Friday, February 8, 2013

The Newlywed Game Week 3

Linking up with my favorite, Karla & her girl Veronica for the Newlywed Game! 
Check out their pages for details!

1.  How long were you dating your spouse before getting engaged?
Me: 6.5 years.
Doug: 7 years. --I reckin he was close enough ;)

2.  Do you remember your first big fight, if so, what was it about?
Me: I don't really remember the very first one...but it was more than likely about 1 of 2 two things.
Doug: Yes, smoking.  (Yea..he's right, and that fight lasted over a number of years and I(sissy) won it.)

3.  Who said "I love you" first?
Me: Him.
Doug: Me.

4.  What is your spouse most afraid of?
Me: I would say spiders.
Doug: Germs. (lol, whatever)

5.  Who uses more hair-care products?
Me: That would be me.
Doug: She does.

6.  Who initiated the first kiss?  How was it on a scale from 1-10?
Me: Him, 10..turned into an all night makeout... lol
Doug: Me. 10

7.  You are on your way out, and need to turn around because someone forgot something... was it you or your spouse who most likely forgot something?
Me: I feel like it's usually me.
Doug: Both.

8.  Who takes longer in front of the mirror?  You or your spouse?
Me: Again, me.
Doug: She does.

9.  What would your spouse name your children if you had one girl & one boy?
Me: Umm..hell, I don't know...I know for a boy we'll prob keep his initials the same & same middle name, for a girl..I have nooo idea.
Doug: John and Jane (clearly he hasn't paid attention to the names I've suggested over the years.)

10.  If you were able to give away one thing that your spouse owned, what would you choose? 
Me: Uhh...I honestly don't know..maybe his phone, cause he plays games on it too much
Doug: Computer.


  1. LOL- John & Jane. Very original, Doug!
    The kissing question-- ooo la la!!
    First kisses that lead to full blown make out sessions are always a 10 in my book!! Thanks for linking up again! =D

  2. dang yall waited a long time till you got married!
    Glad yall linked upn!


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