummed that our internet is still causing issues.
I was so ready to do a VMA recap and shit.
The VMAs actually kind of gave me two potential blog post ideas. So I still may do those.
My weekend was great. The guys went to the hunting club for work weekend & my mom & I spent 2 nights  watching scary movies. I spent some quality time with my hubs on Sunday.
Pretty low key & fabulous.

That's it for today.
Be some point?

Lovins betches!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sleepy Sissy...

I am sleepy.

It's almost 11:30 & I've already hit the 24 hour mark on being awake.
Which means little ole me=delusional. get sleepy brain because I can't be bothered to type up the post I was going to talk about.
Which was just my wishlist.
So that will be saved for next week.

Sleepy Sissy says:

Damn you One Direction. A benefit of my staying Up All Night was that I was able to see their performance on The Today Show. And it was glorious. It made me want to go back to June even more to relive the Atlanta show. Look. I'm so sure you lovely ladies are probably tired of hearing me talk about them, but you are on my corner of the webz...soo.... ;) There were a couple of observations sleepy me made: 1- Someone was holding up an iPad in the audience...a FACKING IPAD. NO. Don't do that. You look dumb. I'm thousands of miles away & I giggled at you & then became annoyed. It's called a camera, invest it in, learn it, love it. 2- The number of fans that looks utterly bored bothered me, also the number of fans that were, I'm sure, tweeting, InstaG-ing, or texting bothered me also. You're a free mini-concert with your "favorite" artist performing. WHATERYOUDOING?!  Whatever. Betches. I'm convinced that I can't be held responsible for the way I feel when I see 1D, Harry Styles in particular. His voice was so rugged, and raw today. ohmahlawd. Like, I have legitimately tried to fight the way I feel. I'm 25 & can assure you I'm happily married. But that boy leaves me with sexual frustration like you wouldn't believe. (Sorry Doug, should you ever see this) They make me feel like a teenager, it's like reverted back to those days when you see someone and it makes you all giddy & you grin ear to ear, and melt when they speak -er sing-, etc etc... Mom's a good sport for sitting through it. lol
Of course there were adult conversation moments like "I wonder how much school these kids miss for stuff like this" etc. & Mom did said that David Beckham was pretty (there was a David Beckham ad that they showed) So...yea..that's that....

I've been thinking about one of my old dogs lately. For the past maybe 3 or 4 days & I'm not entirely sure why. Her name was Princess, and she passed away entirely too early. I don't have a picture on hand or I'd post it. But as if thinking about & missing her wasn't bad enough, my ass decided that watching Frankenweenie for the first time in the middle of the night was a good idea. Warning: slight spoiler if you haven't watched it. Damn you, Frankenweenie. I bawled. I'm actually still not sure how I feel about it. Princess got hit by a car (same way Sparky died)..instatears. My heart broke. DAMMIT. And then he's brought back & then dies AGAIN (instatears again) & then is brought back...but was bad timing. Even though I probably would have cried anyway, I think I cried way more because I had Princess on my mind.

I've been kind of  "off" this week. Everyone can tell. I've worried Doug to the point where he thinks it's him/us that's the issue. Not the case. Just an overall off-ness. I also blame Aunt Flow. That bitch. That fuckin' bitch. I'm sure you don't want to know, but Bitch declared internal warfare on my body earlier this week & I'm just now starting to recover. Not only was it not time for it, but it was fucking brutal. BRU-TAL. & I've just not been feeling anything, or really anyone. I hate feeling that way. I feel bad for feeling that way...which is counterproductive...feeling bad on top of feeling bad? Yea, no good. So I've kept to myself for the most part. Hoping that turns around though. PLEASE GO AWAY!

I kind of want to issue a little challenge to myself. Week of Water & Week of Sleep. What's that? Well, I kind of want to try to drink only (or 95%) water for a week. FYI: I inhale Mountain Dew, it's my drug. I hate going without it. HATE it! But, I do love water (& tea & koolaid & juices). But I want to try to cut it down just a I figured try a week of water..why a week? Cause it's not that freakin' long. Week of sleep? I'm a self proclaimed insomniac & a night owl. I do sleep, usually, around 7-8 hrs a night. But I sleep at different times. Which, technically is fine for me. But I'd like to re-adjust it a bit & at least try to wake up around 8am-ish, or 9am and feel rested, rather than anywhere from 10:30am-1pm. Why? Idk, I just want to. Plus if I can get a job, it will be helpful to have semi-"normal" hours. it is, posted here for accountability, folks. Bout to make ZzzQuil & water my friends...we'll see how I can do... (even though I stayed up all night last night, I was asleep by at least 10:30pm Wednesday night & woke up at around 10:30 am yesterday I got 12 hrs..aka too

But...on Sunday, I don't think I can start the sleepy Sunday...or maybe I can. Sunday is the VMA's. I gots to watch the VMA's. I have to see 1D & I HAVE to see if NSYNC is actually gonna perform (I read somewhere that Lance himself said that it was just a rumor, so we'll see). Are any of you going to watch? Anyone planning to live tweet? I might, not sure. @bnb03 is me.

According to Peter & Cynthia, RHOA should be returning Late October! AHHHH! YAY!

