Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life changing choices & Saturday Down South

Before I get into football mode, I'm gonna ramble.
I started a post last night but I just saved it and left it alone. 
It is regarding a doctors appointment I had yesterday & what I was told & what happened.
It's fairly common, but I'm struggling with my feelings about all of it.
(I'm a pessimist who always thinks the worst things are going to happen.)

I was in a very dark place yesterday, mentally.
As in, cried on and off all day...even while I was in the midst of starting to put the Christmas tree up. 
Lovely, right?
If my hubs wouldn't have been here & I wasn't expecting company last night I would have been non-stop tears, I would have turned into a basket case.

I'm not sure if or when I'll post about it...I feel like I will, I know it will help me further process everything...but I'm still trying to process everything in my mind at the moment.
I wouldn't even talk to my hubs about it. I talked to a friend, my cousin (who was there with me), my mom and my mother in law...& I was still kind of hesitant with them.
I'm still not okay, I just had a huge distraction over night that pushed it out of my mind. But it's creeping back to the forefront, so since I'm home alone now, tonight and most of the day tomorrow I'm hoping I can get my thoughts straight. Even if it means crying all weekend. (I'm VERY emotional).

I have a headache today, but i have nothing to do except clean, work on the Xmas tree a little more and watch the game...
Which allows me to transition to my next topic...

I am a bit nervous about this game..
but a loyal fan stand behind their team.
Full force!

This is an exciting day in Dawg Nation! We are going up against Bama, who no doubt, is a powerhouse of a team. If these boys show up today to play, it is going to be one hell of a game. Regardless of the outcome, I am SO proud of the Bulldogs this season & I am so proud to be a Dawg fan! 
Ready to see these boys do work.



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