Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What would you do?

While I'd like to do a longer post, I have been chosen to cook birthday dinner for my mom. Her birthday is tomorrow, but her and my dad are leaving in the morning. So it's hamburgers and fries tonight. Easy to please right? :)
With this Powerball rolling over and everyone flocking to the stores for a chance to win, I've noticed several people asking, "what would you do?", which I think is a good question.

If I could, I probably would:: (& of this all depends on the dollar amount I would get back)
--Pay off my parents house and any outstanding debts they might have.
--Do the exact same for my Mother-In-Law.
--Probably help our grandparents, and maybe some other family members (if needed).
--I would then buy a chunk of land, design and begin building a house.
--Dental work for myself and my whole family suffers from terrible teeth. :(
--Invest in a truck and maybe an SUV. And hope that my hubs would get rid of his car(s).
--Pay off hubby's tool box.
--Maybe buy-or help- our parents get new vehicles.
--I would plan several vacations, one to be taken right away, and others in the future.
--I'd also mayyybe plan a very large family vacation that would consist of our immediate families,..and maybe even aunt/uncle/cousins...and it'd probably be to somewhere like Disney World (or Disney Land).
--Donate a to various charities and organizations that I (&/or my husband) feel strongly about.
--See how I can give back to my community & schools.
--Pay the lease on our Hunting Club for a good amount of years in advance.
--Help a few specific people in need.
--Set aside some for any possible future kid(s) of ours.
--I would fund a U.S., Canadian., U.K., European, and Australian tour for Framing Hanley (U.S. & U.K. for sure, the others -unfortunately- would all depend on expenses)...Don't know who they are? Ask me about them. :)

& then depending on what's left..
--Shopppinggggg, DUH! But not just for me.
--Save a bulk of

Those are just what came to my mind at the moment. And I also think a list like that is always kind of up in the air (subject to change). After all, money changes people (& I don't mean just the winners, I mean the people who turn into bottomfeeders of the winners, you know, that long-lost relative or friend that loves you soooo much. No thanks, man.)

So, my question to you all is...what would you do?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Social

My first link up, & it's with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social.

This weeks questions::

1. Name 4 jobs you’ve had in your life.
 --Well,  0.. I have never really're probably thinking  "lucky" right? Well, yes and no. It's not as fun as it sounds.

2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over.
 --Kind of hard to chose, I love movies...let's see,...Step Brothers, Across The Universe, Step Up 2 (or 3), and Jackass 2 (really any of them).

3. Name 4 places you have lived.
 --Only one place/town, in 2 different houses, only 5 minutes away from each other, haha.

4. Name 4 of your favorite foods.
 --Pizza, spaghetti, potatoes, and cheese. lol

5. Name 4 things you always carry with you.
 -- Phone, camera, wallet, pens.

6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation.
-- Gatlinburg, TN, Yulee/Fernandina Beach, FL (all the same area), Port St. Joe, FL, and Cherokee, NC 

In case I don't get around to another post today, (everyone is coming home, which means my brothers computer may not be as easily accessible as it is right now)...hope you all have a great Sunday. Looks like it will be a [semi]Lazy Sunday for me, aside from laundry, dishes and vacuuming. :)
My hubby comes home today or tonight! YAY!


That's My Dawgs!

