Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

Linking up with Neely & Amber!

It's Ok

...that I am just so close to my breaking point with technology. Seriously if it would just work with me, we could get by a lot easier.

...that I procrastinated and possibly missed an opportunity. (actually that's just ok, but I can try to make myself feel better, right?)

...that I went to the mall with my cousin to job hunt and left with a card saying where to apply online, and a full belly from Sbarros. (I actually really want to rant about that job thing, but I'll wait for now.) I did try on a cute dress though. ;)

...that Framing Hanley announced a show to be on the last Saturday of Feb. it's only 3 hours away & I REALLY REALLY want Doug to take me!!! I asked and he jokingly played it off (which to me, says no.) A friend even told me to tell him that's all I wanted for Valentines Day (genius idea) and he just kind snickered. That man!

...that I am having a serious internal conflict about the above situation, with something that takes me back to last year and the bullshit drama shit that happened. UGH. It shouldn't even be hard, but for me? Oh, it most certainly is.

...that I totally forgot that I had already told you guys about the Framing Hanley thing yesterday, oopsie. Love youuu! lol

...that you guys may or may not think I'm a totally creeper nutcase because of my post tomorrow. Gonna try to finish it up tonight. :p 

...that my mind is all scattered right now.

...that I'm done with listening to the news, h-a-t-e it. There was a shooting in a middle school in southeast atlanta a couple of hours ago, one person is in the hospital and alert. I feel bad & hope they recover fully and fine, it's a 14 year old & the bullet grazed the back of their head, so it sounds like they should be fine.
But I'm tired of hearing about it. Not this one in particular, but all of it. I know that sounds super heartless, but I'm so. over. it. All of it, all of the shooting/guns bullshit. I hate the news....and I'm just gonna stop there with all that for now. I'm trying to just keep my mouth shut.

...that I have to cut this short because my cousin want to go to walmart...what do you do when you live in a small town? Go to WalMart! Sad but true. :p

LoveYou BUH-BYE!


Don't forget about Karla's Newlywed Game Link-Up! She now has a co-host, Veronica! Go to Karla's page for deets! I'd post the button, but I haven't saved the new one yet & my cousin is waiting!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's My Age Again?

Is it even relevant?
(yes, it some cases)
But, I mean, really?
Back in December, right before Christmas, I was Christmas shopping with my mother in law &
I saw this sign. I should have bought it, but didn't.
I loved it. I stood there and stared at it for a few minutes. I even looked at the price.
I'm actaully tempted to make the trip back down to Cumming to see if it's still there.
Which I doubt.
But I would love to have it in my house.

I'm going to sound like a major hypocrite with this post,
because I am definitely one to look at someone and say (or think)
"How old are you?" or "Why don't you try acting your age?"
Some people just take it wayyy overboard and you really do just have to look at them and wonder
"How fucking old are you?!"
Because, a lot of the time, people do choose inappropriate times to turn into a kid.
Or to turn into a baby (if they're already a kid).

Now back to my first point.
I'm 24.
But I act a whole variety of ages.
I'm not joking...
It depends on the day!

I'm a whiny baby.
I'm more mature than my momma.
I'm a 14 year old girl who gets giddy at the sight of a cute boy.
(let's be clear here, this only pertains to celebs/musician. I am married, ya know.)
I'm a punky, "rebel" of whatever the hell age I want to be.
I'm a wise old owl... that's an get my point.
I'm the voice of reason.
I'm the person who needs the voice of reason.
I'm achy, and run down.
I have more energy than I have sense.
I'm a hormonal emo teen/young adult who hates the world and everyone in it.
(aw, hell, adults are like that too)
I'm a normal twenty-something year old who is just going about her day.
(My normal that is, which is far different from everyone elses)

But the one constant in all of that,
is that I am always

No, I will not grow up!
No, I will not "act" my age.
No, I will not stop making jokes.
No, I will not stop giggling.
No, I will not stop playing kid games.
No, I will not stop farting and laughing at it.
No, I will not always suck it up when something doesn't go my way.
No, I will not stop dreaming, ever.
No, I will not let life knock me down. (or I'll try not to anyway)

I'm not saying to always throw caution to the wind and act like a total D-bag. Or throw a fit in the middle of Walmart, or Target, or wherever your drug of choice may be. Or to be totally immature just 'cause you can.
I'm saying, common sense, if you possess it, kinda tells you how you should act; and a good upbringing is a major contributor to that.
What I'm saying is, some times/days it's okay to not act like that! 
It's in the timing.
I you don't heed any of what I'm saying an apply it to yourself, apply it to other people.
I'm mainly referring to adults with this.
(because let's face it, when you have an almost 10 year old acting like a 4 year old...just, no. Stop it. Act right because that shit isn't cute.)

Say you're at a concert & there are a group of people hootin' and hollerin'. More than likely it's just innocent fun. Well, instead of turning your nose up at it, smile/laugh & hell holler with 'em!

Or if you're at the aquarium waiting on the dophin show to start & a group of people start doing the wave in the audience, don't sit like a knot on a log when it gets to you. You get off you heiny-ho and ride that wave!

Or say your husband is acting like a kid. Let him, for about 5 minutes & then you can whip his ass back into shape..
lol, okay I was kidding with that one!

It's perfectly okay to have fun, within reason.
Growing up doesn't always have to be a ba-hum-bug thing.
If you like to snob around and act your age and never laugh and well whatever else it is that you do.
That's awesome for you. I applaud you...a little
But don't walk around thinking that everyone else is going to have a stick shoved up their ass too.
I know I definitely won't, that's a one-way street, exit only.

