Monday, May 19, 2014

My weekend & currently
Happy Monday and such.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Mine was pretty low key but still great.

Friday...didn't do anything..or if I did, I don't remember.
Saturday was an errand running morning and laid back day. Then then mens went coon hunting and mom & I had a scary movie night. :-) Love those!
Sunday was a lazy day. Slept in til about noon, when Doug finally ran me outta bed. lol & then he and sat around and Netflixed  (Netflix'd?) idk, anyway. We watched Pocahontas 1 & 2. & then at 8 we all watched the Billboard Music Awards. I honestly don't feel like doing a total recap...
Pluses: Luke Bryan is always a plus & he hit the stage twice--actually more that that if you count accepting his award, Miranda Lambert & Carrie -I love Miranda in case you didn't know, Michael Jackson hologram awww :') , 5SOS got to perform, I actually liked Iggy & Ariana's performance, umm...I don't even know...
Bad: When the fuck is Lorde a rock artist. Or Lana Del Ray for that matter? Seriously who does these genre categorizing?! Also Fall Out Boy didn't win anything they were nominated for, neither did One Direction.
I won't put this under a plus or a bad but, I was also worried about Miley Psycho singing a Beatles song, and while I did not LOVE it, it somehow oldy worked. But, please don't do that again. One of the radio DJ's that works at a station here in ATL was at the BBMA's and she tweeted that after watching Miley's performance everyone just kinda sat there at first, lol. 
Hell, you can read my tweets to get a bit of an insight as to how I felt last night, if you feel so inclined. :-)

let's do a currently....
reading... tweets when I switch back and forth between this & twitter.
watching... Well, 16 & Pregnant is on,..but I'm not watching does that count? Probably not. lol
eating... grilled cheese
drinking... apple juice
tweeting... no one at the moment
crafting... nothing at the moment, even though I have a diaper cake I really need to get started on.
doing... This, listening to music and thinking about what needs to be done today and weighing out what out of all of that I want to actually do.
loving... my hubbers, my family, the music playing and that I'm okay with my thoughts right now.
hating... blackberry winter rolled in over the weekend & it was rainy. Cold sucks, cold rain sucks more. I'm ready for Spring to come back.
thinking... Oh lord...-that I just need to put these ideas in my mind down on paper to see if they turn into anything, -also my room need to be vacuumed and some things thrown away. -I have a few errands that need to be ran, but not completely necessary today. -Gotta take granny to the hospital Wednesday for an outpatient procedure. -I need my own house. -I really want to make my "Harry" shirt-maybe for 1D's concert this year..good thing I have 4.5 months until then....-Also, the dreams I've been having lately are some interesting say the least....-I've also really been thinking about some new ink lately... yea my mind jump around from thought to
feeling... good. I feel good this morning. Hopefully that lasts!
listening to... Set It Off's album "Cinematics". Partners In Crime is playing at the moment.
smelling... I honestly don't know what I smell but there's a stink in the air, gonna have to fix that.
thanking... God for everything I have.
considering... taking classes, just not sure what for.
finishing... This & hopefully spending some time finishing some drafts to post.
starting... a new song. ;-) "Kill The Lights" is on now.

Aaaaand that's about how my morning is going so far. :-)

How was y'alls weekend? 
& Did you watch the Billboard Awards? What are some goods and bads of the show in your opinion?!

Talk to yuns later!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Two posts in one day!

My first post is all about the room I spent 4 days in a few weekends ago in Nashville & just a few memories from that time with all of my friends aka my FHamily.
Well, then I decided I want to link up with 2 lovelies, Sarah & Helene! You may know them, okay, I'm sure you do. And if you don't, you should! Go check them out, they are both all kinds of awesome!
Anyway, they created a link up where you share your first blog post & you can also share your firsts in social media... FB, Twitter, etc...
So, let's just get right down to it, shall we...

My first SF blog post...

Nothing extravagant. Just a basic, "hi, I don't fully know what I'm doing.. but I'm here now!" post. lol


Okay, so I was all about some MySpace. I can't even lie. I was SO reluctant to join Facebook. It annoyed me that everyone else was migrating to it. I actually joined in April 2009 but, as I mentioned, it was for other reasons so I never actually posted or anything, so this is my first post. Obviously that's my current profile pic though. My first FB profile pic was this gem...

So, like FB, I was 100% against Twitter. I mean, adamantly never getting one... Well,..then I did and never told anyone -on purpose- (except Doug & my Mom). Typically, the only way anyone in my person life knows is if they find me by chance or, if I slip up a little and I guess the investigate to find me? Idk. BUT... My very first tweet was to Nixon, the lead singer in Framing Hanley. I joined Twitter soley to keep up with them (& other celebs and musicians as well). But the deciding factor to join in the first place was FH and it's been one of the best things I did! :-) Anyway, this was about 3 weeks, a little less that 3 weeks before I saw them for the very first time. ♥


My first IG post was one April 7, 2012 & it's a picture of my Mother-In-Law's horse, Annie. I call her Annie Girl :-) She makes more appearances on there too, like our selfie!

