Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl, Weekend Junk, InstagrAmazing, and Fall Out Boy!

I feel like the internet just smacked me in the face with some great info & I am perfectly okay with it.

Let's just start with last night.
How bout that Superbowl?!
First off, I am not a fan of either team.
MY Falcons deserved to be where the 49ers were,
so therefore,
I was cheering the Ravens to win!
49ers couldn't even bring it back after they paid for a power outage!
(I kid, we were throwing around conspiracies last night before the game started. lol)
This was our first one: 
 And then the power surge/outage.
The team I called for won & I'm happy that the 49ers didn't take it.
Sorry, not sorry.
As for the halftime.
Beyonce did pretty good. Doug was all out hating on her!
"She just went downhill after she had a baby."
I spent most of the time defending her, with my main argument being "SHE BECAME A MOM!" or "SHE HAD A BABY!"
The Destiny's Child semi-reunion did make me happy.
I'm pretty sure there have been rumors as of recent that they may be doing a new album.
I could be mistaken though.
At any rate.
I was ready for that jelly! & I secretly wished they would start singing Bills, Bills, Bills!
"Can you pay my bills
Can you pay my telephone bills
Can you pay my automo-bills
if you do then maybe we can chill
I don't think you do
So, you and me are through"

And of course, the commercials. I'm a football fan so I do watch for the game. But I like to see what kind of crazy shit they do with the commercials, just like everyone else. 
My favorites:
Seriously, if this doesn't make you cry or tear up, or at least tug at your heartstrings, you need to reevaluate your life. 

Wasn't a fan of the song being in Spanish though. Threw me off a little. Still funny. 

Made me laugh! 
And the dudes that made this are from GA!

This one was great also. But, I didn't like it as a Dodge commercial.
I loved it as an ode to Farmers, an appreciation type thing.
Sorry Dodge, this commercial didn't make me look twice (or even once) at your truck.
But, it did make me smile at the thought of a farmer & the appreciation that they deserve.
So, I guess you did something right.

I am a huuuge Fast and Furious fan! I have been since the first one.
Absolutely loooove it/them!
I'm also a movie lover in general...I check ahead to see what movies are coming out months (even years) in advance.
Did you know there is going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean 5? 
Yep, it's happening. July 10, 2015
I knew about F&F6 welll over a year ago & I have been anxiously awaiting May 2013 to see it! lol
So, needless to say the preview made me SO happy!
& I'm loving seeing Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) back in it, I'm very interested to see what the deal is there!

Yesterday was so needed. 
To get out of this house & be able to sit around somewhere else.
And a night full of football!
Ughhh, so needed!
My Saturday was downright awful! 
You guys almost got an outpouring of I hate everything
(and I don't me the rant-y kind, I mean the this-girl-needs-therapy-or-medication kind)
But I refrained & instead cried in my room for hours.
I wish I was exaggerating.
One day I'll let a sliver of my thoughts out on here & you'll get it.
Depressed much?
It started out alright. doug & I went to pick up some stuff.
But we came back home.
My brother pissed me off.
Then Doug left to go with him to the hunting club to get camera chips and all, which set our Saturday night plans back.
After they left my mom had an attitude which caused my dad and I to retort with the same attitude & to avoid it getting any worse, I went to the basement.
To my room.
And cried.
Like, hyperventilated.
Just one of those time when evvvverrryyythinggg comes out.
And I was alone, which made it worse.
So I stayed in my room, in bed, until Doug got home.
I felt better by the time he got back.
Thank God for music.
I really is therapy for me.
I'm also upset that we (my area) got hit with a burst of winter weather Saturday, but I (where I live) got NADA!  Except for flurries, a very light, almost non existent dusting on the ground, and RAIN.
My mother-in-law got like 2 inches.
(You notherners and all, shut it, 2 inches is exciting to us.)
So yea, my Saturday didn't go completely as planned.

Friday was alright. Nothing extremely exciting.
Except a birthday.

My InstagrAmazing link up! 
Love the snazzy new button! It now has Karla and Nicole's blog names. :)
Follow & link up with them!
Being that my w/e wasn't totally happenin', the pictures are lacking, a lot.

Happy Birthday Handsome!

The view of what could be a bad night or a good one...
Our original plan was to drink and play poker with each other
But that didn't quite happen how we planned. This is during my music therapy.
Lyric from "All In You Hands" by Framing Hanley

I will always love this song!
This was when I started feeling better. :)

So, here we are.
Back at Monday.
I woke up late.
(I'll get into that in another post maybe)
But I was going to check my email & then get my day started.
I got online & BAM!
Seriously SO happy about this!
I'm pretty sure the internet exploded with happiness!

Their new single is "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)"
available on iTunes.
Which I don't have, grrr! Apple hater, here.
New album is called "Save Rock and Roll"
Due out May 6 & 7!
I'm so happy, yet so sad. 
I probably won't get to go.
But, this shirt was created in honor of their hiatus being over.
And I think I need it.
You can get one here.
New Single:
 Fall Out Boy-My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)
For any FOB fans, be forewarned, it's different from their older stuff. But I'm going to keep my expectations low in order to not be let down by the album.
Hoping it will be great though. I do like the song. It's stuck in my head already.

Okay, I have housewifey duties to do.
Which today mainly consist of laundry!
And I do need to clean too.
Monday already looks good, let's hope the rest of the week is the same!

How was your weekend? What did you do?



  1. Music has always been a life saver for me.
    So, I completely agree with you there.
    Whenever I'm in a certain mood, I know exactly which songs to turn to.
    Sorry about your bad night... glad that you enjoyed some of the superbowl though! I thought Beyonce was FAB! She looks smokin for just having a baby! Wish I looked that hot! =)

    Thanks for linking up lady! =)

  2. Any Man of Mine ... the BEST Shania song of all time. Love it!


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