Monday, January 28, 2013

My InstagrAmazing Weekend (& recap)

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The first 3 pics..I was cleaning our spare room & snapping pics...
1. "Water's for washin'. Dickel's for drinkin'." George Dickel, Tennessee Whiskey mirror.
2. Sugar acting like a kid and trying to get me attention.
3. My Marcy Playground wall thing that I've have since that song came out...(I was like 8 or 9)
4. Ice all over my car.

1. Trixie eats off of a fork like a human...
2. Our dogs are beggars.
3. Doug bought the newest Dropkick Murphys CD..I told him it made me want to get drunk and dance around. All we were missing was some St. Brendan's.
4. I finally got my blue ps3 controller & a game I've been looking at. Which resulted in 4 hours of me playing it, hurt thumbs & Doug realizing that he can't be in the same room as me playing a video
He has never witnessed me get THAT into a game, or one with a storyline anyway...he said "it was very intense." lol

Chicken Tacos! 
I made my chicken tacos & as always they were amazing!

InstaG Username: BNBA

Weekend Recap:
Doug came home from work early because we had a winter weather advisory so no one was really coming in to have their car worked when he got home he laid down and passed out. So I go up and let him nap [for 3 hours-lol]...& I cleaned...I made a little progress, but not quite enough for my liking. Anyway, ended the night watching a movie with everyone. We watched "10 Years", it's pretty good. If you have not seen it, you might like it. It's a high school reunion's one of those that (to me) has a bunch of those "life lessons" or realizations...or is very relatable. Anyhow, I liked it...and it has Channing Tatum in it. (& Jenna! -his wifey-)
We spent more money than we should have, but that's okay. We hit up best buy & gamestop. Made for a successful shopping trip, we left with a second ps3 controller (aka: mine), a new CD for Doug, a new game for Doug & a new game for Me! We went back home & made a game plan for how we are going to tackle the basement. Because I get super overwhelmed when I think of all that needs to be done & not knowing quite where to start, Doug helped be figure some things we'll see how it goes. So then we went to Home Depot and got some more flooring for the hallway, which is what we decided we will finish next. Then we went to WalMart for a few things. And called it a night. Went back home & played video games.
Oh, the game I got is Alice: The Madness Returns. It's an Alice in Wonderland game but it's a darker version. Wonderland has been taken over & it's not the way it was before. I think her objective is to save it.'s pretty fun so far. But Doug got yelled at several time...I tried to warn 
Whew, I felt like it was go-go-go yesterday! I woke up at 11:30 with just enough time to get the chicken in the crockpot by noon! Then we had to go back to GameStop because she forgot to put Doug's game in the box. So before that we stopped in at my Granny's to invite her to supper, she usually comes to eat every time I cook chicken taco, then to GameStop, and then we shot over to the hospital to visit Doug's Pop (grandpa). He has an infection in his colon...(prayers appreciated). We sat with his Nana & Pop for a few hours, then once other visitors started rolling in we left. He ended up with a full room! Haha. But we got home in just enough time for me to prep salad stuff & cut up lettuce for the tacos & salads, and make the rice. Then it was supper time! As always, when I cook those, I ate WAY too much & was ready to pass-out! But of course I didn't bleh!

Anywho! That was my weekend. It's was great! 
But now I have to get some shizz done!
Bills -that were due Friday- :( and all that fun know? Life!

Have a great Monday! 
(Last Monday in January...don't'll be December before we know it! sheesh!)


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