EXCITING FRAMING HANLEY NEWS! There is a release date for their new album. FINALLY!
IG: FramingHanleyBand
We've been waiting for over a year. It's overdue, but I know it's going to be 100% well worth the wait. I already have 3 songs, & have heard a couple live, I know it's good stuff. I'm so stoked for our FHamily & anyone that's a FHan. And above that I'm so happy for and proud of those boys. I'm still devastaed that the bassist decided to leave, but I hope they find a good stand-in. I can't say replacement. No one will ever replace Luke, but they have to have a bassist. But they sacrifice so much time and energy to do this. They've had to hold down other jobs on top of trying to do this, on top of being family men (they're all married/engaged & 1's a father of 2 & 1's a soon-to-be in a few week! EEK!) Anyway, they deserve it. As excited as I am, I'm also a bit nervous. My stomach is gonna fall out of my ass when I get that email about the music video. Makes me nervous now just thinking about it. Anyway, check out my favorite band. It's rock/alternative whatever the fack you want to call it, it's good. Their Twitter is @FramingHanley. If you want song suggestions, ask me, I'll point you to some I think most people should like. (Seriously, if you like music, give them the time of day, if you listen to the right song, I think you'll like them.)

That's IT! I have got to try to take a nap, or at least rest a little bit, before I decide what I'm doing with my afternoon/evening/night. Got my day started good with being able my husband after he woke up & then see him off to work. And then got to see my British beau perform on TV. I am good-to-go. I just want a Mt.Dew...but I'm gonna hold of for now. I brought a bottle of water to bed! YAY!
Bee-tee-dubs, that water/sleep thing will start Monday...because Monday is a wonderful day to start things for some reason. 

Okay I'm done for real this time.
I can't brain today.

I leave you with this. 
It's okay, you don't have to understand it. A lot of people don't.

Excuuuuusseeee my frenchhh today!

TGIF, I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday,...for real!

Lovins, shitheads!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


My internet is working at the speed of a turtle today, so I'm just going to try to knock out a quick WIW.
I've gained almost two pounds.
Probably from eating out so much last week.
It's whatever, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
Hardly being home turned into food at the funeral, which there were no shortage of sweets, and eating out. Dippers Dans made my day the other day & I am not sorry the least bit.
I want it again, right now.

Anywho, I don't have anything to say as far as health or fitness or anything like that goes so, I'm not dragging it out.
I, for obvious reasons, didn't post last Wednesday, but I did weigh in & write it down.

Last week: 162.5
Today: 164.2
Gain 1.7

Womp, womp, womp.

Weigh IN Wednesday 

How does everyone feel about the rumored *NSYNC reunion at the VMAs this Sunday?! 
I'm stoooooked! Totally hope this actually happens! I hate when the rumor mill gets to going with something that everyone wants to happen.

That's about all you get today.
Sorry folks.
I have a full internet connection and it's still just not cooperating.
Be back tomorrow, internet permitting.
If it's not one thing, it's another.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What did I really do?

So, at the end of my post I mentioned that Sunday was a little hard on me as well, aside from the fact that we had just been to a funeral the day before.
Sunday we had a birthday party to go to for my cousin.
My uncle didn't utter the first word to me.
I haven't spoken to him since around Christmas.
As far as I know, he took something I posted on Facebook the wrong way.
(As in he took an indirect kind of post and was certain it was all about him and/or his family)
Argued with my dad about it.
Deleted me & we haven't spoke to one another since. At all -I think-.
So, I knew that going to his daughters party would be a bit awkward.
I left wanting to cry.

But believe it or not that's the second time, just between last Wednesday to Sunday, that I was given the cold shoulder/avoided by a family member that I hold dear to me. 
Thursday , at the funeral home, I noticed when she first arrived, I smiled at her & she smiled back. That was the extent. I actually noticed at one point we were headed down the hall towards each other & she turned and went the other way. I walked outside at one point where my brother, her and some of our other cousins were standing and talking...she walked back in.
My brother even said later that night that she said that "we pissed her off, bad" ("we" being my mom and I)
What I did to her? I haven't the SLIGHTEST idea.
I spoke to her after my birthday, she's actually the person who told me about my Great Aunt being diagnosed with cancer, and that has been the last time I even talked to her. I noticed about 3.5 weeks ago she deleted me (and my mom) on FB. What did I even do to piss her off?! What the hell did my mom even do?
I shouldn't let it bother me so much. And normally it wouldn't.
I guess I just want to know why.
It may not bother me so much if I could just. know. why.

I haven't stepped up and spoke to either one of them, as much as I wanted to, it wasn't the time nor place for either one.

I'm a bitch. Admittedly. Always have been. I'm very opinionated, and I'm pretty openly opinionated.
Sometimes I express my opinions without being asked, most other times I'm mum about it unless asked.
Do I take to FB (or anywhere on the net hello, blog) to rant or express my opinion, of course. So. do. they.
I'm not perfect, I don't claim to be & quite frankly I don't want to be.
I'll also not tell you what you want to hear just because you want to hear it.
If you ask my opinion, I'll try to present it well in order to not hurt feelings too bad.
If I post a general post, there is a reason it's general. It applies to multiple people.
You can get mad at me for talking about an issue that happens to also pertain to you.
Trust me, there are many, mannnnyyy posts that I am sure are/have been about me.
I get it.
Hell I don't know.
I'm just racking my brain wondering what the hell it is that I even did. More so to my cousin.
I basically know what pissed my uncle off. But my cousin? At this point in time, I'm clueless.