I'm serious when it's needed. I know how I'm supposed to act.
And when I need to, or am expected to, I usually do act right.
But if I know I don't have to act that way or any certain way, I probably won't.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?
For me, it really does depend on the day.
Which is why when you're reading my Sissy Fits, one day you'll see me talk about having a baby and next I may talk about how fudgicles (fudgesicles) look like frozen poop.
(If you don't know what that line is from, then you're crazy, j/k ask & I'll show you.)
I don't wanna grow up! ;)

And because I am forever obsessed with music, I'm leaving you with this gem.
Because it inspired my title, & who doesn't love it?! 


Winter Tornado Watches. That's just life in Georgia, y'all.

Of course I would pick today of all days to actually wake up (and actually be awake) before 8am!
& I feel great. I got up, saw Doug off to work. Ate some eggs & drank some Sunny D, printed off some resumes & now I'm trying to decide what the rest of my day will consist of.
And I really don't want to be out in this weather, if it actually decides to get bad.

Gotta love the weather in Georgia.
The say if you don't like the weather, wait about 15 minutes & it'll change.

And for the most part, this is true.
I love, love, love my state!
It's the Heart of the South (as I like to call it).

But we can have the most effed up weather sometimes!

Jan. 30th & it's 65 degrees & we are under a tornado watch until 4pm.
Of course, we all know wishy washy forecasts can be lately.
But it just feels a tad ominous outside. Of course that could be just the simple fact that it's pushing 70 degrees in the winter.

Let me fill you in, I HATE tornados, like scared shitless of them.
I can handle Thunderstorms, if they don't get too bad.
But once that wind picks up a lot, and the lightning gets outta control & the thunder is so loud that it feels like it alone might shake my house down..
Nuh uh. Man down. Count me out.
Here are our Radars::

And around 1:30 (when it looks like the bad stuff may actually hit me):

The little black star is around where I am. 

So, I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't get too bad! Not only for me, for everyone in the path of this weather system!

Oh & how about I feel like a bad fan!
Framing Hanley announced a show Monday & I just found out about it last night! What?!
It may not seem bad, but I feel like I'm supposed to know as soon as they post!
I like to be able to retweet anything important like that on the Street Team account ASAP to help make sure people see it!
I've been a little more absent on Twitter than I thought, but still, I didn't see even see it on Facebook!
I don't know, man!
Butttttt, alas, all is well, I know about it now.
Now I just have to figure out if I'll able to make it.

I asked Doug.
Tickets are $10 each... "that's out of my budget"
And it's only 3 hours away... "that's out of my range"
He thinks he's funny.
One of my friends told me to tell him to make that my Valentine's Day gift.
She's a genius!
I asked & he said I don't know.
That man!

I know there is one pretty much sure fire way I could make it,
but I just have to decide if I want to take that route...
I'd love for Doug to go with though.
But we'll see. I have about 2 1/2 weeks to figure it out.

Anywhooo, I may be back with another post today if I'm not able to get out and about to get some stuff done.
I've got some post ideas.
(I know, I keep saying that)
I just have to put them together in an actual post as opposed to in my brain, where they end up getting lost!

Happy Humpday!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A kind of, but not really, update on the baby sitch... not really an update at all because I haven't been to my follow up I'm not going to get too much into my body, or its functionings, right
(If you're new and wonder what I'm talking about when I say update, you can read this & you'll get it.)

This is more so just rambling and ranting.

You fever sucks a lot more when you're body isn't quite functioning properly.
When you know that it isn't going to be easy for you to experience that, if ever.
I know a handful of people, possibly two handfuls, that are currently pregnant.
I've seen Facebook posts of "something's in the water".
Cause I'm not knocked up.
...yea, I realize how selfish that sounds...

And then there are the abundance of people who are pregnant that probably shouldn't be.
(Like a certain teen mom...)

In all fairness, maybe it's still just not time.
Or at least that's the best thing I can keep telling myself.
We've only been "trying" for a month or 2. So I know not to expect results fast, so my spirits are still high.
I just get annoyed by the fact that someone can have a one night stand or something & boom, baby on board.

I try to chalk it upto the whole God has a plan, it's his timing, yadda yadda. Maybe he's waiting for me to get a job, or maybe he feels it's not the right time...blah blah blah.
Or maybe he thinks I'm not ready, I often contemplate whether I am or not also, because I still have my days where I don't like the sight of (some) kids. (lol) Or because I doubt myself and wonder if I'll be a good mom. Or because I'm scared of such a HUGE life changing factor (fyi-I don't like change). Or because I'm just downright scared.
I think all of those are possible...
But I still have my days where I'm just like,..
Why do I not get to experience this when I have wanted a kid since I was like 19 or 20, if not younger? (Don't think I'm crazy! lol I fell in love when I became an aunt, I was 15 & I think my maternal instincts kicked in, and a few years after that I kinda started wanting my own.)
Why do I, someone who has done minimal bad things, not get this...but Betty Sue* can have kids & do drugs before, if I'm not mistaking during, aaand after having them. Or Martha Mae* can screw someone she can't even remember and be knocked up.

I have times where I alllways want to browse baby stuff just to see what's new, what kind of baby clothes trends are going on etc.., and then times where I can walk by it and not even notice it.
I even have times where I despise the thought of making a diaper cake, and other times where I reallllly wanna make one...which is almost irrelevant since it's been almost a year since I've made one...haha.
And then there is the semi-fake "ohhh, congratulations" to some people. Not all, there are several people who I am thrilled for, that they are pregnant with number 1 or 2. But there are a few that I sit back and think,...really?!

I teeter-totter on how I feel about all aspects of  babies/kids, pregnancy, parenthood, life...
For some reason the past couple of days..or maybe's been on my mind.
Just rambling, wanted to get it out before my head exploded or before I got myself down.

