Monday, January 21, 2013


It's time to show off your InstagrAmazing Weekend! 
Link up with Karla & Nicole and show off your weekend. 
Welp, here goes nothing...My weekend wasn't super exciting.

Friday Night:
1. Finally finished my budgeting/saving post. Not gonna be anything spectacular, just sharing my methods.
 (It's scheduled to post tomorrow)
2,3,4. My brothers last day of night shift was Friday night & his employees/coworkers decorated his truck as a send off. EL-OH-EL! So much love!

1. Being teenagers's not love unless it's in pen...on each other...right? ;)
2. Headed out to go bowling...wasn't super excited, but whatevs.

1. Beer for everyone else, Mt.Dew for me...I'm addicted.
2. Game Day junk food.
2. I decided to have a few drinks. 
(If you drink, try these, they're really good, but they are seasonal. Only sold in the winter...I've actually had these in my fridge for almost a year (not kidding at all).)

I'm just not super thrilled about this weekend.
We spent a little more moolah than I would have liked.
(You'll see that I'm quite a penny pincher sometimes).
And yesterday...well yesterday can kiss my white ass.
I'll get into all of that later.
I've gotta get a few things done, but more importantly...
I need to eat.
I'm hangry.
(I need this pillow!)

Love youuuuuuuuu!

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  1. Hahaha, I love your "not impressed" face.
    That pillow is awesome!! I get hangry a lot!
    Thanks so much for linking up girl! =D


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