Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy National Signing Day!

My TV will be on ESPNU until 2 listening to where these guys are going.

So far UGA has 29 new guys, with 13 being early enrollees.

Then after today I will be ready for Draft Day. 
59 Days til G-Day.
78 Days til Draft Day (day 1).
6 Months til NFL Preseason.
206 Kick off for Bulldogs.

Not really much to say today.

I did tell y'all yesterday that we are maybe getting ready to start working out.
Anyone have any workout suggestions?
My target areas to tone are belly, thighs, butt -obvi- back and arms. (so basically everything)
I have a whole board on pinterest like most of the universe does.
But if you have any that you have tried and like or see any results from, let me know! I'm starting out slow, so keep that in mind when suggesting. ;)

Oh & if you have My Fitness Pal, I updated my app last night and checked my username it is bnba03, so you can add me if you like. I still don't know when, how often, or if, I'll start using it again...but you can be my friend if you'd like. :) 
Oh remember how I said I hadn't been on it in a while...yea, homegirl  hadn't been on it since last MAY!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.
Sorry so short, just not a lot on my mind at the moment.
Which is actually good.

Happy Humpday!

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