I'm trying to stay positive.
I actually try to not even think about it.
But when I do, I try to be positive.

"For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic."


*names have been changed for protection of the trash person(s) mentioned.

Monday, January 28, 2013

My InstagrAmazing Weekend (& recap)

Link up with Karla & Nicole and show off your InstagrAmazing weekend!!

The first 3 pics..I was cleaning our spare room & snapping pics...
1. "Water's for washin'. Dickel's for drinkin'." George Dickel, Tennessee Whiskey mirror.
2. Sugar acting like a kid and trying to get me attention.
3. My Marcy Playground wall thing that I've have since that song came out...(I was like 8 or 9)
4. Ice all over my car.

1. Trixie eats off of a fork like a human...
2. Our dogs are beggars.
3. Doug bought the newest Dropkick Murphys CD..I told him it made me want to get drunk and dance around. All we were missing was some St. Brendan's.
4. I finally got my blue ps3 controller & a game I've been looking at. Which resulted in 4 hours of me playing it, hurt thumbs & Doug realizing that he can't be in the same room as me playing a video
He has never witnessed me get THAT into a game, or one with a storyline anyway...he said "it was very intense." lol

Chicken Tacos! 
I made my chicken tacos & as always they were amazing!

InstaG Username: BNBA

Weekend Recap:
Doug came home from work early because we had a winter weather advisory so no one was really coming in to have their car worked when he got home he laid down and passed out. So I go up and let him nap [for 3 hours-lol]...& I cleaned...I made a little progress, but not quite enough for my liking. Anyway, ended the night watching a movie with everyone. We watched "10 Years", it's pretty good. If you have not seen it, you might like it. It's a high school reunion's one of those that (to me) has a bunch of those "life lessons" or realizations...or is very relatable. Anyhow, I liked it...and it has Channing Tatum in it. (& Jenna! -his wifey-)
We spent more money than we should have, but that's okay. We hit up best buy & gamestop. Made for a successful shopping trip, we left with a second ps3 controller (aka: mine), a new CD for Doug, a new game for Doug & a new game for Me! We went back home & made a game plan for how we are going to tackle the basement. Because I get super overwhelmed when I think of all that needs to be done & not knowing quite where to start, Doug helped be figure some things we'll see how it goes. So then we went to Home Depot and got some more flooring for the hallway, which is what we decided we will finish next. Then we went to WalMart for a few things. And called it a night. Went back home & played video games.
Oh, the game I got is Alice: The Madness Returns. It's an Alice in Wonderland game but it's a darker version. Wonderland has been taken over & it's not the way it was before. I think her objective is to save it.'s pretty fun so far. But Doug got yelled at several time...I tried to warn 
Whew, I felt like it was go-go-go yesterday! I woke up at 11:30 with just enough time to get the chicken in the crockpot by noon! Then we had to go back to GameStop because she forgot to put Doug's game in the box. So before that we stopped in at my Granny's to invite her to supper, she usually comes to eat every time I cook chicken taco, then to GameStop, and then we shot over to the hospital to visit Doug's Pop (grandpa). He has an infection in his colon...(prayers appreciated). We sat with his Nana & Pop for a few hours, then once other visitors started rolling in we left. He ended up with a full room! Haha. But we got home in just enough time for me to prep salad stuff & cut up lettuce for the tacos & salads, and make the rice. Then it was supper time! As always, when I cook those, I ate WAY too much & was ready to pass-out! But of course I didn't bleh!

Anywho! That was my weekend. It's was great! 
But now I have to get some shizz done!
Bills -that were due Friday- :( and all that fun know? Life!

Have a great Monday! 
(Last Monday in January...don't'll be December before we know it! sheesh!)


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Social

Link up with Ashley and Neely & be social!

What is your ideal way to relax?
It really depends. But some snacks, and something to drink and getting comfy to either listen to music or play on the comp., or watch tv usually works.

Where is your favorite place to be?
Home. With Doug. Or with my bestest.

Who do you consider your biggest role model?
My Dad & Mom.

What does your life look like in 3 years?
Well, maybe a job, maybe a rugrat, and maybe a place of our own.

If you could go back and change one decision what would it be?
Wow, I don't know....

What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
Umm,..graduated High School, obtained a medical billing and coding certification (that has been useless), I've been with the same guy since 2003...hell I don't know. I don't really like to answer some, it would seem that I haven't really accomplished a lot. But the things I have accomplished definitely count for something. Especially in today's world.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Newlywed Game (Link Up)

I told you the other day that my girl Karla was doing a Newlywed Game link up! You can still play! Go to her blog to see the questions & instructions!  You can still join, the link up is open until Sunday at midnight EST!
Here are mine & Doug's answers! To make it a little more fun we wrote them down separately and then read them to each other, kinda like on the game show.
1.   What is the worst thing that happened on your wedding day, if anything?
Brandy: Nothing really...
Doug: Sissy's pink eye.
(He's right, I had totally forgot about that...I don't think it was pink eye, but by the end of the night I had an eye infection or something...I don't know maybe it was pink eye? Either way it sucked cause you could see it in pictures!)