Now that Saturday football is over. I'm truly sad that there is only one (a possibility of 2 more games) for my Dawgs...but the upside...there IS another game...THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!
I am so happy for these guys. I love this team, whole-heartedly.
Rambo & Ogletree were both in beast mode today! And Gurshall! Both of those guys are just ahhhmazing. Love watching them run the ball in. I was just pretty much happy with everything from them today.
Tech was having a terrible season anyway. That still doesn't stop me from saying THWGT! ;)
A little rundown of a couple of other teams...(i didn't keep up with every detail of other games today, so excuse me a bit if there is a little ignorance mixed with my bliss ;) )
So, it would have been IDEAL if the Gators would have lost to the Noles, for the simple sake of them losing ranks...what can I say....Gator Hater, here.
Gamecocks pulled out a W against Clemson...which I partially expected.
I can't help but to say I wish Notre Dame would have lost....but alas, USC didn't pull it together...that last drive was awful! Anyway...The fighting Irish won, of course, and remain undefeated. I guess starting their season off over in Dublin really did give them the Luck of the Irish!
A&M beat Mizzou...can't say I'm too surprised at that. Out of the 2, Texas is the stronger one.
LSU played Friday..& beat Arky....I haven't followed Ark. that much...but from what I remember they haven't had the best season either..
It'll be interesting to see the BCS rankings tomorrow (or today if you're technical).
So...let just get to the real competition.
Bama...of course they beat Auburn. A blow out.
GA vs. AL in the SEC Champ. game...if I'm being 100% honest. I'm a wee bit worried. Bama has been a powerhouse this year. Of course I have faith in my team that if they show up and play, completely focus and very little to NO mistakes, we could win. I believe so...BUT...they'll have to hunker down like no other time this season. My only hope is that IF we do lose to them, I hope it's a fight to the end.
Of course, from there, the winner will them progress to the BCS championship...and play against those undefeated Fighting Irish. I hope it us! Would love to see my boys in a National Championship game!
I will say this...I support the SEC, sooo...even if we don't trump Bama, & they end up winning and heading to the National Championship game, I will root for them.
But until then all you'll hear from me is:

P.S. Completely non-football related..I miss my hubby! He's down at the hunting club with everyone else. He'll be back tomorrow though. Talked to him earlier & he actually told me he missed me'll a little thing, but it made my heart smile. :) Ready for him to be home so we can snuggle.
I'm also ready for him to get a deer. He's not shaving until he gets one (so he thinks) lol. You should have heard all of the "You look like so&so from Duck Dynasty." that he got at Thanksgiving from those who hadn't seen him in a little while. I'm so ready for my "mountain man" to be back to my clean, shaven man. Or at least trim it up ....a lot. LOL He's so sweet though. "I wish I could get you a deer though." Bless his heart, I told him he just has to keep trying & not be discouraged. 
Welp, I am gonna log off from the interwebs now, gotta throw a load of laundry in the dryer & end my night watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. Talk later! :)


Friday, November 23, 2012

Liebster Award, I accept! And I nominate...

Very thankful & surprised that Brooke (@ Bits of Brooke) nominated me for a Liebster Award. I'm still in the new stage of the blog world, & by that I mean I wasn't sure if anyone had even come across my blog! haha. So, yay! Check out her blog!

Obviously, I gladly accept it. :)
From what I've read the Liebster Award is given to bloggers by bloggers. It is for little blogs like mine with less than 200 followers..."it's an award given to new or up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers! The award is then passed on to other bloggers in the same category to help spread their names around and support one another."

