Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Social

Time for Sunday Social.
Head over to Neely or Ashley's blog and add your link.

1. Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food: Pizza, Spaghetti and me some potatoes.

2. First 3 Things you do in the morning: check my phone, pee, go upstairs.

3. Last 3 Things you do at night: usually usue the bathroom, play on my phone and watch TV

4. 3 TV shows you NEVER miss:Right now I'm really bad, the moment it'd prob be Teen Mom2, RHOA, and hell idk.

5. 3 Places you want to visit: London, Ireland and...NY

6. 3 People you can always count on: Doug, my parents, myself.

Okay, so todays Sunday Social wasn't cheery. Whatever, I hate the world right now, I've got a bit of a buzz and it's trying to make me sleepy...
See you all tomorrow for Karla and Nicole's InstagrAmazing Weekend...Be sure to link up with them! 



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