2.   Who is the better driver?
Brandy: Me
Doug: Me

3.  If someone had to play your spouse in a movie, who would it be?
Brandy: Shain Gandy (lol, If you've never seen Buckwild on MTV watch it.)
Doug: Jennifer Love Hewitt.
4.  What’s your spouse's favorite comfort food?
Brandy: Ruffles & French Onion Dip, or pickles. I have to make him stop eating both of those when we have them.
Doug: Taco Bell
5.  Which one of you hogs all the covers in bed?
Brandy: Both. We're both guilty of it at times.
Doug: Sissy
(whaaaatever! lol)
6.  The saying “opposites attract must be true because my spouse and I couldn’t be any more different when it comes to _________?
Brandy: Seafood
Doug: Seafood 
(This is the only thing we answered the same! lol I H-A-T-E seafood, he loves it!)
7.  If your spouse won $5000, what would they spend it on?
Brandy: Car/truck stuff.
Doug: She wouldn't...
8.  If your spouse could be married to any famous person, which would it be and why?
Brandy: Jennifer Love Hewitt, cause she's got big no really, she's his celeb crush.
Doug: Stone Cold, because he said so.
(I laughed out loud at his answer, so good...I love it. He does know me well though, Stone Cold is my faaaavorite.♥)
9.  Who controls the remote??
Brandy: Doug.
Doug: Sissy.
10.  If your spouse were a superhero, what would their "super power" be?
Brandy: The ability to snap his fingers and fix vehicles. He's a mechanic & people seem to think that means magician...not the case.
Doug: The ability to never sleep, since she's always awake at night anyway.

Head over to Forever Newly Wedded and link up! She's got next week questions up already too! :)


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday and whatnot...

Well,..last weekend...
of course there was bowling and Chili's, I already talked about that...not really more to be said about it.

Sunday sucked balls...biiig ones.
The Falcons lost.
Since I've calmed down, I know they could have done better...
I still stand by saying those fucking refs aided the 49ers win...
I'm being a sore losing about this one. I admit it.
I am so sad that this is the way Tony Gonzalez's career is ending. (Unless he surprises us and does one more year) But anyway, it's doo-doo. Not happy with it at all..
I'll stop there.
It turned me into such a hateful person for the rest of the day Sunday.
Poor Doug, he got the brunt of it... :-/

Monday...Monday was a blur, I don't think I did anything...
It was MLK Jr. Day. 
I refuse to say it was anything else, I'll celebrate a man that actually made a difference.

Yesterday was alright I suppose. Carla (Idk if I have said her name yet or not, the one that I keep talking about that we are on and off friends).. anyway she and her son came over for a while & stayed for supper.
Mom made Chili....just..YUM.
I posted my money post yesterday.

I really have done nothing today. I'm going to though. Just can't decide what. I've got a little more laundry to do and looots of cleaning to do.

We're supposed to paint this weekend.
I'm ready, I'm so ready for there to not be such and overwhelming mess or pile of just...stuff everywhere. 
I also need to decide that I want to do with my spare room...I wanted to do Alice in Wonderland theme, but I'm not a painter & I don't want to attempt the scenery or any characters & eff up the walls. lol. But, I'm still considering other ideas are music, lyrics and such all over the wall. And the other is damask. One of my favorite patterns. 
I mean, I could probably, somehow combine it all....but idk how.
I wish the vision in my head could just appear on the wall!

Our "fun" is being put on hold for a little while..and I'm perfectly okay with that. We've been out to eat 3 times this month already (4 for me, cause I had lunch on day). We don't do that...we can't afford to do that.
Ugh. So yea, more restaurants for the rest of Jan!
I've had pretty much more fun on mine & Doug's nights in!

I'm so bummed I missed Ed Sheeran in Atlanta on Monday night!!! AHH!! SO BUMMED!
I'm also bummed that I'm missing JB tonight...but I'm actually more bummed about Ed! 

My bestest is going through hard time right now & it kills me that I can't be there for her to talk to.
I know she has people to talk to & people that take her out for girls nights and stuff down there, & I'm so glad that she has those friends, but I wish I was there to help talk her through it.
I wish she could just come over to my house, be lazy, watch TV & just talk, all day. 
But we don't have that luxury, there is a 7 hour drive between us.
We're planning a weekend trip, to meet in Savannah for a weekend in a few months.
Assuming nothing comes up for either of us.
And I can not wait! It's going to be SO needed!
We have not had time of JUST US since...2003 I think! So is so far beyond needed!
(Anyone ever been to Savannah? If so, any suggestions for things to do, cheap or free?! Also, any suggestions on where to stay? Fairly priced.(not over a hundo)..any suggestions for anything are welcomed.)

I have been eating SO bad lately. day...I ate a slice of pizza, then pizza rolls, followed by chili cheese fries, followed by cupcakes, and chips, with a few scrum-diddly-umptious M&M cookies & ended the night with ice cream. What to drink? a couple of mike's hard drinks & mt.dew of course. I shit you not, that was my menu.
That was one of the worse days. lol I have gained like 5 lbs this month. 
My mom isn't being the best influence either...I had a reese's blizzard for "breakfast" (it was after 1pm, but it was the first thing I had to eat today.) Of course, I shoulda said no, but it just sounded so good..and it was.
Another reason I cannot wait to have the basement done--it's where the treadmill is. I'll have a treadmill, plus all of  the other workout stuff right outside my bedroom.
& I'm gonna get a binder and print out some of my favorite Pinterest workouts and have them in there somewhere.
Doug already said he was gonna do it all with me. He's been wanting to lose some weight too. So I'm glad it's not gonna be just me. I think it will also help with our baby making...not the process ;) , but just my body. Getting my body back into shape might help it start wanting to function properly.
OH, I tried a Naked smoothie...yea,..gross! We bought 3 flavors & I'll still try the other 2, but the first one was was the blue machine. (the other two we have are the Green Machine and Mighty Mango)
I have a feeling I'm not going to like them wasn't the taste really, it was more of the texture or consistency of it, a weird thickness..I just couldn't do it.

Well, I reckin that's about all I have to say right now. I could actually probably go one, but I'll just stop here. 

