Friday, January 11, 2013

So...uhh...hi? TGIF, right? YEA!

Yesterday was very blah, which I think in a weird way made today blah.
So...Wednesday my friend asked if I wanted to go shopping with her yesterday (Thurs)...(this is the same friend that I just mentioned was super awkward being around during NYE, also the same friend that I didn't speak to for half the year last year) said maybe.
Thursday rolls around and guess who actually doesn't sleep til noon or later? Me. Which means when she texted asking if I was awake..I actually was.
So I went shopping with her.
From about 3 to 9..we went to Marshalls, Ross & Old Navy first...then took the 45ish minute drive to Alpharetta to the mall.. we were at the mall until right before time to close.
We took her 4 y/o with us, who happens to be my GodSon...and for us to have been gone as long as we were, he did pretty good, in my opinion. In hers? He was way too outta control. lol
I finally got home after 10 & stuffed my face before hubs & I headed to the basement to our room. He stayed awake for another hour or so to talk finish watching a movie he was watching and to talk to me and such, but I didn't demand it. He works, he's usually in our room by around 10 & asleep by 11-12 at the latest.
I feel robbed when I don't see him in the evenings, lol.
I'm trying to make light of this because 1-I'm forever paranoid of someone seeing this blog & in turn reading through my posts and finding all the shit I say. 2-It's really not that big of a deal, not even to me. But I just wanna vent a little. :)
About number 1..I'm not very confrontational, I'm more likely to write about it (or blog) or to vent to hubs, or to my BFF, than I am to confront the person. (Which are the ingredients of a shit-talker) So, I guess I'm a shit talker, whatever, you do it too & if you don't chance are you have. So Shh..
I don't like arguments, it means drama, which sucks--when I'm involved. I'm also not a very easy person to agree with apparently, my opinions are better kept to myself (or to my husband or the interwebz apparently) because they will usually lead to someone being mad or offended. And this particular friend is one of those that I don't agree with what or how she does often, so she doesn't hear my opinions much.
ANYWAY, I'm off subject a bit. In effort to not be too Negative Nancy about it I'll try to condense it...she went b-day dress shopping tried on at least 10 dresses and we ended the day with her only buying a bra. I know the feeling, lets be honest shopping sucks when nothing fits right. But I felt like a Nanny...the only reason I was okay with it is because he's my God Son. I would NOT be as good or helpful or understanding with someone's not my child or my responsibility.
I was so ready to get home.
And I was so tired.
And I freaking missed It's Ok Thursday! lol (That is NOT okay!)
So then I woke up today, still a bit exhausted.
My throat was scratchy and well...idk.
I'm just blah.
So I got online & caught up on reading blogs which lifted my spirits.
Then I got another "you-didn't-get-the-job" email. Story of my life.
I applied for a PT back office posistion at a Chiro office in town...the email informed me it's already been filled (the email I got Monday -I think- said they were going to start their hiring process in a couple of weeks.... o_o )
Y'all, I may seem spoiled, well I am..I've never had to work. And IF it were realistically feasible I probably wouldn't work, not a normal job anyway. But it's not...I'm married and not in my own home yet, I'm realistic and I know I need a job. Today's world is too expensive & I also REFUSE to work just to get by & not have fun (vacations, concerts, sporting events, traveling, date nights, etc etc), I also want kids, another income will make that a little more doable. A lot of people tell me to enjoy it, and sometimes, don't get my wrong, I do. But in order to move forwards with our lives, I can't NOT have some kind of income. Our main thing would be getting our own place, which comes with a handful of bills. Duh.
So when you're actually trying to find work & it's constant no's, it's so discouraging. And I know it's cause my resume is pathetic! I have no work history -obvi- and I have no references (or "professional" references...personal ones are not allowed). So, I'm sure that once they see that, they just push my resume to the side, or in the trash.
Ugh! It wouldn't be different if I didn't care, but I do. I do not want to work in food, so I've applied to some retail places and still can't even get hired there. ugh.
I'm still trying, but shit fire, my self-esteem is already low enough. These constants blows to it with reject emails aren't helping it.


I'm determined to turn my day around & to have a good weekend, I just wanted to rant a little.

What are your plans this weekend?!
I haven't really loaded my weekend down, as long as I get my date night with my hubs I'll be happy-that's really my only "plan"!

Oh, I started reading the book I got from my MIL for Christmas. It's one that I asked for & it's called "The Book of Lost Things" by John Connolly. I'm already to Chapter 6. It is/was a litttle bit of a slow start, but I'm still going! :)

Has anyone else read this book?! -if so, no spoilers!- Did you like it?!

Anywhooo, sorry for the "ugh"ness of this post. But thanks for reading. :p
Happy Friday, All!


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