Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Love Day, Love Muffins!

I told myself I wasn't going to do a Vday post.
But, it's whatever!

I do like Valentine's Day.
But I also do think it's overrated.
But yet we still kind of celebrate it.
Yea, we don't make sense. Haha.
So, I guess I'm a Valentine's Day Lover & Hater...

Doug is getting a card, a box of reeses minis, two bags of beef jerky and I'm cooking him shrimp for my pjs with no make up on, and hair thrown up in a bun...sound like a song? ;)
Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on...
I almost got him a Harry Styles
Any excuse to have something with my british hubs face on it!
I would say if anything I use this day as an excuse to buy him stuff. Not an obligation. He'd actually probably rather not celebrate it, which is fine with me also. But I just like to buy him stuff. I buy him stuff "just because" all the time. Just because" stuff is better anyways, doesn't feel like an obligation, more of a genuine "aw, you thought of me" moment. We don't do dinner out on Vday. Way too stressful and neither of us like crowds. If we ever do date night, it's always before or after.

When it comes down to it, who the heck needs a holiday to celebrate their love?!
Not us! I love this man 365 days a year.
Except the days he's driving me batshit crazy, or the days when he's got a stick up his ass or underwear in a wad.
Kidding. I still love him then too. And I am assuming he feels the same way. ;)
This is our 9th Valentine's Day together.

However, there's nothing wrong with a day dedicated to celebrating love at all. But celebrate it towards everyone! Hallmark holiday or not. I believe that it can be a holiday for everyone, not just couples, but parent and kids, friends, etc. So, tell someone that you love Happy Love Day today!  
Just don't let it be the only day you tell them.

So, because I'm obsessed with music, I thought I'd share some songs that I love:

Lovey Lovers Love Playlist 
Ed Sheeran- Kiss Me & Give Me Love
Billy Currington- Must Be Doing Something Right
Babyface- Everything I Close My Eyes
Boys Like Girls- Two Is Better Than One (ft. T.Swift) -I walked down the isle to this song-
Aerosmith- I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing -our song-
The Beatles- All My Loving
The Beatles- Baby It's You
Taylor Swift- Our Song
K-Ci & JoJo- All My Life 
All 4 One- I Can Love You Like That
Ginuwine- Differences
The Goo Goo Dolls- Iris
Grandfunk Railroad- Some Kind Of Wonderful
Jason Mraz- Lucky (ft. Colbie Calliat)
Lil Mo- Forever (ft. fabolous)
Salt N Pepa- Whatta Man
Wayne Wonder- No Letting Go
Edwin McCain- I'll Be

Bow-Chicka-Wow-Wow Playlist
112- Peaches & Cream 
112- Anywhere
Avant- Making Good Love
Usher- Nice & Slow
Usher- There Goes My Baby
Boyz II Men- I'll Make Love To You 
Color Me Badd- I Wanna Sex You Up 
Ginuwine- So Anxious
Ginuwine- Pony 
Ginuwine- In Those Jeans
Keith Sweat- Twisted
504 Boyz- I Can Tell You Wanna (ft. Mercedes) 
Pretty Ricky- Grind On Me
Silk- Freak Me
Silk- Meeting In My Bedroom
R Kelly- Bump & Grind 
Marvin Gaye- Let's Get It On

Not-So-Lovey-Dovey Playlist
Bon Jovi- You Give Love a Bad Name
Chris Brown- Dueces
Ashton Shepherd- Takin' Off This Pain
Blu Cantrell- Hit 'Em Style (Oops)
Alanis Morissette- You Oughta Know
Jason Derulo- Ridin' Solo
TLC-No Scrub
Nazareth- Love Hurts
Poison- Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Little Texas- What Might Have Been
Warrant- I Saw Red
Profyle- Liar
Toni Braxton- Unbreak My Heart
Puddle Of Mudd- She Hates Me
The Wreckers- Leave The Pieces
Taylor Swift-...just pick

Music for everything! ;) I could probably go on for days! Got any songs to add to any of the lists?!

Happy Love Day to all of my readers, today & every day!
Love you all & so glad that you all follow along/ hang out in my little corner a little!


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