I guess the rest of the week will consist of getting bills ready to pay & then getting ready to work in the basement. Yeeee!

Oh, I have also been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by not only one, but two lovely ladies! Tasia & Jessica, thank you to you both! I'll try to get a post up soon! :)

Happy Humpday!
Hope the rest of your week is great also!


P.s. The title of my money post "Ballin' On a Budget" is a song by Nappy Roots

OH. P.s.s. My girl Karla has a new link up that she is doing! It's the Newlywed Game Link Up!! Click HERE to check it out & to get the questions!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ballin' on a Budget

Disclaimer: Before you ask where I got my numbers from, remember that Doug & I are a one income couple with no mortgage or many other of the more serious bills right now. I do not have kids yet. I do not have all of those extra expenses at this time in life. So, don't think I'm too crazy. Budgeting and saving has to be built around your lifestyle and conditions. These are mine...

So lots of people always talk about wanting to save but not having self control, blah blah blah. I'm not saying that's not an excuse, I'm a spender too, when I let myself. But I'm a huge saver (Thank you, Dad, for passing that on to me.)  I like to be able to know that I can save and get what I want. I like to have a small cushion for emergencies and such. I mean there are many reasons for and benefits of saving. I've been told that I'm pretty good at saving, to the point where I have actually helped save other peoples money for them. I'm not a financial adviser, or an expert on saving, this is merely just me sharing what I do or things that I have read & mayyybe you'll see something that you can try. :)

Budget- Budgeting can sound easy...and for some it really is. But for lots of people, it may not be. There are several things that may fluctuate that may make a budget hard to make and follow.
What I do is make a list. I am a list fool! 
First, decide whether you want to do monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. To each their own, right? Do what works for you.
Me, I'm always changing it...I'll do kind of an overall goal-anything and everything I can think of (so this list sometimes looks ridiculous) -haha-, but to have it all down in front of you gets it out of your brain and you're less likely to forget that you want/wanted to save for or do. Then break it down by month, but I end up also doing bi-weekly along with it, since that's when Doug gets paid.
Start out by listing your debts (bills, anything you make owe to anyone), then things you need/want, and then how much you'd like to shoot to save for.
-List in order of importance! (Monthly bills, short term goals, long term goals)
-Round UP! (At least on your bills/debts. What I mean by that is, if you have a bill that is around let's say $135.56 every month, just write it down as 136 OR you can round on up to 140. Why? 1- An even number in change just makes it easier for adding and subtracting (obvi) 2- Sometimes bills can fluctuate just a little. 3-Because it always makes you smile when you've budgeted for 140 & spent less meaning you now have approx. $5 extra give or take some change. ;) )
Note: Some things may have specific amount, like I'm wanting to save for a couch/loveseat set which will be about $700. Some, however, do not; I'm also saving for any trips of concerts this which do not necessarily have a set amount (unless you MAKE a set amount as a goal).
-Be Realistic. As I said, my list can look long and ridiculous. But I'm also realistic in knowing that I may not accomplish all of it, or may not save as much as I'd like. Whatever the case, don't set your self up for failure in spirit, or in general. I think you can have high hopes and be realistic at the same time.
-Keep your budget visible. On your desk or bulletin board, or in your phone, in your planner, whatever works.

Income- Once you have a budget kind of figured up. The next step is figuring out your monthly income. If you're a couple with 2 incomes, add them both -if you combine your money-. Or if you have one income, average the amount. If you have a fluctuating income look back at the past check amount and kind of find an average, or a common amount. Doug is on commission...his checks can range anywhere from the mid-to high $600's to the low end of $1000. So I usually use the most common amount on checks that I see, which is approx $800. I use it because the lower ones happen when he gets less work in, and the higher ones happen if he gets more. An $800(+change) check is "normal"..for a normal amount of hours. If you have a similar situation you could do that or you could always use a lower amount.
-Round Down! (Say you get paid bi-weekly.You get paid $843.72 one pay day and $814.96 the other with a monthly income of $1658.68. Instead just write it down as $800 for both with your monthly being $1600. Why? Well, you don't ever want to think you have more than you do. Rounding up in this situation wouldn't be smart, obviously. And, same as above, it's always nice to have the "extra".)
-Remember there may be some sort of fluctuations (depending on your job). Unexpected/unpaid days off (sick or other reasons), cut hours, etc. etc.

Okay, so you have both of these, now start subtracting [in order of importance]. Bills first, money owed, things needed right away. And then you can move on to saving, things wanted, etc.
Don't necessarily budget in what you want to save unless you know for sure you want to save a set amount per month. (The reason I say this is because for some, it's easier to figure out your bills and then see your new balance and then you can pull out whatever amount you're comfortable with saving at the time without the pressure of "oh man I'm supposed to save $60 out of this check but if I do I won't have quite enough until next pay day." No body likes that & it can be discouraging.)
If you're factoring in a short term goal that will take a little longer to save for (a number of months), go ahead and figure out how much you want to allow yourself to save per month. This is where budgets can change per month because you can have a shorter term goal that you can put back for a month or so. Sounds dumb, huh? For some it may be. But, oh well. I know I'm going to have my cat spayed sometime this year, that's a short term goal, however I'm not planning it right away, meaning there are other things that can take precedence in my budget for now. Get it now?
Also, put down the minimum (you can always pull out more, should you have the wiggle room.) Like, if I plan to save $700 for couch/loveseat set and plan for $100/month to be set aside for that, I can always save more, but I know I want to shoot for at least $100 per month.
Example: (btw- the montly/biweekly are the incomes) I did monthly and then broke it down to biweekly. Also, this isn't my Jan. budget, lol, just an example.  I also forgot to add groceries on there, lol. We contribute a lot to gorceries since we don't pay any kind of rent, so as I said, just is jussst to give an idea. Mine also changes a lot, and that's okay. You have to adjust to life sometimes.