When you receive the award, you must:
  • post 11 facts about yourself...
  • answer 11 questions from the person that nominated you...
  • You then create 11 questions for the bloggers that you nominate to answer...
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less that 200 followers.
  • You also then have to notify your nominees of their nomination. :) 
  • Oh, and no tag backs!
11 Things About Me::
1. Camouflage is one of my favorite colors (yes, it counts as a color in my life--I'm southern & from a family of hunters.--)...and if I'm being more specific, Mossy Oak Break Up is my preference. :)
2. I have thought of several business ideas (one example is opening a small comedy club type venue), but I don't have the qualifications/education nor the confidence to do so.
3. My ultimate dream, I think, would probably be a musician portrait photographer, or a bands "in-house" photographer, or a sports team's "in house" photographer.
4. Blackberries & honeysuckle bring on extreme nostalgia of my childhood, therefore they will always be a favorite of mine.
5. I am struck with wanderlust so bad (but I'm scared of flying)! I want to go so many places, with my top 5 being; 1. London/Scotand/Ireland (aka the UK & Ireland -that all counts as 1 to me-.), 2. New York City, 3. Las Vegas, 4. Los Angeles, 5. Nashville, TN (I've driven right past it, literally, but never stopped...I will actually be going within the next 6 months maybe-)
6. I can't swim that great at all. I can a little underwater, but that's about it.
7. I'm addicted to one of the worst drinks for you: Mountain Dew.
8. I'm obsessed with the moon....I'm not kidding.
9. My zodiac is Cancer...& I am most definitely about 98% true to my sign, it's almost scary (it also explains my moon obsession a little).
10. I'm super shy most of the time.
11. I love dancing, although I have lost pretty much all of my rhythm, so I don't do it anymore! 
11 Questions from Brooke::
1. What is your favorite Christmas carol/song? 
 I love most of them really, but I'll say a fun classic Rudolph, the Red- Nosed Reindeer!
2. What is your favorite movie? 
 This is a tough one...for real, I don't have just one. All the Fast & the Furious movies, all of the Step Up movies, umm..I can go on lots and lots more...I'll just say those though.
3. Name 3 you would kiss, one you would marry, one you could kill?
 Kiss- Gonna sound a little weird but if he were still alive, I would take a kiss from sober Corey Haim...(those lips...), Marry-Harry Styles -don't judge, he's a man now..a scrumptious one at that-, Kill-I'm not sure there is a celebrity worth risking the possibility of life in prison over..
4. What kind of car do you drive? 
 '02 Mitsubishi Eclipse
5. Favorite Thanksgiving dish?  
Dressing & turkey..and potato salad...
6. What will 2013 hold for you? 
 If I had it my way.. a job, our own house & a bun in the oven. Along with tons of fun in between. 
7. Who on your Christmas list is most difficult to shop for?  
Everyone, but it's my fault...we always make lists, but I over analyze everything ("What would they want MORE, this or that?")
8. Guilty TV pleasure?  
I'm a self-proclaimed reality TV junkie..I just did a post that lists my current TV schedule, lol. But pretty much anything on MTV, VH1, I.D., Lifetime, SyFy, Nickelodeon/Boom/CartoonNetwork, E!, Bravo, A&E, etc etc,...
9. Favorite go-to skincare or makeup product?  
I have no room answering this question. I'm actually in search of good products at the moment. [suggestions are welcome!] I will say that I recently started watching a YouTuber named Emily & she does a beauty broadcast & because of her I have tried the Wet 'N Wild eyeshadows, I've only used one of them once but I loved it. 
10. What is a surefire way to snap you out of bad mood/funk?  
Music. & oddly, (& funny that I mentioned it above) the moon. I don't know why it can almost put an instant smile on my face or at least bring a sense of comfort to me.
11. Weekend plans?  
 I will be home ALONE! So, a whole lot of nothing if I can help it!

Questions for my nominees::
1. Think of your favorite (or one of your favorite) song(s)...what is it and why is it your favorite?
2. Believe any superstitions?
3. If money were not a factor, what would your dream vacation be?
4. If you could own any animal as a pet, what would you own and why?
5. Any hobbies? What?
6. Have a celebrity crush that you've never told anyone about? If so who?
7.Favorite horror movie?
8. Favorite food & drink?
9. Favorite comedian?
10.What are your stress relievers?
11. If you woke up one morning with the ability/knowledge to do anything as a career, what would you do? (aka dream job)

My Nominees::

A Late Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
First and foremost, I have a long list of things that I am Thankful for yesterday, today and EVERYDAY
We did our first dinner on Wednesday with my side of the family and it was so good, both the food and family time. Some great talks, mostly between myself, my aunt, my cousins & my mom about our celeb. crushes & who we do and don't think is hot. For instance, Charlie Hunnam (now) just doesn't do it for me, but Harry Styles--just let me love you--! Lol,..sorry to our significant others who in the next room. lol
Our second dinner was yesterday with my Hubs' moms side of the family. Always enjoy get togethers there as well. Catching up, eating & then devising a shopping plan.
Ended yesterday with a stop in at Hubs Grandma & Grandpa's house (his dads parents) to see them for a while.
All in all things were fab.
I usually go Black Friday shopping with my mother-, aunt(s)-, cousin(s)-in-law...but I opted out this year. It usually commences at Midnight. However, since big businesses decided to totally disregard (in my opinion) Thanksgiving, I decided to disregard "deals". Thanksgiving is for family, food, football, relaxation, etc...not standing in line & trampling other people. And,..I bet that, on the one day of the year that most people like to announce what they are thankful for, no one told a worker or cashier or whomever "Thank You" know...for working on a holiday that they could/SHOULD be spending with their own families. Talk about losing the meaning of a holiday. :-/
But alas, today is Black Friday, I am joining my aunt & cousin to see Breaking Dawn pt. 2...again. & then I may venture into a few stores since I'll be in the area.
Other than that, my weekend will consist of cleaning and not much else, and I'll take that!
My computer is still out of commission, but I'm still able to use my brothers. And I will posting again tonight. :)
Hope everyone had/has a safe and successful Black Friday. Just keep in mind that it's just things, be nice. I saw a post on FB earlier a friend posted that she had just watched or read a news report about someone threatening to stab people if they didn't calm down & I liked what she said at the end "Materialistic things are always available people, you may not get the Black Friday price, but is your life really worth the risk?" 

