30 Before 30

My list of 30 things I want to try to achieve/do before I turn 30, as mentioned in this post. Only my list has a few extras just in case something just isn't going to work out, OR in case I complete the 30 & want to go beyond it.
I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with it, but here is what I have so far (as of 7-11-13).
If I make any changes or tweaks, you'll be the first (err maybe second, behind My Mister, to know.)
Started on my 25th birthday, giving me exactly 5 years to complete as much as I can.

In effect as of: 7-11-2013
End date: 7-11-2018

Sissy's 30 Before 30
1. Get my teeth fixed.
2. Get a job/ start on a career path.
3. Get our own place -preferably buying a house-
4. Become a mom.
5. Travel somewhere I've never been.
6. Grow as a Photographer.
7. Get caught up with scrapbooking.
8. Write a song.
9. Have one of my photos published or featured.
10. Meet a major weight goal.
11. Do something special for Doug.
12. Pay my parents back, to some degree, in some way.
13. Have a Wild Encounter or be a Zookeeper for a day.
14. Sponsor an endangered animal.
15. Learn a new language. (at the very least, the basics)
16. Go to 5 pro. sporting events (at least), no specifics on this one yet.
17. Build my (our) savings account to a certain amount.
18. Complete at least 5 Pinterest projects.
19. Get Meet & Greets to (at least) one of my favorite artists/bands.
20. Update wardrobe. (Clean out closet & get new clothes)
21. Reteach myself (or have my mom reteach me) how to sew -with a machine- & make something.
22. Be an extra in a movie.
23. Finally invest in a handgun. (I've been a legal gun carrier for about 4-5 years, still no pistol though.)
24. Participate in at least one 5k. (even if I walk for most of it.)
25. Try cake decorating. (like fondant, tiers, etc..)
26. Treat myself and Doug to a long couples massage/spa day.
27. Paint something. (as in a painting)
28. Go to the CMA Music Festival.
29. Attend an award show.
30. De-clutter.

the extras:
1. Do a boudoir photoshoot.
2. Get back into dancing.
3. See a broadway show
4. Wine Tasting (I mean, I live in "Mini Napa Valley" and I've been to only ONE Vineyard....)
5. More tattoos
6. Buy gifts for as many people in need as I can. At the very least 5 or 6. (Christmas-time thing.)
7. Decorate our house & do landscaping. (Once #3 is completed)
8. Become a millionaire (this was Doug's clever suggestion...haha)
9. Girls trip.
10. Finish the basement (aka our apartment) to be home-y while we still live here.
11. Work on family tree. (ancestry)

Check back on the blog for monthly updates. OR check back here to see if there have been any updates! :)

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