Once you've got all of that figured out it's time to decide how you're going to save. The most obvious for people is a savings account. But there are lots of other ways too. Most of which don't even have to be "budgeted".

Ways to save: This is a to each their own type thing. Do what works for you. I save several different ways.
Save your change! Or any change you find for that matter. Yes, I'm a finders-keepers person when it comes to coins since there are a lot of people who don't place much value on them. If I find you change sitting around the house, and it goes unclaimed for a certain amount of time, I'm gonna keep it. (Either I'll keep it, or I'll put it in my niece or nephews piggy bank.) Which brings me to my next thing...

Piggy banks: Yes, that's right. I still use piggy banks, as a matter of fact I have 2 in my room. And guess what?! They're not just for change! I put bills in mine. Anytime I have an extra dollar bill, or a 5, or whatever, and I can't think of anything it could be used for right away it goes into my piggy banks and is "forgotten" about. If you get a piggy bank that looks for like a decoration, use it for bills or larger change, if you can't see the money & if you don't look at it as a piggy bank ALL THE TIME, I feel like you're less likely to break into it unless you reallllly need it. Ya know? These are the 2 that are in my bedroom...

Car: If you go to the store, or shopping with cash. Anytime you get change, keep your bills and put all change up. I use one of the cup holders in my car for change, but I keep it covered up because I don't want any crazies to bust out my window for some change. It's there for if I need it for anything, or it's there to be saved. I empty it out every so often, leaving a bit over a dollar or two in there.

Envelopes: Yes, I do this for cash...I have various amount of money in lots of different envelopes hidden, or put up, to where they're not visible or in sight daily. (Especially if you are saving for a long term goal, one of those that is just a I'll buy it once I've saved enough. For example, my camera, I've been saving on it for a while and I have a little over half saved for it. I'll buy it once I've got what I need, but have no goal date for it. except for wanting it right freaking nowww.) And if you are saving for a particular goal, make note of it..write on it or on a piece of paper to put in it! I can't tell you how many times I've came across one of my envelopes and wondered what the heck I was saving it for, if anything. Same goes for the amount, keep up with how much you put in or take out of it.
You could hide it if you'd like, just put it somewhere that you won't totally forget about!

Check out this post too. I don't what she talks about, but it's a great idea also.

I have a bit of a may seem a little crazy but it works for me. My money doesn't go straight to the bank...
The change goes from piggy banks or my car, to a small box that I have safely put up, once it gets so full I it gets rolled. (But I don't roll all of it). Then the rolled up money gets put up again until I have enough change & cash to make a deposit, I try to wait til I have at least $50. For cash it just goes either in an envelope or to the little box until time for the bank.
That's close to $70 ready to be deposited.

Weekly allowance: If you're a debit/credit card user. Give yourself an allowance. I do this with Doug. We buy him thing to take for lunch but if he forget he ends up eating out...which is fine, if he knows he only has so much to spend (he's a little smarter with where he eats). We try with $20 and it usually works. (Try to make it go as far as it can before getting another $20 out.) It's his back up lunch money, or drink money, snack money, whatever. And when we do this he usually doesn't use his card throughout the week unless it's for something bigger or for gas.

The $5 Plan: Nicole just posted about this the other day but I had seen it floating around Pinterest for a couple of months. I personally am not really doing this one...but I think it's a great idea! Basically anytime you have a $5 bill, put it up (this is where an envelope or piggy bank could come in handy ;) ). Anyway, over time $5 adds up...think about it.

The 52 Week Plan: This is a new one. I just saw this on someone elses blog a week or so ago & I can not remember whose it was. But the place of origin in on the bottom of the pic...Anyway, the idea of this is to save every week, and the amount you save should match the week it is. Week 1- $1, Week 2- $2, Week 3-$3, etc etc. This one, I am going to do. I really like it. I think it's feasible because the highest mount is obviously $52 (52 weeks, ya know) & I don't think that is TOO high. Just my opinion. And at the end of 2013 you'll have $1378.00! That could be an awesome vacation for 2014, a shopping spree, etc...or just a great cushion to start 2014 with! Anyway, I'm going to get an envelope & either tape the picture on the front, or simply put it inside the envelope, just to help keep up.

Savings Account: I do have a savings account, I've had once since I was a kid. So naturally I carried on using one. I check it periodically, just to make sure everything is as it should be, & I deposit into it periodically. I try not to acknowledge how much I have too much cause seeing how much you could spend on this, that, and the other is tempting! Doug does not have access to the savings...between the two of us he's worse than me about spending, lol.

Other Tips:
-Don't budget yourself broke. The key is to be comfortable with your money.
-Be realistic with your goals!
-Don't be discouraged if you don't reach your goal(s) as quickly as you would like. 
-Don't use "no self-control" as an excuse that much, if you really want to save it, you can.
-Be aware of how much you actually have. ATM balances are great and all, but I suggest keeping your check register up yourself...yea, you know that thing that comes with checks that you're supposed to log every purchase in? That! That way you always see where you're money is going. (I suppose checking your acct online could be just as affective, however not everything is posted right away.)
-Try not living beyond your means. This is the biggest thing. Lots of people do these days. I'm not saying you have to be a tightwad, but just ask yourself if you need it. Do you really need to eat out every day and night? Or do you really need 3 pairs of shoes all in one trip? Do you really have to have a house that is twice the size that you need? Ask yourself if you HAVE to have it RIGHT now.
Lots of people would say, "Well no, but I want to." Well that's fine, enjoy crying in a corner waiting for your next paycheck.
-It's okay to splurge every once in a while. "But you just said..." I said all the time. You have to allow for some splurges!
-Communicate! If you're married or in a relationship where you share your money (or if you are a one income couple), communicate! Tell each other when you spend money. I'm in charge of the finances so Doug always tell me when is wants to, is going to, or does spend money. But I also tell him, out of respect. He is the money maker right now, so I always tell him if I bought or am going to buy something, or even if I'm going shopping & think I might spend money. You don't want the both of you to be spending away and then end up between a rock and a hard place.

