Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Ok

Linking up for another It's Ok Thursday... you can join Neely & Amber also.

It's ok...
...that I realllly want to go to Charming Charlie to look around. Might have to hit up Cumming or Buford soon.
...that I try to not eat much late at night, but shit, it's just hard sometimes.
...that I have a bunch of older songs stuck in my head today & I absolutely love it.
...that my production has been minimal this week.
...that I can't wait for this weekend so we can paint...even though we've been saying that for weeks.
...that I still haven't ballsed up and made a dentist appt.
I finally asked Doug yest. if he would go with me, I told him I'd rather be able to cry on the way home than have to sit in their parking lot and cry afterwards, because I know I will. It's that bad.
...that I have a couple of draft posts started, but I'm not sure if I should write them.
...that I just want to go back to sleep today. Can't seem to fully wake up.
...that I'm cutting this short because I'm about to do a video dump on you to share some of the greats. :)

 Manfred Mann- Do Wah Diddy

 The Angels- My Boyfriend's Back

Cher- The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)
& Who doesn't love the movie Mermaids?! Definitely one of my favorites.

Ritchie Valens- Donna 
(special place in my heart, it's my moms name)

Elvis Presley- Jailhouse Rock

The Archies- Sugar, Sugar

The Beatles- Don't Let Me Down
The Beatles- All You Need Is Love
they get 2 on here because i absolutely l-o-v-e them!

The Jackson 5- I'll Be There
Love, love, love, forever love MJ.

Led Zeppelin- Stairway To Heaven

Okay, I'll stop there! 
I could go on..and on, and on!

Have a good one! 
*OH, I asked on my post yesterday if anyone had any workout suggestions...
got no responses, but it was a football related post, so I'll ask one more time.
We're not doing any specific program (like insanity or 30 day shred, etc) we're just going to do our own thing.
So if you have any favorites or any that have given you results, suggest away! Or if it's a pinterest pin, leave the link & I'll repin it to my board. :)
My target areas are belly, thighs, badonk, back and arms.
Thanks in advance!

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