As I said it shouldn't be bothering me & most days I don't even think about it. But this weekend, with both of them having the opportunity to turn a cold shoulder, it bothered me.
And then, also on Sunday, my brother blamed something that was his fault on me & that did me in. I was so ready for Monday. I'm so glad it's a new week.

It's really hard when friends upset you.
It even worse when family does.
And it's even more worse when it's family that you are closer with.
Anyone else have this issue?

Just clearing my mind.

Happy Tuesday and stuff.


Monday, August 19, 2013

Never easy letting go...

You know that feeling of extreme guilt?
Where you have no excuse for something that you just happened,
but you feel bad about it.
And then something worse happens, to where you can't make it up, ever.

I told you all about a month ago that my Great Aunt -my mom's Aunt- was at the hospital for pneumonia & ended up being diagnosed with cancer. It was everywhere.
She passed away Wednesday morning at about 7:35am. Exactly a month after being diagnosed.
I got up, got ready & went to her house, where my mom was. And spent the morning over there until the funeral home came and removed her. I don't think I have ever really saw my Granny cry, but seeing her sister wheeled out on a gurney broke her a bit & that was hard for me to see.
Mom and I came home & she went to bed because she had been awake all night & I made cornbread and just kind of sat there, thinking.
The last half of my week was spent at the funeral home & the funeral was Saturday.

Dora Mae was my next door neighbor for the first 10 years of my life.
So many of my childhood memories were at her house.
Eating biscuits. Cornbread. Anything, she always fed whoever was at her house.
Playing with my cousins.
Watching soap operas.

My guilt stems from not seeing her much at all after we moved.
We only moved across the highway, maybe 5 minutes away (if even).
Granted for about 6 years it was out of my hands, being as I couldn't drive, but after that what was stopping me? I feel bad for not popping in and seeing her periodically. The fact that I visited her more in the past month than I have in the past I don't know how many years is pathetic, to me.
I know I shouldn't be beating myself up this much, it's not about me. But sometimes you can help but hold that bit of guilt. I just hope that she knew that I loved her. I know I was able to tell her several times in the last month, but I just hope that she really knew and felt it. I hope she was able to feel the love from everyone, because there was a lot of it.
Something else that makes me sad is when something like this brings families together. It's such a bittersweet thing. You get to see people you haven't seen in years, but it's for the wrong reasons. Meeting new people, becoming reacquainted with others.
Like I said, bittersweet.

Anyway, that's what has been going on most of last week and into the weekend. That's why I've been pretty MIA (esp. on here)...yet again.

But here I am.
I am actually glad it's Monday. I welcome it. Last week was hard, yesterday was even hard on me, but I won't get into that in this post.
I'm ready for this week. I need to find a bit of a pick-me-up, I don't want to slip back into my hole too deep.

So, Happy Monday, folks.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A buck for your junk...

No, no, I'm not talking about a strip club.

I'm talking about all the shit that takes up room in your, well, room.
And then there are the clothes in your closet.

See, I have a problem with getting rid of things.
I'm a pack rat.
But I want need to get rid of a lot of the useless, non-sentimental, stuff.
But, you see. I also like money.
Most of stuff is taken care of, and there are somethings that I can't help but think, I couldn't probably get a few dollars out of this.
Same with clothes. I have a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans that I bought in 7th or 8th grade (12-13 years ago) and NEVER wore. Surely I could get about $5 or $10 out of those right? Or my pair of Abercrombie jeans that I bought in 7th or 8th grade that I only wore once. Another $5 maybe. I mean, shit, I paid upwards of $30-$40 a piece for them. and even the non-name brand stuff that I've already decided I can part with, it's in good condition, some of it was also never wore. I'm not unrealistic. I know I can take a whole box of clothes in and walk out with a very small amount of money, which would be fine.
When I was a teen, I had an issue with giving a lot of my clothes away to be hand-em-downs because I was always the kind of person who didn't want someone to get something that was good & then ruin it right away. I know, it's kind of an unreasonable thing to think that, but it has stuck with me, and I'm kind of the same way still. So, I've always figured, try to make a little change($) from it.
The two main issues are, one: thrift shops & retail boutiques are so picky -and I get it- and two: have you tried selling anything on those damn FB yardsale pages. Pain in the ass. I'm unsuccessful at it. It's annoying.

And then there is the other end of the spectrum where you can just donate everything. I know it's good & I know a lot of people can possibly benefit from it.
I've leaned more towards that, until recently. I feel like that is still the option I'll end up doing just because it's the easier one.

So what would you do? (Or what have you done?)
Try to get a few bucks for your stuff or just set it out & never look back?