You can be ballin' on a budget! Or at least living your life comfortably! Last year I went to 5 concerts, a comedy show, took a 3 day trip to FL, going to the Aquarium, pre-buying tickets for a couple of concerts for this year, and was able to squeeze in a little bit of crafting. Doug was able to go gator hunting as well as spending the money that comes with deer hunting supplies, gas, etc... We painted our bathroom, put new flooring down in it, bought a few more other household items as well as other stuff for when we continue the work in the basement. Were able to buy clothes and things when we needed them & we made it through Christmas with a little less stress (even though it didn't seem like it, lol).
While we didn't do everything I wanted to do, that's a good year as far as fun, and our needs, and such.

My financial life isn't perfect, we still have a long way to go, we couldn't go out to buy a new car or a house or anything right now. But, for where we are at at this point, it all works. And it'll change to accommodate whatever we need or want to save for. :)

**One of the main points I'm trying to make is, unless you are on really hard times right now, more than likely you can save! You just have to want to & you HAVE to practice self control.

Hope I wrote this out well enough to understand! lol & if I've given you any ideas then that makes me happy!
So what are some of your methods of saving?

Happy Saving!


(P.s. Tell what the title is from without looking it up & I'll love you forever! ;) If no one guesses I'll tell ya in the next post!)

Monday, January 21, 2013


It's time to show off your InstagrAmazing Weekend! 
Link up with Karla & Nicole and show off your weekend. 
Welp, here goes nothing...My weekend wasn't super exciting.

Friday Night:
1. Finally finished my budgeting/saving post. Not gonna be anything spectacular, just sharing my methods.
 (It's scheduled to post tomorrow)
2,3,4. My brothers last day of night shift was Friday night & his employees/coworkers decorated his truck as a send off. EL-OH-EL! So much love!

1. Being teenagers's not love unless it's in pen...on each other...right? ;)
2. Headed out to go bowling...wasn't super excited, but whatevs.

1. Beer for everyone else, Mt.Dew for me...I'm addicted.
2. Game Day junk food.
2. I decided to have a few drinks. 
(If you drink, try these, they're really good, but they are seasonal. Only sold in the winter...I've actually had these in my fridge for almost a year (not kidding at all).)

I'm just not super thrilled about this weekend.
We spent a little more moolah than I would have liked.
(You'll see that I'm quite a penny pincher sometimes).
And yesterday...well yesterday can kiss my white ass.
I'll get into all of that later.
I've gotta get a few things done, but more importantly...
I need to eat.
I'm hangry.
(I need this pillow!)

Love youuuuuuuuu!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

Time for Sunday Social.
Head over to Neely or Ashley's blog and add your link.

1. Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food: Pizza, Spaghetti and me some potatoes.

2. First 3 Things you do in the morning: check my phone, pee, go upstairs.

3. Last 3 Things you do at night: usually usue the bathroom, play on my phone and watch TV

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss:Right now I'm really bad, the moment it'd prob be Teen Mom2, RHOA, and hell idk.

5. 3 Places you want to visit: London, Ireland and...NY

6. 3 People you can always count on: Doug, my parents, myself.

Okay, so todays Sunday Social wasn't cheery. Whatever, I hate the world right now, I've got a bit of a buzz and it's trying to make me sleepy...
See you all tomorrow for Karla and Nicole's InstagrAmazing Weekend...Be sure to link up with them! 



Friday, January 18, 2013

Happies and Crappies

So, I am currently drafting a yes, I took a break from drafting a post, to do a post...
Neely and Marcy participated in this new link up & I decided I'd give it a try as well.

It's a Link up created by Stephanie & Sarah, today is the very first one, and it's called:
Head over to their blogs to check out the deets & join in!

-It's Friday! Duh! I'm ready for the weekend and more time with muh man!
-I finally bought our Globetrotter tickets last night.
-Doug said he can get or did get some drop ceiling railing for free, yay!
-My day of rest yesterday helped me.
-Sunshine. So nice to see the sun and a gorgeous, still cold, day after dayyyys of dreary rainy days.
-I have a Peace Tea and it makes me happy. Razzleberry, baby!

-I applied for a receptionist job the other day & haven't heard back [yet]..I'm used to it, but it still sucks every time it happens.
-I've messed my sleep up again. I'm a night owl anyway, so for me to see 2 or 3 am isn't uncommon...It's when I start seeing 4:30 or 5 or 6 that it get's messed up.
-I've had an earache almost every day this week.
-I haven't talked to my bff much this week, I know her life is busier than mine, but I still get down when we aren't able to talk.
-Being hungry and not knowing what I want, which resulted in scarfing down a snack bag of popcorn and contemplating a turkey and cheese sammich. I'm hongry!

Okay, so it's a short one today, but I'm still kind of focused on my other post, so I'm gonna get back to it!
Hope everyone is having a great Friday & has a great weekend!
Y'all have any plans?!
For us, just bowling as far as plans go...and I'm not sure how long we will stay there. Then anything else can be a go with the flow thing. :)


Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Ok..

