Friday, December 28, 2012

Last Friday of the year...

Kinda weird.
In some cases it's like this year FLEW by.
But in others if kind of feels like it's timed just right...
Either way! Happy Friday!
I actually woke up early enough (but not as early as I should) to get some blog READING done. I do read post of those I follow, I may not always comment, but I try to at least read!!

My plans for today include:
-Paying a bill -that is late :-/ -I hate when bills are due on Christmas, I always forget to pay them a little in advance so they always end up a few days late. Merp.
-Taking a nice long bath. It's just needed.
-Having a drink, don't do that very often, I think I will tonight...I've been wanting to try that Barefoot wine, Karla said it was good & I had a sip of some that my hubby's cousin had at Christmas...anyone have any suggestions as to which one to try?!
-Making sure Hubbers has everything he needs for hunting. It's the last weekend to hunt, so I'm crossing my fingers extra tight that he gets one!
-Mom wants to make some peanut butter we may do that...don't know yet.
-Talking to my bestest, probably via text.
-I may or may not try out my curlers...they are the velcro ones and I haven't used them very often (I have a fear of thing getting stuck in my So I may try them tonight. I need to take a picture for the Framing Hanley' album booklet..they haven't asked for our pictures yet, but I want to try to get a good one (So, if my hair turns out good I may be giving myself a mini photo shoot this weekend.
-Whatever else comes to mind...

Random thought:
You know so far the one thing that grinds my gears about Blogger?
Say I comment on you post & you reply to my comment...why doesn't it let me know that you've replied? (Or if it does, please let me know where to see that at, cause I'm just not seeing it.)

Anyways, I'm currently working on a draft post about my year. So that will be posted hopefully BY Monday (if not before). I'll go ahead and warn may be on the lengthy side, maybe even with lots of pics. :)

Also, round one of baby making didn't take. I'm def. not preggo and I am about 96% content with it, but it's also the reason I could use a glass or 5 of wine or maybe something stronger, to help me maybe be a little more content with it....Anywhoo I'll get more into that in a separate post this weekend, that will give me something to do, plus it's therapeutic and junk. ;)

Hope everyone has a good day! I've got to get going.
If today goes smoothly & I get bored enough I may post again...I don't know what about...but I'll find something. haha!


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