My weekend was pretty good.
I had a bad night Friday.
But Saturday was good other than a text message I received.
I spent the day with my aunt, her daughter & her other niece.
We were in Atlanta from 1pm to Midnight for Justin Bieber.
We stood out where the tour buses park from the moment we got into the city til about 6 or 6:30 JUST to try and get a glimpse of JB. (that's approximately 5 hours) No such luck. We did see a lot of his team and dancers. And we saw the two opening acts, Cody Simpson & Ariana Grande.
The show itself was great. Cody & Ariana both are actually pretty dang good. Ariana makes me think of Mariah Carey, kind of. And then of course Justin. Oh, Justin. He can still make a girl swoon. haha. I first saw him 3 years ago, when he was still relatively new. It was his first tour and all & he was good. Saturday night he showed that he's still got it. I'm just glad he was on time. haha. I was kind of bummed that he only had one special guest. The first time we saw him he had 3 or 4 special guests. This time, only one. He ended the night with the song "Baby" which Ludacris has a part in, so being that we were in the A, of course Luda came out and performed his part. (That makes the 2nd concert this year that I have been to where Luda was a special/surprise guest!)
As soon as the show was over, we ran right back to where we were before the show (at the tour buses) & watched everyone leave. lol My Aunt and I still didn't see Justin (we weren't standing with the girls, we let them stand down by the fence with the other Beliebers by themselves) but they did get to see him a little, so that's what counts. We did see his mom, little brother & little sister. & of course a lot of his crew, entourage and dancers.

All in all it was good night. I got home around 2am.
Sunday was spent sleeping a majority of the day, lounging the rest of it & watching the Teen Choice Awards.
Yes, I watched them. Yes, I watched just for 1D. And yes, I got to see my British boyfriend twerk (I think he regretted it immediately, lol.)
Lea Michele made me cry because she talked about & dedicated her award to Cory (the Glee cast also dedicated the cast award to Cory). I'm sure you can find a video on YouTube if you're interested.
It was an okay show. Seemed a little bit unorganized. And the performances were off. Like when 1D performed two of the mics were either turned down (or turned off), same for FL/GA Line & Nelly, there seemed to be a mic issue. Or maybe the sound people were just not on their game. I don't know. But whatever.

That was it, that was my weekend.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend. What did you do? 

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Missing my bestest.

So, that nice bubbly-ish post yesterday?
I came unhinged about oh,..mayybbbe an hour after posting it.
Have you ever went from relatively happy, or okay, to hyperventilating & crying.
It's crazy. You don't want to. You'll feel crazy.
And I did, feel crazy.

It's not a good feeling at all to drive away from your best friends house knowing that in a couple of days they are moving. Out of state. 7 hours away.
It's not a good feeling to look over as you leave, and see that your mom is crying too.
This happened to me. 12 years ago.
Less than a week before we were supposed to start 8th grade.
I'll never forget being on the bus, headed to school on the first day, and seeing her step-dads van at the store & knowing that he was leaving. That was it.

My best friend, the girl I was attached at the hip to since 5th grade, had to move. And I really don't think I have been the same ever since.
It sucks. Every day.
I really do believe a piece of me left when she did. Firmly believe that.

We used to write letters. More like short stories. I miss that.
We don't get the luxury of meeting up for lunch/dinner.
We don't get to have double dates.
We don't get to go to each others house to eat, drink, talk, hang out, be lazy, whatever.
We don't get to talk on the phone much.
We don't even get to text that much.
It hurts.

Life gets in the way happens. I understand that. We've grown up, I understand that. We're, in a lot of ways, in two different worlds- it seems.
I hate not being able to clear my mind or rant to her. I hate that she's not able to do the same when something is bothering her. I hate that we don't get to be crazy together. No more dancing in the black light. No junk food eating & talking.

I'm extremely thankful that our friendship has overcome the distance. We're still just as close as we used to be, just miles apart. I'm the God Mother of her kids & I wish I could see them more. I miss her mom and stepdad, as they are basically my second parents. I miss her sister. I miss them.
We still see each other at least once a year, even if it's just for 3 days.
It definitely makes the time we get to see each other more precious.
But even that's not enough sometimes.
But the distance still wears you down.

I feel like I sound selfish.
Just remember the next time you get to meet up with your closest friend for whatever reason, that I can't do that. Then you imagine not being able to do that & you'd know a smidge of what I feel.

It's always on my mind. Missing them. But sometimes it's really, really harder than other times. I've been struggling with it a lot this week. It's bad.

I just want my best friend back.
In person.
I wish that wasn't too much to ask.


Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Friiidayyy (in case you didn't know)..

And I've got nothin!
I'm in a good mood but I don't have the slightest idea for a post to type up quickly.
So, naturally...
I'm just gonna RAMBLE.

Anyone see the game last night? Anyone? Anyone?
Welp, My Falcons lost, which meant My Bengals won.
Now tell me that's not a bit confusing!
It's like "booo," but "yayyy."
I know the Magness couples & Jessica were happy! ;-)

I just had to keep saying, "it's only preseason" & it's "mainly second string" for my boys.
Preseason is good, good to see where there strengths & weaknesses are.
Ours seemed to be mainly offense.
So...yea. They should work on that.

Atleast my Broncos won! I didn't get to "watch" it.
I had to keep up w/ it online.
But they won. I'll take it.
This was my night last night.

2 outta 3 ain't bad, especially since 2 of the 3 were up against each other, haha.
Lions play tonight. I'll have to "watch" it online too.

How did your team(s) do last night (if they played)??

I don't know why I'm in such a good mood today. I think it's because I'm pushing a lot down, which kind of forces a good mood in a weird way. I got some bullshit that's bothering me, that shouldn't be. And, I do have a lot of baby junk on my mind. I'm sure I'll need to let that out soon before I drive myself crazy.

