Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday and whatnot...

Well,..last weekend...
of course there was bowling and Chili's, I already talked about that...not really more to be said about it.

Sunday sucked balls...biiig ones.
The Falcons lost.
Since I've calmed down, I know they could have done better...
I still stand by saying those fucking refs aided the 49ers win...
I'm being a sore losing about this one. I admit it.
I am so sad that this is the way Tony Gonzalez's career is ending. (Unless he surprises us and does one more year) But anyway, it's doo-doo. Not happy with it at all..
I'll stop there.
It turned me into such a hateful person for the rest of the day Sunday.
Poor Doug, he got the brunt of it... :-/

Monday...Monday was a blur, I don't think I did anything...
It was MLK Jr. Day. 
I refuse to say it was anything else, I'll celebrate a man that actually made a difference.

Yesterday was alright I suppose. Carla (Idk if I have said her name yet or not, the one that I keep talking about that we are on and off friends).. anyway she and her son came over for a while & stayed for supper.
Mom made Chili....just..YUM.
I posted my money post yesterday.

I really have done nothing today. I'm going to though. Just can't decide what. I've got a little more laundry to do and looots of cleaning to do.

We're supposed to paint this weekend.
I'm ready, I'm so ready for there to not be such and overwhelming mess or pile of just...stuff everywhere. 
I also need to decide that I want to do with my spare room...I wanted to do Alice in Wonderland theme, but I'm not a painter & I don't want to attempt the scenery or any characters & eff up the walls. lol. But, I'm still considering other ideas are music, lyrics and such all over the wall. And the other is damask. One of my favorite patterns. 
I mean, I could probably, somehow combine it all....but idk how.
I wish the vision in my head could just appear on the wall!

Our "fun" is being put on hold for a little while..and I'm perfectly okay with that. We've been out to eat 3 times this month already (4 for me, cause I had lunch on day). We don't do that...we can't afford to do that.
Ugh. So yea, more restaurants for the rest of Jan!
I've had pretty much more fun on mine & Doug's nights in!

I'm so bummed I missed Ed Sheeran in Atlanta on Monday night!!! AHH!! SO BUMMED!
I'm also bummed that I'm missing JB tonight...but I'm actually more bummed about Ed! 

My bestest is going through hard time right now & it kills me that I can't be there for her to talk to.
I know she has people to talk to & people that take her out for girls nights and stuff down there, & I'm so glad that she has those friends, but I wish I was there to help talk her through it.
I wish she could just come over to my house, be lazy, watch TV & just talk, all day. 
But we don't have that luxury, there is a 7 hour drive between us.
We're planning a weekend trip, to meet in Savannah for a weekend in a few months.
Assuming nothing comes up for either of us.
And I can not wait! It's going to be SO needed!
We have not had time of JUST US since...2003 I think! So is so far beyond needed!
(Anyone ever been to Savannah? If so, any suggestions for things to do, cheap or free?! Also, any suggestions on where to stay? Fairly priced.(not over a hundo)..any suggestions for anything are welcomed.)

I have been eating SO bad lately. day...I ate a slice of pizza, then pizza rolls, followed by chili cheese fries, followed by cupcakes, and chips, with a few scrum-diddly-umptious M&M cookies & ended the night with ice cream. What to drink? a couple of mike's hard drinks & mt.dew of course. I shit you not, that was my menu.
That was one of the worse days. lol I have gained like 5 lbs this month. 
My mom isn't being the best influence either...I had a reese's blizzard for "breakfast" (it was after 1pm, but it was the first thing I had to eat today.) Of course, I shoulda said no, but it just sounded so good..and it was.
Another reason I cannot wait to have the basement done--it's where the treadmill is. I'll have a treadmill, plus all of  the other workout stuff right outside my bedroom.
& I'm gonna get a binder and print out some of my favorite Pinterest workouts and have them in there somewhere.
Doug already said he was gonna do it all with me. He's been wanting to lose some weight too. So I'm glad it's not gonna be just me. I think it will also help with our baby making...not the process ;) , but just my body. Getting my body back into shape might help it start wanting to function properly.
OH, I tried a Naked smoothie...yea,..gross! We bought 3 flavors & I'll still try the other 2, but the first one was was the blue machine. (the other two we have are the Green Machine and Mighty Mango)
I have a feeling I'm not going to like them wasn't the taste really, it was more of the texture or consistency of it, a weird thickness..I just couldn't do it.

Well, I reckin that's about all I have to say right now. I could actually probably go one, but I'll just stop here. 

I guess the rest of the week will consist of getting bills ready to pay & then getting ready to work in the basement. Yeeee!

Oh, I have also been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by not only one, but two lovely ladies! Tasia & Jessica, thank you to you both! I'll try to get a post up soon! :)

Happy Humpday!
Hope the rest of your week is great also!


P.s. The title of my money post "Ballin' On a Budget" is a song by Nappy Roots

OH. P.s.s. My girl Karla has a new link up that she is doing! It's the Newlywed Game Link Up!! Click HERE to check it out & to get the questions!

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  1. You have a friend named Carla? Cool! Not as cool as Karla with a K, but still cool! j/k ;-)

    Thanks for the shout out... & I hear ya with eating right and stuff. It's hard. I'm eating out of a bag of M&Ms I got today from one of my students parents (my last day of work is tomorrow). It's awful the things I eat past 9pm!!


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