It's Thursday Boo's! Lemme tell ya, I just don't have motivation today..& you know what? It's Ok!
Link Up with Neely & Amber for my favorite link-up!

It's Ok...
-that I thought today was Friday for a while.
-that I didn't go to sleep til about 7 am & didn't get up until 1.
-that I'm also not doing shit today.
-to reminisce and feel old feelings again, sometimes.
-that I totally forgot I was just doing this post...dammit!
-to be unsure about American Idol this season. But, it's mainly because I'm not happy that the most popular rock station in Atlanta was abruptly stripped from the airwaves for yet another pop top 40's station back in September & supposedly Ryan Seacrest may have had a small part in it...Fuck Face. Yea, I'm a grudge holder. (Let me be clear...I no longer have a modern/alternative rock station to listen to on the radio.) Fuck. That.
-that that is almost irrelevant because I still love me some Kardashians & other shows that are RSP (so either way I'm still contributing to his fucking pocket).
-that it's supposed to snow.....harrharrharr. I'll believe it when I see it. It'll end up a sleety/slushy/ice-y mess if anything.
-that I'm so over being a woman right now. Ugh.
-if I'm annoyed with people talk about "real snow" now that they have move out of the south & returned. Like shut the FUCK up. Yea...I'm that annoyed. Just because you have been fortunate to experience mounds of snow, its rare that we get an inch or why don't you just let people get excited for slim possibility that we'll get anything.
-that I'm obsessed with music as much as I am.
-that I'm ready to runaway to FL to see my bestest. It going to be April before I can see her again. (& that's if our plans actually happen) Ugh. :(
-if I feel like I haven't been as present this week...But I have right? lol I think I only missed yesterday.
-to randomly break out into so- Black Velvet in that little boys smile. Black velvet with that slow southern style. A new religion that'll bring ya to your knees. Black velvet if you please...
-that that is literally how my brain is working right now.
-if I'm not sure if we're gonna go bowling with friends this weekend...which kind of sucks because we've been wanting to go bowling for a while...just...alone I guess? lol idk. But we're both on the fence right now.
-that I loving having my length back in my hair, but I'm still get used to it again! It's annoying sometimes. lol
-That I still haven't bought our Globetrotter tickets OR paid my aunt for my JB ticket...2 things that I need to do!
-that always end up just rambling in this post! lol
-that I let my sailor mouth loose. I gots a bad mouth sometimes, y'all.

Happy Thursday, loves!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peace, Love, Rubber Gloves.

Don't understand the title?
That's okay.
I'm gonna tell you what it means.

To save you from another monotonous "day in the life of" post, I've decided to post about someone as sort of a shout out I guess.

So, I like YouTube.
I was catching up on my YouTube videos the other day,
I have a very small few that I watch every day/week (whenever they post.)

This is one of them.
This is Mazzi Maz, or just Maz. (Marius if you want to get technical.) :)
The guy with the white chin.

He's 18 & he seems like a nice guy.
He's from Wolverhampton.
That's in the UK for those who don't know.

He is one of my favorite people on YouTube!
I came across Maz back in August I believe, when he posted this video about Zayn (Malik...yes, another 1D reference here) deleting his twitter. After watching this video and agreeing with him. I proceeded to spend the next couple of days watching pretty much all of his videos (lol). He's actually ones of Liam's best friends. So, while I admit that One Direction kind of led me to him, it's kind of irrelevant to who he is or what he does. I mean, I didn't even know that at first. I thought he was just someone else with an opinion about all the drama that was happening at the time. Haha.

He normally posts on Sunday & Wednesday and he does "Story Time".
What that is, is he takes stories that people send to him, or Yahoo! questions & reads them outloud and gives his opinions on them.
He also does challenges, and Q&A's, etc...just fun, sometimes crazy stuff.
He's just funny to watch.
And I'm not just saying that because I'm easily amused.
HHe another one of those people who says what pretty much everyone else is thinking. lol e makes me do a stupid laugh almost every damn video...
You know what that is, one of those laughs that just kinda happens and you have to stop for a second and wonder what the fuck that sound even was?!
Yea...that laugh.
He ends his videos with "Peace, Love, Rubber Gloves"...when I first heard that I was like... O.o whaaat the hell does that mean?! lol Then, I don't know. I like it. It's original & unique. Much like him.
He also dances. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I love dancing. I'll never be amazing at it, but I love watching it. And he's good. Like, I think he could be in the next Step Up (if there ever is another).

Anyway, he also just recently started a new YouTube channel where he does daily Vlogs. Just bits of his day and such. He starts off in the morning and ends at night, usually with "thanks for watching, love you."
I don't know, mayyyybe I'm weird, but I like watching them.

And, he has just started to sell wristbands that say "You Are Beautiful" which I have yet to get my hands on one. With the money from those, he pays expenses for the wristbands, orders more & then donates to a charity or charities of his fans/viewers choice. I think that's a great thing.
You can get one HERE! I personally want a "peace, love, rubber gloves" one!

Maz, if you ever see this! HI! I love you! I would say if my husband and I ever came to England I'd love to meet you, but I'm shy, which means I'm also awkward. So, yea! Haha. You just keep being you!! I'll keep watching your videos as long as you keep making them! Thanks for making me laugh!

So, yea...anyways, that's my shout out to Maz! If you like to watch youtube videos, definitely check him out!! Subscribe to his channels. He seems like a really cool guy.
I'll be back to updating you on my life tomorrow, I'm sure!
So yea,

As Maz would say...
Thanks for watching (or in my case reading).
See you next time!
Peace, Love, Rubber Gloves!♥


Mazzi Maz Story Time
Mazzi Maz Vlogs
You Are Beautiful Wristbands