It's been 3 years, to the day, since I first saw Justin Bieber in concert. 8-9-10.
And I'm seeing him again tomorrow! Woop, woop!
I'll fully admit 2 things...
1- I've been a bad JB fan in the sense that I don't know a lot of songs off of his latest album...cause I never bought it. Oopsie.
& 2- I would give my ticket away in a heartbeat if I could see One Direction again. I got it bad. I really do. Damn you, Harry.
But, it's setting in that I'm going & I am excited now!
Even with all the wild things he's been in the news for, I'm still goin'.
His ass just better not go Diva (or dickhead) and be showing up late to the show.

Sunday will probably be leisurely. Doing a lot of nothin'!

Well, my lovelies. I need to get some cleaning done.
I thought to myself, I'ma post a song...Cayla & Karla among others do the "Back That Azz Up" thing often & I've wonder why I haven't, being as obsessed with music as I am, so I decided I would today. I figured whatever is playing on my MP3 by the time I'm finished rambling is what I will
here you go! ;-)

It's the Things You Do by 5ive on Grooveshark

The next two are:
Same Ol G by Ginuwine on Grooveshark

The Anthem by Good Charlotte on Grooveshark

What are your plans for the weekend?!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Preseason Kickoff

Rise Up, Falcons.

Tonight two of my teams kickoff, against each other. Falcons & Bengals at 8:00
Denver kicks off at 9:00 against 49ers.

And Detroit kicks off Friday at 7:30 against the Jets.

I am SO ready.

But thats also causing nerves to kick in.
I get too so nervous during football season.
I'll want to talk shit SO bad, but I try to refrain from too much unless I'm exchanging banter with someone.
The truth is, you NEVER know how your team is going to do.
Both of my number one teams (Falcons & Dawgs) are coming off of great seasons last year, but that doesn't always guarantee a repeat.
You know what I mean?
I mean, I have faith.
But it's so easy to make mistakes & fall.
(As with anything in life)

My nerves are building.
I'm updating my score center app.

I'm anticipating the hell out of kickoff for college ball.
I don't even want to get started on that.


Well, I'm guest posting on Sarah's blog today. :-)
It's my first one, be gentle on me.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WIW & happy trails, ew.


First of all, I have a question. Do any of your have, or know anyone who has, that Hip Hop Abs set?!
I've really been thinking about getting it. I mean, I said I wanted to get back into dancing.
Whats a better workout that learning dance moves? If you have it, or know someone who has, let me know what you/they think about it, pretty please.
One person on my facebook said she has it and that some of the moves are tough. Which is typical, I'm sure, and I'm okay with that I suppose. lol It's one of the first workout DVD sets that really looked appealing to me in a while.

I was reading something last night about hair growth, particularly male patterned hair growth on women -face, chest, abdomen, back-, that kinda of gave me a mental boost to lose weight. Embarrassingly I have hair on my belly, think a mans happy trail. You see a happy trail on a man and it's attractive, see a bit of one on a woman it's a little off putting. lol I know many woman have it a little bit, like maybe peach fuzz, but mine is darker hair, it's not "feminine and cute" or anything like that at all. So I HATE it.
I've been thinking of laser hair removal. Have any of you ever had laser hair removal? How good did it work? How painful was it?
Anyway, back to my point. I was reading and searching about it and I was lead to an article about Hirsutism, which is excessive hair growth in women where they normally don't have it. First of all, I'm not Chewbacca or the bearded lady or anything like that, but it sort of fits my little issue. I read the article & it kind of clicked. Maybe I have a mild case. And it pretty much touched on what I have been suspicious of being the issue, that my testosterone levels may be a bit high, which can be caused by many things, including PCOS & being over weigh/ obesity. In turn, being overweight/obese and having higher t-levels (aka hormone imbalance) can also affect getting pregnant, which I already knew. So, if -IF- that is my issue, losing weight might help fix both of those problems. I already knew that losing weight MAY help my ovulation get back on track & up my chances of pregnancy, but this was the first time I even read about the hair thing. You can ead more about Hirsutism here. So, this kind of counts as a bit of a baby update also. Although I have not talked to my doctor about it or anything, I have a gut feeling that this is my issue, the whole hormonal imbalance thing, which I've had that gut feeling for a while. I can't remember what my hormone levels were though, or if we checked them (I'm sure we did). It's be about 8 or 9 months since I've been to the Dr. so I don't remember 100%. I'm not fully trying to self-diagnose or anything, alls I'm saying is it makes sense, for now. haha. Either way, cross your fingers for me.

And now to weigh in...
Today: 163.8
Last week: 163.8
No change. It's not a gain, so I'll take it.

So, now that I've talked about my embarrassing issue, that's all I've got for you today.
I need to get a little cleaning done.

Happy Humpday!
Lovins & stuff!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Odd food combinations...

Gotta love when time to eat rolls around.
Especially when you don't know what you eat.
Happened to me today at lunch time. So then you think, I'll eat some pizza rolls.
Maybe not be the best for ya, but it's quick and easy & you know you'll like it.
Until you see that you only have like 6 or 7 left.
So, what do I do.
Eat them, duh. But it's not enough.
So, eventually I go for a little something more.
As I'm sitting her eating my snack, (don't worry, it's healthy)
I'm thinking about some of the other odd food combinations I like to eat.

