Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Operation: I-I WERK OUT!

It's getting to be that time where Doug and I are probably about to implement 
Operation: I-I WERK OUT!
I just thought of that & yes, I made myself giggle.
Now I'm going to have to tell him that & watch him shake his head at me because I'm such an enigma.
I accompanied him to the doctor this morning. It was for his physical (cause I know you needed to know that crucial piece of info) & he asked me to come along to make sure he didn't forget to ask or tell anything.
His doctor walked in & her first words were "you look like you lost weight, have you lost weight?" & she was so happy about it.
He has lost a little. And I told her that we planned to try losing more.
Made her happy.
Over the weekend I made him sit down with me and scroll through pinterest to look for new recipes to try. So we can try some new things, and so we're not always scratching our heads when it comes to supper, or repeating meals too much or eating hamburger helper for the 9830497 time during the week. lol
Now I just have to actually cook some of the things!
We didn't exactly pick healthy looking things, but there are changes that can be made to most recipes that can make them healthier
And I won't cook anything that's too bad anyway since we still live at home.
Which is actually beneficial to our eating habits sometimes because my dad has diabeties and my mom has to watch what she eats because of her heart. 
(I am not saying I'm glad that they have any medical issues, I'm saying the fact that their lifestyle change  as far a eating and such affects us all, which is a good thing.)
We still don't do as well and we could (and should) but we've (the whole family) changed a lot around over the past few years. And by few I mean like 5 or 6. 
I figure since we are finally talking a little more seriously about it, and we're hopefully going to have the basement done, or done enough, soon. We should be able to start some kind of exercising. 
...I wonder if once we get it done, maybe I'll call it an apartment since it will hopefully look for like one...I just don't always like saying basement when I talk about where we live. lol.
Anyway, trailing off subject!
I haven't decided if I'm going to go the My Fitness Pal route again or not.
I like it, it helps to see how many calories I do consume, but I'm not one of those people who are all "OMG I can only have 5 more calories for today!"
I still eat what I want. Just smaller portions, which means I've had several days where I've gone over. And it won't be any different this time around. ha. But I might still use it. I don't know. I don't even know the last time I used it! My username for it BNBA, I think. (if you look it up, let me know if that's right, lol if it isn't I'll check later.)
But yea, so that's that.
I'm ready to start trying to put some of those damn workouts I keep pinning to use!
They're gonna kill me! You just watch!
I'm gonna try kinda of hopping on that health/fitness train with some of you ladies. I've jumped on and off of it over the last I'd say 2.5-3 years.
(I even have a Tumblr just for weight loss/fitness/health that I obviously haven't been on in agesss.) 
Maybe I can stay on this time since Hubbers is gonna do it with me.
So, I'm going to continue to find inspiration in a few personal friends I know, and all of you ladies that are on the road to getting healthy! And Pinterest, of course. ha.

So yea, that's my ramblings for today.
Exciting, huh?!
Now, I gots shit to do, man!

I gots buttons!
I made 2, but I've only posted one right now.
It's over on the right...over there -->
Nothing major, but yeeee!
If you guys want to see the other one, just ask, I'll post it too.



  1. I'll be here rooting you on the whole way with whatever you decide to do! Getting healthy is always great! That's what I'm trying to do and I'm finally feeling like I'm seeing results from TurboFire. It's been almost 4 weeks. So, it took a while...but so so so worth it. You got this girl! =D

    Annnd looooving the button.

    Love it so much, it's up on my sidebar! =D

  2. I'm so happy for you! You will feel great! If you do get back onto MFP my name is kscott24 so add me :)

    If you make some yummy things be sure to share the recipes :))


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