Happy Friday! Now everyone can officially start getting into the Christmas spirit! Talk to you all later!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MIA...Technology has been trying to repel me.

So, my computer is down...kind of.
It's probably still usable, but it's not "loading my profile correctly" whatever that means.
In other words, it will start up, but everything is default and none of my pictures, songs, documents, downloads, etc. are there. Make's no sense to me...
So...thankfully I still have the hard drive enclosure that I bought from the first time my computer crashed. I was able to check my hard drive and everything is actually still there so I'm not 100% sure why it's not loading.
Whatever, I'm saving everything and just going to have someone try to restore it or wipe it out.
Online time might be few and far between for a bit, but that's okay I suppose. I'm able to use my brothers some, like right now, so that will work for now.
Anyway...I think this makes the 3rd time I have been online since Thursday-other than FB and whatnot on my phone- & I'm still alive so that's

The lack of computer time "forced" me to revert to some good ole prank
And what better way to do it than with this! :)

Yea, I still have my Clueless phone. & the "Whatever!" and "as if!" buttons still work! lol
So...ya know...since no one answers blocked numbers (myself included) a handful of people got some interesting voicemails. HA! 

Also, little boombox that's in my bathroom has decided to quit on me. -_- It's sad, just...sad.

Anyway, there is and isn't a lot to talk about...but it's like 3:15 & I need to go to sleep so maybe another ramble post coming on soon...
I will definitely be back on in the next couple of days....because (when I finally checked my blog) I found out that I have been nominated for my first Liebster Award by Brooke over at Bits of Brooke! I'm still not 100% sure of what it is cause I'm still new-ish, but I'm still excited & definitely accept it! I will do my Liebster post in the next couple of days!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Apprehension...or lack of confidence.

I live in a small town. A lot of people in this lovely little town are very crafty so there are lots of small "businesses" that are in action. You know, pretty much you just doing your hobbies, but selling mine. I've been looking to expand and try to make new things & possibly add them to what's available, however I'm noticing other people doing the same or similar to what I want to do. I know that's a common occurrence, but here's my problem; when I get an idea, I don't come right out and voice it,  but I also don't jump right in and do it ('s a fault I know). So then if or when someone else come out doing what I've been thinking about doing I kind of feel bad.
1. Because, I wish I would have, or would still, just done/do it.
2. I don't ever want to be seen as a copy-cat, for lack of a better term.

Deep down I still really want to do some things. I don't know. I guess I lack a little bit of that competitive nature when it comes to business...there are always going to be people with the same or similar products. It's like that everywhere. I'm too soft when it comes to that,  I guess.
I've also been thinking about making an etsy page or starting a separate blog for my products.
Of course, I still have to fully decide how dedicated I am to all of this right now.

Anyone who has an etsy or a product blog or site, anything of the nature, feel free to weigh in.

Hope everyone is having a great day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hi, I'm Brandy & I'm addicted to reality TV...