Let's see if y'all have ever eaten any of the same things...
(I don't even want to hear how unhealthy any of it is, trust me, I know.)
(all images, except the 2 cell phone pictures, are from

1. Ham & sour cream & onion chips. I'm not talking about the thick chunks or what not, I'm talking the thin sandwich slices. I grew up snacking on this and it just stuck with me. What to do: take a slice of ham, lay it flat. Then take a few chips, crumple them up (or don't, whatever you prefer) and then fold the four "corners" (most are round, but you get my point) in & eat. I can eat a whole (small) pack of ham doing this, easily.

2. Chicken in a Biskit cracker with easy cheese and popcorn. (or just popcorn and easy cheese.) I grew up eating chicken in a biskit crackers with easy cheese, & I love it. But years ago, I decided I wanted to try it with popcorn. It's so good. I even got other people to start eating it. Haha. What to do: take a cracker, top with cheese & then top with about 3 pieces of popcorn (or how ever much you can fit) & eat.

3. Lay's (classic) with ketchup. This one isn't that odd, I know a handful of people who eat this. But I loooove it. And no, the ketchup flavored lays don't count. What to do: you can simply take a handful of chips and either put them in a plate or bowl and just drizzle ketchup over. Or put them on a plate & put ketchup to the side to dip the chips in. Or you can put them in a bowl, drizzle ketchup over & then crush together & eat with a spoon.

4. Lay's (classic) with pickles. I honestly don't know who started me on this, or if I just tried it on my own one day, but I love it. I looove pickles and can drink the juice alone, so I think one day when I was a kid I just decided to dip chips in it. I don't know...but yeah, it's good. And no, same as with the ketchup chips, the dill flavored chips don't count. What to do: Bite of a pickle & chip, eat. Repeat. Repeat. lol. Or, you can dip the chips in the pickle juice. 

5. Peanut Butter and Granny Smith Apples. My mom thinks I'm crazy. "Caramel with apples is better." Nope. Not for this girl. Love me some peanut butter. Although I don't think this one is that odd either. What to do: Dip apple in pb. Simple.
6. Peanut Butter and...grapes! (What I'm currently snacking on.) White grapes in particular. Y'all I just tried this last week. I've been wanting to for a while just because I figured it would be good. Then one of my lovely UK friends was raving about it on Twitter one day & I told her I was thinking of trying it. She recommended it. So I did & it is really good! White grapes have that similar sourness the granny smith apples have, so the peanut butter compliments it. If you like apples & pb, try this at least once. Doesn't require a lot of pb per grape. A dab'll do ya. What to do: get a bowl full of grapes and a large spoonful of pb & just swipe each grape across the pb, enough to maybe cover the tip of the grape. mmmm...
7. Cheese & Doritos (or Lay's BBQ chips) sandwich. I grew up on cheese & lay's chips, but in my teen years I decided to try Doritos on it. Looove. What to do: Make a cheese sandwich, as usual (for me, it's bread & american cheese, with mayo, of course) and then open it back up and put Doritos on each side of the cheese. Same way for the BBQ Lay's. 

What about you?
Ever had any of the things on my list?
Are there any odd or unusual food combinations that you like to eat?
Let me know! I might just try one!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey Monday! This post goes nowhere...

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Not gonna get into a recap.
All we really did was celebrate my nephews 10th & relax.

Today I was just kind of floating around, packing our things up at my mother in laws & I'm finally back home.
It's crazy how being in different places changes your attitude. That feeling of low worth & failure crept back in on me & I'm fighting the blah right now. It's always there, but sometimes it's more prevalent than other times.

So how fun was Erin & Erin's Football link up on Friday?! I found, I think, only ONE fellow Bulldogs fan!
But lots of SEC fans, so that's good.
Speaking of Football.
I really wanna go to the Falcon & Bengals practice tomorrow, but I kind of don't want to go alone, but I have no one to go with. Boo. So we'll see if I go.
First preseason game for us (Falcons) is Thurrrsdayyy & it's against the Bengals, of course.
So that brings us to
3 days til first preseason game
24 days til SEC kickoff -Scar Cocks-
26 Days til Bulldogs kickoff!

Speaking of WooHoo! Tonight is the season finale of RHOC. I hate when my shows end.
But T.I. & Tiny comes back on. (Love my some T.I., in case you didn't know)
Anyone else have a laundry list of shows that they watch at any given time of the year?!

I honestly have no direction that I'm going in this post...just rambling.

I feel like I need to update my about me page or something. Hell, I feel like my whole blog needs a facelift.

I just need something. I don't know what though.

Oh, if you are a Pepsi (or diet pepsi) drinker (or dew & diet dew) and you have any of those codes & aren't interested in keeping/using them, send them my way! I need more pepsi codes than dew cods, but I'll take either! It ends Saturday, so this is the last week. KTHANKS.

And, now I don't know what else to say.

How was everyone's Monday?!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Saturday Down South
I am SO stoked for this Link Up! Are you a football fan also? LINK UP with Erin, Erin & Tiffany and tell everyone about your favorite(s)!

I almost don't even know where to start, so I'm just gonna go based on the areas that Erin suggested.

