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InstagrAmazing & The GRAMMYs

Link up with Karla & Nicole & show your weekend through InstaG (as I call it)!
 This is my disaster area of a living you can see it's not livable at the moment...
I was supposed to be getting started on cleaning some more...
 But instead of actually cleaning said disaster area, I just assed around and then it was time for supper. 
Febrany at Subway.

this is the house I grew up in. I had to go get some chairs out because we are gutting it.
It was trashed by the last person that lived in it, which just so happened to be my uncle and his "family".
So sad. Gonna take thousands of dollars and lots of work before it's close to livable again. :-/
 My Cousin helped clean out an apt. The people apparently up and left pertty much an apartment full of stuff.
She got a bunch of shoes out of the closet & they were too small for her, they fit me.
Free shoes! I'm not a stilettos wearer, but they are cuuuute!
I think I have 4 or 5 pairs of stilettos, 1 or 2 pairs of wedges, a pair of flats, a pair of flat boots, a pair of Arizona sneakers, 2 pairs of Nike Air Jordans (One are even Air Force Ones), and a couple pairs of sandals.
Late night supper.
Gravy and biscuits, sausage and scrambled eggs.

 This is my GRAMMY watching goodies.
The drink is Black Cherry SoCo, Sprite Zero & Cherry Blackberry Mio.
& Hot fries because I'm horribly addicted!

Speaking of the GRAMMYs, did y'all watch?
I did.
And I'm thinking this might have been the first time I've watched.
(I could, maybe, possibly be wrong on that) 
I can't remember watching it in the past.

Let's talk about that opener..
I really wish Taylor had never batted her eyes at Harry. More so I wish Harry would have never fallen for those innocent smiles of Taylors.
It'd make it easier to like her if that had never happened, because I like her before.
I feel like that performance was aimed and Mr. Styles, of course that could just be the Harry Girl in me.
Except it's not, when it came to her speaking part she was trying to pull of a faux-British accent on the "I still love you" part...
No girl, no. 
HOWEVER, I liked her ringmaster/circus coat/outfit better than her actual dress.
Oh well.
Ed Sheeran and Elton John! Did this blow anyone else away?! Because it did me!
I just love Ed, his talent is off the charts! And it was just cool to see him share a stage with Sir Elton John!
He was also nominated for Song Of The Year, which FUN. won, but I think he should have gotten it. Biased much? Sure. But at the end of the day, at least the award didn't go to Call Me Maybe. Silver lining!
Best hard rock/metal performance went to Halestorm. I've only listened to them a few times, but congrats all the same. I'm just glad there is still a category for this area of music. They were up against Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God, Megadeth & Marilyn Manson (who I love!).
What I don't like though? I don't like that this particular category wasn't included in the show. Yea, there was a couple of "rock" categories shown, but ehhh...EHHHH!
Also, best R&B performance went to Usher, for the song Climax. Holy God. I love that song...but again, why was it wasn't good enough to be shown, I'll never know.
I mean, in all honesty, I get it. The show would be WAYYY longer if they presented/broadcasted every category. But still. I don't know...
Also how about that Bob Marley tribute! It was fantastic!
I've never listened to Frank Ocean, but I now think I want to...BUT his performance last night was awful. According to lot of people, he's better than that, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and still check him out.
Best Country Album went to Zac Brown Band! I actually cheered out loud for this one! Zac is from my town, he lived here for a while & went to high school with Dougs cousins, etc. So even if he never claims or mentions this little piece of his life, known as my town, for the most part we are still a small town that's proud of him. Also, I bet he never in his life pictured he would share a stage with Sir Elton John! You go, Zac!
I'm not 100% sure about JT's performance. To be honest I didn't pay full attention to it.
But, ya know...who doesn't love JT. I wish NSync would go on tour. lol
I actually liked LL Cool J's closing performance. I feel like a few people hated on it. I liked it, however what I didn't like was the fact that the show, or the network, whichever one it was, interrupted his performance for sponsor shout out. That's a no go for me. Don't do that shit. & To make matters worse, you interrupted the host of your show. Way look like douchebags, GRAMMYs/CBS.
My favorite performances:
Ed & Elton
Miranda & Dierks (Love Miranda!)
Carrie Underwood
Bruno Mars, Sting, Rihanna, Damien & Ziggy Marley
Adam Levine and Alicia Keys
LL Cool J an co. closing performance.

Let's see, what else....hmm...oh Katy Perry was gorgeous. I'm pretty sure she was best dressed in my book! She just looked great! And how about Chris Brown showing up with Rihanna?! Any thoughts on that? I think she's crazy, but I also am tired of hearing about it. No, he shouldn't have put his hands on her, but it's been drawn out enough now.
A tweet last night that caught my eye was: "Friendly reminder that Adele and Taylor Swift are the same age yet one of them has a child and the other is mentally stuck in middle school..." lol damn.

Well, I'll stop there. It's time to eat.

Did you watch?
What was you biggest upset?
Who was best dressed? Worst dressed?
Best performance? Worst performance?
Overall opinion?


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