Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social

Link up with Ashley and Neely & be social!

What is your ideal way to relax?
It really depends. But some snacks, and something to drink and getting comfy to either listen to music or play on the comp., or watch tv usually works.

Where is your favorite place to be?
Home. With Doug. Or with my bestest.

Who do you consider your biggest role model?
My Dad & Mom.

What does your life look like in 3 years?
Well, maybe a job, maybe a rugrat, and maybe a place of our own.

If you could go back and change one decision what would it be?
Wow, I don't know....

What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
Umm,..graduated High School, obtained a medical billing and coding certification (that has been useless), I've been with the same guy since 2003...hell I don't know. I don't really like to answer some, it would seem that I haven't really accomplished a lot. But the things I have accomplished definitely count for something. Especially in today's world.



  1. Stopping by from Sunday Social! Adorable blog! I love being comfy too! :)


  2. Hi I found you via blog hop

    I love to make new blog friends
    hey let me know if you want to follow each other :)



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