So, here's the thing....I love TV. I do. And what does that lead to?? A TON of shows to keep up with. Put it this way...I have DVR & I still can't keep up with ALL of them...because I forget to record 'em...because I'll have 2 or 3 shows on the same night and I just forget. And it's pretty much ALWAYS like this. For example, I was already a week behind on The Real Housewives of ATL & I have apparently accidentally skipped or missed a few episodes of Ghost Hunters and Jersey Shore.
I'll share my current list:

Football [Falcons, Broncos, Lions, Bengals]
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Ice & Coco
Rehab with Dr. Drew
Football [Falcons, Broncos, Lions, Bengals]
Teen Mom 2
Catfish (maybe..I just watched the first one, we'll see)
T.I. & Tiny The Family Hustle
Ink Masters 
Tattoo Nightmare (not a "REGULAR" show, but we end up watching it after Ink Masters)
Behind The Music
X Factor
Ghost Hunters
Couples Therapy 
The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons
X Factor 
Jersey Shore 
Is a free day...unless I'm forgettng
Football [Georgia Bulldogs]

And then the cycle starts all over. 

Crazy right?! 
And it's always a rotation, by the time one of your shows goes off (season ends), another is coming back on (season premiere). 
Am I the only one with a TV show "schedule" this crazy?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Salute, Thank You!

Wanted to stop in and say 
Thank You & Happy Veteran's Day 
to all fomer and current military men and women and their families, friends and loved ones.
Headed out to my mother-in-laws to get ready to go watch my bro-in-law's last soccer game so I'm not posting a big post right now. 
Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Procrastination at it's finest...

I am one of those people who puts the PRO in PROCRASTINATION! The computer is my biggest ally when it comes to it. I so desperately need to do laundry I'm on my last few items of clothing that match and any way, but yet all I want to do right now, at this moment, is sit here.
Anyway, I really need to take some time to check out more blogs on here. After talking to Tiffany over at The Momma Bear Diaries, who I actually know in person, and having her help me kind of figure some things out (Thanks, again!) I finally have followed a few more people. Now I just have to get out there and "meet" some of these awesome people. I'll get to it, I just have to pick a day to sit and really explore some more.
Compromising at the moment and allowing myself to do nothing until my hubbers gets home, then I'll put my housewife-y hat back on & do laundry (even though HE has plenty of clean clothes -I always put myself last-)
So since I'm procrastinating, doing some street teaming and rambling, I'm thinking about doing a giveaway once I reach a certain number of "likes" on my Sugar, Spice, & Other Things Nice page. I haven't decided on the number yet. & the "prize" would either be a free blanket, or a free diaper cake & a jar or two of candy. Not sure though. We'll see. I know it'll never grow into anything major, but it's a hobby & if I can make a little while providing a product to someone, that's just a plus. Head over to check it out. I also welcome any constructive criticism, just ask that you be respectful. :)
So, yea...hate to randomly end now, but hubs is home which means supper time & I guess laundry time. ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday stress had officially begun for me.

As two of the largest holidays of the year approach I can't help but wonder if many people have lost sight of what they are all about. I know everyone is different, so they may not mean the same to you as they do to me.
To me, there are many meanings but above all else, it's about family. Everyone grows up and goes there separate way, but I feel like when birthdays or big holidays come around, that is truly a time for people to make an effort to be around family. I was always around family growing up, so naturally that's how I want it. And I genuinely feel like no one around me, in my family, feels the same way. I'm also a little envious that my hubby's family, for the most part, always put forth the effort to be together.
(And to be clear, by family I mean grandparents, aunt/uncle, cousins, siblings, kids, everyone- that biiig get together-).
Never fails for something to cause a bump in the road during Thanksgiving  and/or Christmas.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally unreasonable. I know there are other families to take into account, I realized that sometimes work isn't as festive & you can't get off. Or maybe you have moved away and can't afford to make it. I get it. But when there's minimal to no effort made. It's sad.
I feel like people in my family don't value family time on large scale. They do on the smaller scale, each individual family. Which is awesome. But I feel like the lone ranger who really wants and rallies for everyone to get together a few times a year.
Thanksgiving is approaching and I've already had my feelings hurt. I'm not going to elaborate because it's something that could still be worked out. So there's no definite damage just yet, just hurt feelings on my part.

