Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truth be told, I'm lion.

Doing this fun little, one time link up. Alexa & Jena are co-hosts & I just love them! You can link up with them or you can visit Sarah or Lauren to link up as well! Do it, to it!

Basically, I'm gonna tell you 3 things about me...
2 are true, 1 isn't.


1. I've been to jail before, I was only held in a small holding room until my mom picked me up. I was 13.
2. I pulled a totally cliche teenager act and ran away from home once.
3. I drunkenly took off my pants & panties and had to run to another stall for toilet paper....in a McDonalds bathroom.

You're supposed to go ahead and tell which is which, but I'm gonna let you all guess, I'll tell you if you're right or wrong...and I'll tell the answers, and maybe a brief back story to them, tomorrow in a post. ;)

So what do you think? Which one is a lie?



  1. i sort of hope #3 is a lie...lol

    nice blog you have :)


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