And I think that's it. If I could figure out what my first MySpace post was, I would probably include that too. LOL!
Join in and share your Social Media firsts! Link Up here or here!

Have a good one, y'all!

Helene in Between

Room 217

 Room 217.
Oh you.
At first glance you're just a simple hotel room. Equipped with the basics.
But, for us, you are now a closely kept memory.
A place that we all want to go back to.
Where mine, Carla's and Sarah's room became everyone's room most of the days. The meeting room. The hangout room.

The room where...

...we spent most of the time, due to the weather.

...we learned some military workouts, in the middle of the night.

...the mini fridge stayed fully stocked with at least 3 different kinds of beer. (and water too)

...we had a mini pantry. Sandwich meat, cheese, mayo, bread, cereal, milk, chips, and cookies and all were opened to anyone who wanted food.

...drinking was acceptable at any hour of the morning...I mean, day. ;-) Except for DD's obviously.

...I think I may have freaked a few people out when I brought back a couple of "sperm" drinks from the liquor store. hahaha.

...Claire was the only one willing to drink one of them. And she said it tasted awful. 

...a few late nights where had, with some interesting conversations.

...only those who were there could understand fully what I mean when I say things such as: rolo mints (rolo minis), driving Vespas in England just like they did in The Lizzie McGuire movie (that was set in Rome,, footlometers, sexual hot wings & chocolate, and how good sour patch gum is.

...talks of group matching tattoos & a Nashville wedding happened.

...and talks of traveling to other states and countries for shows also happened.

...there was a mini Florida/Georgia football debate (sorry, Jon.) 

...I had to explain to a few people what frog gigging was, and the people actually do that. 

...Carla and I taught/explained a few southernisms & phrases.

...I got to hear a British accent, in person, for 4 days. I loved that.

...there were actually several different accents floating around and everyone was intrigued by each others.

...Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, New York, and England came together.

...we all got to meet for the first time after being friends for YEARS. (Well, not all of us, some had already met, that's beside the point though.)

...even though there were many funny moments, there were actually some in depth type conversations. 

...also, obviously, lots of music talk happened.

...various concert memories where talked about.

...Framing Hanley concert memories were shared.

...plans were made, in cahoots with Kayla, to surprise the guys at the show.

...our FHamily became even closer.

...where it was hard to say good-bye

...I left a little part of me.

...I also left my boots. dammit.

If those walls could talk they would probably tell you that we were insane. They would also probably explain some of the things I mentioned in detail then, you wouldn't even need for them to tell you we were insane, you would just come to that conclusion yourself.
This doesn't even really scratch the surface. I know there are things that are slipping my mind.
Room 217, the keeper of the FHamily conversations.

It was so much fun.
We all had so much fun.

I promise Room 217 won't be forgotten by any of us. 
It was the room where lots of laughs where had, memories were made, and not enough pictures were taken.


Monday, May 5, 2014

I'm back, and this weekend I...

Friday was a typical Friday, pretty much, we didn't do much of anything...
Saturday was my Dad's birthday so we all hung around the house and just had a very chill day. Ended with a cookout and then the guys went fishing while mom and I hung out and watched TV until we were both ready for bed.
Sunday had the bad news. My Grandma passed away, she was my dad's step-mom & the one I wrote about last week. If you've paid any attention to my posts, you'll notice that I don't usually like talking about/thinking about/dealing with death. This isn't any different so I'm not getting into it too much right now. She hasn't been doing well for a while, I'm glad she's not suffering anymore and can now be with my PawPaw again. But, as things would go, that wasn't the only bad news, another one of my Grannies is in the hospital. She apparently hadn't been feel well and finally went to the ER, the admitted her & then transferred her. They are doing tests and I think a heart cath. There was something mentioned about either a possible heart attack or she was on the verge of one. But, I don't know anything definitive yet. Other than that we went to my mother in laws to cook out with her and my bro in law. I definitely had my fill of burgers and hotdogs for the weekend!

Last weekend [the last weekend in April] went to Nashville for the first time. It was one of those trips I talked about. I'll do posts about that soon. It was a blast even if the weather wanted to try and ruin things. [[DIDN'T WORK]]
Then came home & had a bad Wednesday, other than finding out some good news, that I can't share just yet. (It's not about me, so no assuming! lol) And then I've just been trying to get back in the groove of "real life" again. 

Anyway, y'all have been spared my Framing Hanley talk for bit, til now. (And until my Nashville posts. They are the reason I went, after all)
If you would all do me a solid favor...
Go to iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play and get their new album. Or go out and search in stores (if you don't see it, ask about it). I would appreciate it so much & I can promise you that the guys would appreciate it as well.
They are also touring right now. Check dates they have so far here. If they are coming anywhere near you, go! They'd love it & they'd love to meet y'all afterwards!

That's all I got for y'all today. Lots of running around to do.