Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ramble Box..

Well, my nephew is at the house again today. My mom took him to the dr & he has a virus that's pretty much a cold... O.o Anyway, it's contagious & Sissy don't want it, so I am holed up in my bedroom until we get the house sprayed down with Lysol! 
I decided that I would just ramble today about somethings that are on my mind. 

I was checking the calendar the other day while looking at dates for my Bestie Weekend in Savannah & noticed that Daylight Savings starts March 10th at 2 AM. Yay! Something that doesn't make much sense about me is that I am a TOTAL Night Owl, BUT I cannot stand it getting dark at like 6-7pm. I love when it's close to 9pm and still daylight/just getting dark. 

With daylight savings comes Spring! L-O-V-E Spring (and Fall). They are my favorite months! Not too hot, not too cold. The only thing I don't like about spring is the weather, there are many days where there is "good tornado weather" & homegirl here is not a fan of Tornadoes, or any bad storms. But other than that, bring it on! So ready to ditch the winter blues!

Speaking up "Winter blues" any of you who read my post on Tuesday. I was shitty wasted & probably shouldn't have sat down in front of a computer. I do battle with depression, I have sense my preteen years, that's something I don't think I have fully addressed on here; but now that I decided to let my looney show, I may address it just a little some other time. It really is a battle & I really shouldn't drink when I'm upset. (I vaguely remember sobbing at the kitchen table. & My mom trying to talk to me.)

I've been thinking of what I really want to do with my life & honestly don't have a direction. That sounds SO bad. But, I honestly don't know what I want to do. There are several things that I'd like to do, but living in small town and not being willing to relocate does not leave me many "big dream" option. So, meh.

Speaking of big dreams, I've started thinking about traveling again. & My camera. I sought out some advice on which camera to get, & it didn't help a lot. Mainly because I had my heart so set on one & pretty much being told that "that one is good, but go with this one". So I just don't know. I still have more research to do on them. Traveling..I'm seriously considering starting an envelope, you know-my method of saving, for a London/UK/Ireland. But there are some issues with that. 1. I'm scared to fly, period. But the thought of flying for almost 12 hours, over the Atlantic freaks. me. out. & 2. I reallly want to go, but I'm afraid if we do, we'll just get there and be like "now, what?" We're both kind of introverted & I don't want to save the money, take the time & make the trip only to do next to nothing. I know I need to do lots of research to find things to do & such, but you get what I'm saying?

On a smaller traveling note, I can't wait to see my bestest in a couple of months. You will see me talk and talk and talk about this foreverrrr. Living 7 hours away sucks & when we get to see each other these days (usually only once..maybe twice a year) it's only for a weekend. So this time, we are losing the husband & she is leaving my godbabies & we are having just a girls weekend & I cannot wait. It has been just us in YEARS. We've got the dates, & almost got the hotel picked out. Once we book I'll be ecstatic! And I just have to hope nothing comes up that causes either one of us to cancel! Dear life, don't be a bitch to us, we need this! KTHANKS We decided that we are gonna go with no plans made & just figure out the things we want to do once we get there. :)

Operation I Work Out has still not started, but it's still being talked about. It hasn't quite started cause we have still been procrastinating in the basement/ out "apartment." And in order to dust off the treadmill, there is lots of work to be done. It's all connected in someway. lol excuses, excuses Whatevahh, it's true!

Now I'm gonna do another A-Z. I've done one before, some of the questions were different. This time, Jordan at Musings of a Twenty Something is trying to get to know her followers, so instead of doing this in her comments I figured I'd do it here.

A — available or married?

B — book?
Currently slowly reading The Book Of Lost Things by John Connolly. It's alright so far. I'm excited to finish cause I think my next one will be The Happiness Project, or Perks of being a Wallflower! I'll also take suggestions. :) 

C — cake or pie?

My grannies Red Velvet cake or peanut butter pie. 

D — drink of choice?

Non-alcoholic: Mt. Dew, Sweet Tea, juice, kool aid or water.  

E — essential item? or camera

F — favorite color?

all time favorite it Blue! But I love, love, love black too. I actually love most colors...

G — game to watch or play?

Football, baby. Go Dawgs & Falcons...(and Broncos, Lions, & Bengals...)

H — hometown? 
Good ole Small Town, USA ;) My gorgeous little town is Dahlonega.

I — indulgence?
getting more cloths than I need. Eating out. Date nights. Vacations. Getting my hair done (which hasn't happened in a freakin year & 3 months. :(

J — job?
Stay at home wifey/housewife/bill payer/financial upkeeper...etc.
K — kids and their names?

None of those, yet.

L — life is incomplete without?

Music-duh, family/friends, & laughter. I love to laugh.

M — music group or singer?

I have tons of favorites, so instead of saying who are and aren't favorites, I'll just tell you a couple of my go-to's right now... Ed Sheeran, Framing Hanley-always, Linkin Park-always, One Direction, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Jessie J....etc.

N — number of siblings?
1, big bro.
O — oranges or apples?

Both, please! (Granny Smith Apples!)

P — phobias/fears?

Death, whether it be my loved ones or me. Which in turn causes fears of pretty much everything! lol

Q — favorite quote?
I don't know...there are so many, I can't pick one at the moment.
R — reason to smile?
Love! Loving and being loved, it just feels so good. And  Music & memories.
S — season?

Spring & Fall. Perfection!

T — tattoos?

4. Don't know if I've told you all that before... lol But yea, I've got 4 tat, all in need of touch ups.

U — unknown fact about me?
Umm,...I'll have to get back to you on that...I'm blank.
V — vegetable you love?

Broccoli, carrots (both uncooked), cucumbers,...I'm seriously going blank trying to remember veggies, okra (fried), lettuce, onions (love them, used to eat them like apples), black eyed peas, beans (pinto are my favorite!), pootatoooes!, corn, collard greens, green beans, peas....

W — worst habit?

I don't know...I know I have some bad ones though.

X — X-rays you've had?

Ankle/leg, teeth..I think that's it.

Y — your favorite food?

Pepperoni Pizza, spaghetti, potatoes (mashed, fried, baked, boiled, whatever) french fries/chili cheese fries. & I do love fruits and veggies I just have not been as good about eating them lately.

Z — zodiac?
Cancer. And it fits me to a T!
So, there ya go! You guys can do it too, if you'd like. Let me know if you do, I'd love to see your answers too! :)

Happy Thursday!


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