But I'll start by saying screaming...
I'll start with Pro...
My Favorite Team(s)-yes multiples- & why:
1. Altanta Falcons. Usually growing up, you kinda of are a fan of your states teams by default. Or you're fans of whatever team your parents are. It's no different with me. I'm a Georgia Peach. My teams are the Falcons (the Brave & the Hawks-even though I don't really watch baseball or basketball-). So I have been a Falcons fan forevvaaa! & I wouldn't change a thing about it. I really do love them, and always have (it even shows in my email address, the 32 was the number of my favorite player (at the time) Jamal Anderson, babyyy!) I still have my superbowl shirt from 98.
This the past few years has came closer and closer to the Super Bowl, and even with that they are STILL, STILL underrated as hell. We have some amazing players. Rowdy Roddy, Matty Ice, Tony G, Julioooo Jones,  Kroy Biermann (aka -for all of you reality tv watchers- Kim Zolciaks hubby), among many others. I mean, I bleed red & black (x's two -you'll understand that in a minute-). They've been through controversy, with a certain team member getting in trouble in 2007, and then their coach just up and quit on them before the season was over in 2008. WHOOO DOES THAT?! But they bounced back. With the entering of head coach Smith & new QB Ryan.  Don't count them out just yet. I'm hoping for an amazing year for them! Dirty Bird for Life. Falcons Rise Up!
 My favorite Falcons commercial.
Such Pride we have!

Before I talk about the next couple of teams, I'll be the first to say that bandwagoner fans annoy the piss outta me. Buttt... that is actually exactly how I've come to be fans of these teams.

2. Denver Broncos- This my number 2 team. Initially, I followed my faaaaavorite college player here. I literally cried when he decided to forgo his senior year & enter the draft. In 2009 he was drafted in the first round (12th overall)  by the Broncos & just like that I was a "Bronco fan". I pushed myself to "get to know the team though", so I could be a Bronco Fan instead of just Moreno. Which turned out to be a good thing because got injured, then in a little trouble, and then injured again, poor fella. Now this team has frustrated the shit out of me to no end. I mean they got rid of Kyle Orton (aka their QB) a couple of years ago for that gator ass boy. Yea, everyone's precious Tim Tebow. I'm still trying to figure out why the fuck they thought that would be a good idea. And I literally questioned whether I wanted to cheer for them anymore. Then they finally booted him & got mr Manning! So it all worked out. I always said they Peyton finally grew up from a colt to a bronco! Horse humor, ftw! My most recent frustration is them cutting Willis McGahee. I feel like that was huge mistake, I'm REALLY hoping that doesn't hurt them & that Moreno settles back into his role. Other assets? Of course Peyton, he's been great for us since Te-whatever. Von Miller is great & I LOVE watching him do his little jigs! Champ Bailey, Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas. Oh and their newest asset, which has me sooo much more excited for this season, is that they drafted Tavarres King aka TK!! during the draft. (another college player from my team -same team as Moreno-). I am soooo facking excited that they got him & SOOO ready to see him and Moreno on the same field again! My Moreno! WOO! Go Broncos!

3. Detroit Lions- I followed Matthew Stafford here. Our amazing QB was drafted to the Lions, so naturally we keep up with him & cheer him on. They also have Shaun Chapas and now Kris Durham (both from the same team as Staff). While I admit I haven't gotten to know this team 100% as well as I need to, we still cheer for them. Even though he's [Stafford] been with them for a good number of years now, we are still getting to know the team. They are a great team.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Who Dey?! Who did I follow to this team you ask? AJ Green. LOOOVE him! Was so sad to see him leave us. I just read last week that he will be out for several practices due to a bruised knee, buttt, hopefully will be ready by game time. So that's what I'm really hoping for. And then they obtained Orson Charles during the draft a couple years ago. Huge gain. He was amazing for us during college. There is a bit of still getting to know this whole team that we have to do. We catch as many games as we can (same goes for the Lions) but when you like multiple teams, that can be tough. lol

You know, like I just said, when you like multiple teams it really can be hard to keep up. What makes it harder is that we don't have Sunday Ticket so we can only watch games that are being broadcasts on our local channels or ESPN, we sometmes miss a lot of games. And then there are games that overlap and ugh, it can get challenging! But we do the best we can. We really need to invest in Sunday Ticket though...

Saturday Down South. We love the SEC. Football is a religion. We take it seriously.

There is only one team, ONE, that gets my whole heart.
Nope, it's not the Tide, not the Gay-tors. Scar Cocks? Nope. Not the Vols or Vandy. LSU or The War-Damn-Tiger-Eagles (lol), & no, not Mizzou, the Aggies, or the Razorbacks. Not the Wildcats, or the Rebels. It's the Bulldogs...not to be mistaken for the MSU Bulldogs's the..

