Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Handsome!

Look at baby Harry! 

Today my imaginary British husband turns 19!

Yes, that's right baby boy is only 19.
But a damn good lookin' 19.

I seriously think I have a problem.
I don't think I have had a celeb. crush this serious since in a while.
If I were not married I would probably legit be that 24 year old woman girl with posters of him in my room. 
And I wouldn't regret a damn thang about it!

I do like all of the guys, they are all very attractive & the all seem to be pretty freakin' awesome.
For the record, I'd love to spend the day with Louis!
It'd be such a hoot!
But Harry, he caught my complete attention & I haven't been able to break it!

"Why him, though?"
Aside from the fact that he's gorgeous.
I love what I've seen/heard/read of his personality in interviews and magazines and such.
I don't know. 
He just seems really laid back, and funny. 
Seems super sweet.
Hell I'd love to just be friends with him.
Even though it might be a tad awks because of this post and all, lol
But yea, 
Or maybe this is just how my mind wants to think of him! lol
I'm okay with that.
He hasn't proved it wrong, so we're good.
I love his eyes, his lips, his smile, his dimples, his voice (talking and singing), and that accent, his laugh, his build, his hair...
Seriously, he's got these gorrrgeous emerald green eyes.
He's just, ugh, I don't know.

Just look at this man!

And then there's this...

Call me what you will. Obsessed? Crazy? Weird? Whatevs!
I honestly don't care.
I fully admit, I'm infatuated.
I honestly would just love to meet him, to talk to him (not in that way obviously) & see if he is how I think he is.  
And I want a hug.
I'm a hugger.

"Did she really just make a whole post for this?"
Sure did, and if you're reading this, chances are you read all of it,
or at least looked at the pictures.
So, just let that sink in!

♥Happy Birthday Harry Edward Styles!♥ 
Can't wait to see you (from the nosebleeds, bleh) in June!
Love Youuuu!!


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