And to top it off, my mom just asked me yesterday if I want to be in charge of the cooking this year. Kind of scared to accept that challenge, it's be my first Thanksgiving Dinner, even though I'm not hosting it at my own place yet. lol So...still thinking about that.

So, what do the holidays mean to you?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Need to remotivate myself...again.

We have been in the midst of redoing (or really just finishing) the basement (aka our "apartment") since about the beginning of the year. It's still not done...mainly because of money, but still. It needs to be done. We have the bathroom 98% finished, the hallway is painted and one wall in the living room area is painted; and no work has been done on it since probably close to the beginning of summer. lol I just hate that everything is so expensive. We have the paint for the rest of the living room area and the stairs. We need flooring, we are just using the square peel-and-stick tiles, which is $30.&some change per every box (30 sq.ft.)  & We need enough for the living room/kitchen area, the hallway, & the spare room). And then I'll need paint for the other room (the spare room/my craft room) Those are the BIG things. After all of that we can start fixing things how they need to be. We already have a bed for the spare room. We will need a couch, which is another chunk of money. Before we put the flooring down we will need to check our door because I swear it leaks. And we want a screen/storm door, which aren't exactly cheap. And then, to top it all off. We have a cat, she is litter box trained, Thank God...but from time to time she also thinks the entire basement is her toilet & we'll find areas that she has sprayed. I've been told that having her spayed may calm that. And we also need to have her front claws removed because I am not spending money on a couch for her to tear into, literally. We have bought scratching boards and posts for her & she doesn't use them. So that's 2 vet things, which won't be cheap. UGH! Money, money, money!
AND let's not forget that it's the holiday season. Christmas is approaching. And then me, being me, I refused to not squeezed in some room for fun stuff. (That may seem irresponsible to some, but I think it's important.)
I'm stressing more than I should. I know we can handle it. But when you're sitting here thinking about everything it does get overwhelming. I'm pretty good with managing our money. I just hate to see it go, lol. Even on fun stuff.
So, we are looking at:
  • Paint (hall, living room/kitchen, stairs) 5Gal-$100 (already bought)
  • Flooring (30sqft/box)-$35 (not exactly sure how many of those we need, haven't measured)
  • Paint for spare room, 2Gal -2 diff. colors--60
  • Storm Door- $300
  • Couch- $600-$700 at most (we don't have particular one picked out, just budgeting)
  • odds & ends:
  • blinds, 2 sets, -$22 each
  • &/or curtains- $20 each
  • Dresser for the bathroom- $55 (I know seems like a steep price, but I'm watching it and waiting for a good sale!)
  • Rugs- $100 total (for all rooms), that's steep as well..but I haven't exactly researched rug prices.
  • Side tables- $100 total
  • Sheets (spare room) -$20
  • trim, lighting stuff, other repairs-$200
  • Chairs/Stools-$75/set of 2
  • The rest of the drop ceiling (I think we have everything we need for that though...not sure)-$150 just in case
So If I go with this list/budget, I'm looking at about $2,154. (I did 6 boxes of the tile flooring). That's a lot, I do always over budget & round UP prices instead of actual. But I'm REALLY hoping to not spend that much! While it seems like a lot I try to put in in a bit of perspective, that's doing technically 3 rooms, plus there are those odds and ends that don't necessarily HAVE to be bought. And I didn't even factor in a vet bill.

Thankfully, as I said we already have a bed for the spare room, I have a desk and some table that will be just fine for crafting. We're not making our kitchen area into a kitchen, so that takes a lot of cost away. however we go have a table, so that's good. But that bullet list would get the basement back into livable function so we're not confined to our bedroom when we are down here. Which is another thing. I took our bedroom out of the equation. It will be the VERY last thing done, if I even feel like it.

Anyway, I'm so ready for the basement to be done so I can open the treadmill back up & so I can have somewhere to try the tons of new crafts I want to try!! Those 2 things will surely give me SOMETHING to do while I'm still unsuccessfully trying to find a job. But that's a whole other post all together.
I'm slowly but surely pumping myself back up and ready to go full force and knock it all out, but Doug has to help, I can only do so much on my own. There is plenty of incentive to get it done & the motivation is largely there. Just gotta do it..

Just Do It!