Sunday, February 24, 2013

Left Turn!

Hello blogland.
I have nothing to talk about today.
So, I just figured I'd check in to see how everyone's weekend is going.

Mine's alright.
Nothing going on.
Boring & I'm trying to not be too lazy.

I'm still bummed that I didn't make it to see my guys in TN last night.
We ended up whole wall!
2 more to do in the living room area & then we have lots of cleaning to do so the drop ceiling can be put in. It all sounds simple...if we'll just actually do it.
I had kind of forgotten how much of a workout painting can be, & it actually made me want to work out
I just wanna get in some kind of shape.
Today has consisted of laundry and watching the Daytona 500.
Yep, y'all, I'm a NASCAR Fan.
Dale Jr. is my guy & he came in 2nd today.
Not what I wanted to see, but I will take it!
Any of you ladies NASCAR fans?! If so who is your driver? & Did you see that crazy ass wreck yesterday?!

So, yea...that's my super exciting, over the top, weekend.
Now what am I gonna do?
Another load of laundry and try to not devour a bag of chips...
I'm so hungry, and bored.
Maybe I just need to go to Pinterest!
I also think I might skip watching the Oscars...

How has your weekend been?


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