Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's Ok... :)

--that I got way too excited when I remember it was Thursday, which means I can do an "It's Ok" post! lol

--that we are just now talking about getting the house back in order..our Christmas Tree is still chillin out y'all.
--that today is a musical day, & by that I mean just about everything I say or do leads my mind to a song.
Example: Cooking pizza rolls & the timer goes off, I check them and say "just a little more(time)" which lead me to "Ooh ahh, just a little bit. Ohh ahh a little bit more. Ohh ahh just a little bit, you know what I'm lookin' for."

--that I just scarfed down way too many pizza rolls while catching up on blog reading.

--that I'm just now trying out my new Converse shoes. They'll definitely take some getting used to.

--My Granny gave me one of her sewing machines & I'm nervous to start using it because I haven't sewn since middle school!

--that I'm excited to relearn how so I can make blankets and maybe baby stuff!

--that I am sooo beyond ready but completely overwhelmed to get things put up, painted, nailed down, moved and organized in the basement!

--that I'm ready for my craft room! A place for all of my scrap booking stuff & now sewing stuff! YES, PLEASE!

--that I'm a little too excited to get some shopping done this weekend! Normally, I avoid shopping after Christmas.

--that I STILL haven't started cleaning my stuff out of the middle of my brothers floor. Sorry, bro. But I told him NOT to do that...

--that my cousin sent me a couple job postings and I got nervous reading I don't know why I do that. But I'm going to look over my resume & maybe type up a cover letter & send it in to one of them! (Wish me luck!)

--that I am slowly building up my courage to go to the dentist. (this is a real struggle for me.)

--that I'm a little behind on getting my budget list made out. (it's okay though because this is a list that I make & remake about 8752831 times over the year. lol)

--I'm a little overwhelmed about saving up for a new couch. Esp since we have a non-declawed cat & she also has a wonderful habit of spraying every now and then. She's a great cat & litter box trained, just 2 habits that she hasn't broke are scratching anyyything & occasionally spraying (I'm glad she doesn't do that very often!)

--that I can't wait for hubs next paycheck so we can try to get Harlem Globetrotter tickets! We've been wanting to take his little bro & my nephew to see them! (I've also never been!!)

--that I wanna go to the Circus...just don't know if Hubbers will take me.

--that I already want to plan on what to do for our anniversary this year! Special one, to me anyways.

--that I just L-O-V-E that man!

--that I'm just rambling now! :p

Link up with Neely & Amber and tell what's Ok in your life!

Have a Great Thursday y'all! It's Friday Eve!


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