The Bulldogs. UGA. DAWGNATION! My Dawgs! Who meet in  Athens, Georgia at UGA at Sanford Stadium, Between The Hedges. Where we love every Ugga (Ugg-uh) that we have ever had & continue to have & we love Hairy Dog just at much. When I said I bleed red and black x's 2, this is why. Both team colors are Red and Black. It run DEEP in my blood. We take pride in our team. The Florida/Georgia game is an event, not a game, it's a big damn deal. This teams is love. Same as with the Falcons, I've been a fan since birth. I get emotionally invested in them. Like I said I cried when My Moreno left. I LOVE watching him. Ah! I'm really hoping we will do amazing this year. Hoping my Gurley Man & Mr. Marshall come out in full force and do just as well as, if not better than, they did last year. The 2 of them were rookies last year and BLEW everyone away. Gurley became the second truefreshman (second to Herschel Walker in 1980) to rush for more than 1000 yards! They (the Dawgs) came so, so, so close to getting to the SEC Champ. game. I really hope they can get there this year. And it's be better if they won. If Aaron Murray could leave college football on that note I'd be on cloud fackin' 20! Hunker down, boys! Who to watch on my team? Welp, our QB is pretty fabulous (Aaron Murray). Todd Gurley & Keith Marshall -aka Gurshall, combination of their names AND a nod to Herschel Walker (on of UGA's GREATESTS) whose number was 34, just so happens that Gurley is number 3 and Marshall is number 4. How crazy is THAT?!-, Michael Bennett, Chris Conley, Arthur Lynch. My biggest frustration with them is MIKE FUCKING BOBO. This little mother fucker needs a knock in the head! He has got to change it up a little bit. Mark Richt (head coach) really needs to step in and be like, "No," But alas, we sit and cuss the hell out of him. And John Theus, baby, I hope you've gotten it together a little more this year. No more false starts and such, please. Look we ain't perfect. No team is, I don't care who you are. We fuck up, sometimes a lot, sometimes more than I would care to admit. But they are an amazing team. We love them. We are sad, but happy, to see players graduate/enter the draft.
To be a fan, a loyal fan, means sticking with them even when they are losing.
Let. me. tell. you.
Doug & I have fought over this. Don't get it twisted, Doug is a lifelong, loyal fan also, but he'll get pissed and discourage REAL quick, and he gets negative. I'm talking  minutes into the game he "knows they are gonna lose" just because they've missed a few plays or something. UM NO! Give it a little more time. When I say we've fought, I mean it. I've had to walk away from him and watch the game in another room. There have been times where by the end of the game I'm just like, "I don't even want to hear you right now." It's serious business here. You would think we loved rival teams, but no, we love the same team.
But we will always be Dawgs. Always. & We're forever Gator Haters. Yellow who? WE RUN THIS STATE!
Dawgs to watch in the NFL: Knowshon Moreno (Broncos), TKUnoDos -Tavarres King (Broncos), Matthew Stafford (Lions), AJ Green (Bengals), Jarvis Jones (Steelers), Alec Ogletree (Rams), Cornelius Washington (Bears), Bacarri Rambo (Redskins), Orson Charles (Bengals), Kris Durham (Lions), Brandon Boykin (Eagles), MoMass Mohammad Massaquoi (Browns), Champ Bailey (Broncos), Akeem Dent (Falcons)...I mean, just to name a few ;) (I may have mentioned some different ones above.)

And a lot of SEC fans, no matter the team you belong to, will cheer for fellow SEC teams. Meaning should your team not make it to a bowl or championship game, but another SEC teams does, you want them to win. You want the SEC to win. But then there are those teams that you just cannot cheer for. Everyone has them.
You catch my drift there, right? ;)

Between the two, Pro & College, we usually prefer college. There is just something about college football in the south that really meshes well. It's synonymous with the south.

But I think we can all agree, college and professional alike, those damn referees are evil little bastards! I really feel bad for them, that's got to be a lot of pressure. Because man, I know how many times I have wanted to ring a refs neck for giving the game to the other team. Biggest pain in my ass!
And another think I don't like is how quickly change comes. I really don't like change. With the NFL you never know if a player you love will be traded or cut. With college you know they will leave in 4 or 5 years time, but you still don't like it. It's like impending doom. And it's even worse when they skip their senior year & go into the draft. You're sad, maybe a little mad, but then again happy to see how they do and where they go. And then injuries, I don't even want to think about injuries.
As for food...
We don't really have a plan when it comes to food for game days. To be honest I'd like to try to become organized enough to have things made at a timely manner and shit, but I'm just not there yet. And, we live in the south...flies like our food too, a lot. Leave stuff sittin' out too long & we'll... haha We do the typical wings &/or pizza & beers. Chips and dip. Sometimes burgers & fries. It really depends, but we don't do anything "special"...yet. If y'all have any recipe suggestions send them my way, I'll check 'em out.

Well, mainly sport your colors of course. In whatever way. From a tshirt to head to toe red & black (or whatever your colors are). A lot of girls down here go all out dressing but, I'm really just a jeans and tee girl. Jersey if I have it, but my moreno jersey doesn't fit anymore. Boo.

I kind of don't want to make predictions because you really never know how the season is actually going to go for any team. I'm excited but nervous as hell. But, in my perfect world, it would be Falcons winning the Super Bowl & Dawgs winning the NCAA Championship. :)

You know, I have never been to a professional football game. And I've only been to one Bulldog game. Crazy. That needs to change! Real quick like!

I honestly don't know what else to talk about.
So,...ya know...that's about it for now...
now since I'm 200% more ready for shit to kick off, I'm gonna just go read everyone elses posts and get more excited.
& I'll leave you with this!
Love my Dawgs!

Any fellow Dawgs out there? Falcons, Broncos, Lions or Bengal fans?
Let me knowww!! We can be friends. :-)

Get ready for lots of football talk!
Loovvve yewww!