Thursday, December 20, 2012

It's OK.

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It's OK...
•To still be upset over my fish dying.
Today is the longest time I've spent in my room (awake) since then.
•That I have done absolutely nothing today

•That I have spent hours catching up on my usual YouTube videos. :)

•That I just ate a bowl of mashed potatoes and a mashed potato sandwich & now I'm eating hot fries. (Sorry body)

•That I don't really want to do anything spectacular for New Years, & thankfully Doug feels similarly about it.

•That I am so ready to get re-motivated to bettering myself and my life.

•That I got/am still tied up in Christmas stresses and happenings that the previous mention has been put on the back burner.

•That I always get distracted when I'm blogging...part of the reason it takes me SO long to do ONE post.

•That I still haven't fully grasped how to post a speedy blog post (aside from being distracted)...even my speedy ones are usually time consuming. I'm just slow I guess.
•That I'm not sure if our/MY first round of treatment & trying worked , but I'm trying to not overthink it. I don't feel any different, but even if I was knocked up I'm not sure I would feel anything different with my body just yet.

•That I have legitimately thought to myself "What if I am?...That means that I will be about 6 months pregnant going to a One Direction concert. LOLOLOL!" 
& bet your bottom dollar that if that were to end up being the case I would STILL have a blast

•That I have been battling with the decision to make a dentist appointment.
I'm scared and extremely anxious almost to the point of wanting to cry a little just thinking about it.

•That I'm multitasking and applying for a job, but I feel like it's useless because I never get called. Having no work history or references kind of sucks.

•That I'm probably going to wait until my Hubs gets home before getting ready to go to his moms. Today is his little bro's birthday, he's turning 12. Crazy stuff.

•That I am all of a sudden really tired.

•This list isn't that exciting.

•That it took me well over an hour, pushing 1.5-2 hrs, to do this post...when I said I get distracted, I wasn't kidding! lol

Have A Great Day!



  1. I think anyone would have a good time at a 1D concert....I think it would still be a blast even at 9 months pregnant. Ok...maybe not so much, but at least you would have been able to tell your kid that they were born at a concert...haha!

    love your blog!

    1. Haha, you are so right! If I were to end up preggo I'd still totally rock that 1D concert. :D
      Thank you! :)


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