Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What grind my gears...about social media...

So, I spend too much a lot of time online. And I see so much that just bothers me.
Some a lot, others not as much- but still bugs me.
Before I get into it, I'm guilty, to some degree, of almost everything I'm about to complain about.
I can admit that.
BUT...I try to be aware that I'm doing it and keep it at a minimum, or nonexistent.
Some people, however, don't.
This stuff doesn't annoy me all the time, but there are just those times I can't stand it.
I'm observant, and I've noticed multiple people guilty of this junk...so I don't feel so bad complaining about it because it applies to more than one person. I'm not indirectly targeted any one person. I'm being as vague as I can, because if someone I know in real life should stumble upon this I don't want to hear the shitstorm of what it is they have to say. That being said, if you do know me in real life, and you just so happen to stumble upon this post, if you think this applies to you...all I can say is if the shoe fits...

Let's start with ever so lovely, Facebook::
1- Pity/complaining about your life..all. the. time.
We all do it. It's fine from time to time. Everyone has those uggghhhhh days. Whatever. But if you're so miserable that that's literally all of you to post about. Check yourself, before you wreck yourself. I've been there before, where I've not had anything nice or happy to say...I do get it. But come on. Either you need to change something, OR stop looking for attention. 
2- Complaining about your kids...all. the. time.
I mean, you had them...more so, you raised them. Unless it's small, silly things, it's likely there is a reason they're acting out...communicate with them...in person.
3- The "I'm so in love" to the "Who needs men/women" in a months/or weeks time.
Break ups happen, fine. Chances are this is an all too common thing for you though. Hows about being single, sweet pea? 
4- "Sharing" EVERYTHING.
No, I don't mean any kind of TMI posts, I mean when you see "so&so shared such&such post". Don't make all of your posts pictures that you decided to "share" from another page. Doing it every now and then, fine, whatever. Maybe there is a post or two that you think applies to you or someone else & you just feel the need to let it be known, fine. But if that is 99% of your posts, please don't. There is a website for that, it's called Pinterest, it's fabulous.
5- Being fake.
I'm not saying share you're entire life story. Not at all. But don't be fake. Don't tell someone in person, "I am so pissed off at my boyfriend, I could break up with his ass right now." & then 10 minutes later post "I love this man so much." Um, no? Either you're trying to keep and appearance online, or you just lied to someone's face. Be real. It's actually okay to post that you're pissed of at your guy, as long as you're ready to talk about it a little bit -cause you know someone will ask why-. If you don't wanna talk, don't post, but don't post something false either...especially when other people know better. Also, stop acting different than you really are, or do in person, just to impress someone.
6- When it looks like you don't have kids...but you do.
This could go several ways. First of all, I completely understand not plastering your kids all over the net. But, when you have a child and you don't have the first picture of them, or with them, & you never even mention them, it doesn't look good. I get that for lots of people, it's a protective/precautionary thing. To me, and this is depending on who it is, it make me feel like you're not proud to be their mother. If I had a kid, I'd be proud of it (even on the days they made me want to pull my hair out). I know some of you moms are saying, "yea right, you just wait." lol Another way it could go is the party mom. You're a mom, I'd rather not see your posts or pictures of your wild ass escapades, especially when that's all you seem to care about.

Well shit, why don't you just delete them?
Well, aside from the fact that I'm admittedly nosey at times, there are some people that I would like to keep contact with, for one reason or another. And as I said before, I'm guilty of some of this too, just not quite as bad. There are some though that I really do wonder why I haven't deleted...that's probably the nosey side saying, "because you're nosey."
I bet you're just as annoying.
You're probably right! What do I post excess of? If there was anything I could think of that is annoying to others it'd be the excess of music videos and lyrics. I will post the hell out of lyrics & videos. Luckily, I do think lots of people like or appreciate it. And I always apologixe either beforehand or afterwards. Cause sometime you just have to spread the love/music, & I fucking love music!

Onto Pinterest::
1- Long posts.
Like this.They're just annoying. I try to not repin many of them unless I really wanna keep up with it, or really like what it is. Like that particular one, I love it.
2- Not changing the description.
Very minor. No biggie. But sometimes you should really just pay attention to what it says, lol. Tailor it to you. Like, don't Pin a recipe and leave it as "I made this for supper last night, it was delicious", when you didn't... (okay so that was a dumb example, but I'm sure you know what I mean.)
3- Repinning the same thing, multiple times.
I actually go through my boards from time to time to make sure I have not done this. & If I'm unsure, I'll "like" it first & then check. It's annoying to me to see someone post something & then a week later there it is again. Pay attention to what you're doing, people!  
4- Pins that lead to nowhere.
It's just annoying. I just wanna see how to make the kind of blanket, dammit! 

1- Fangirls
I'm a fangirl at times, I admit. But some of the things some people say...whew.

1- Existing.

All of it...
Connecting alll of your social media to each other...if I'm on facebook, I don't want to see your Twitter/Pinterest/Tumblr or InstaG. If I want to see ALL of your tweets, instapics or pins, I'd look you up and follow you on there. Stop forcing it on me! 
I am guilty of this with Instagram and Twitter. I will tweet most of my InstaG posts, but Instagram gives you the option to do that every time, it doesn't just automatically do it....most social media you have to connect through setting therefore most of the time it automatically does it. I will type out the same post of FB & Twitter before I'll connect my Twitter to my FB. Just, no.

But, alas, 
To each their own, right?
I just felt like complaining.
Am I alone in any of this? Am I crazy? What bothers you? 


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