Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Ok...

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--I'm about to rush through this post because I'm a procrastinator and I have about 30 minute to change clothes and put a face on.

--That I'm a little sleep deprived. Going to bed at 5am & waking up at 10am isn't pretty, folks.

--That I as SUPER excited about this concert tonight! ED SHEERAN! & I found someone to go with me. Taking my :)

--I use smileys...a case you haven't noticed. :) ;) :p 

--I got nervous about taking an ovulation test. WHAT? Yea,...pissing on a stick that is supposed to tell me if I'ma drop eggs made me nervous. Silly, right? I hate anxiety. lol

--That I watched 98% (I missed the first like 30 mins :-/) of the 121212 Concert for Hurrican Sandy Relief last night. I watched from 8 to 1 am & It was TOTALLY WORTH IT! LOVED it...

--During said concert I actually tried to be nice & NOT hate on Kanye West too bad...but I mean,..come on...he was wearing a leather skirt... NO.

--I teared up when Paul McCartney started "Blackbird" :')

--I almost "double-booked" myself this weekend. GLAD I remembered a previous plan before anything new was set in stone. 

--That I am STILL not finished with Christmas shopping.

--That I want to post about SOOO much but I get scatterbrained when I sit down to do a post...I need to organize my thoughts a little when I get ready for certain topics!

--That..I could probably ramble on right now, but I REALLY need to get ready!

--That I am going to leave you with a few videos and demand strongly recommend you listen! Some of the people I'm seeing tonight. :)

Ed Sheeran- You Need Me, I Don't Need You

Ed Sheeran- Give Me Love

Jason Mraz- I Won't Give Up

Philip Phillips- Home

Andy Grammer- Keep Your Head Up

Sorry not sorry for the video overload! :)

Have a great day!


  1. I hope you had fun that the concert!!
    I hear you on Kanye... I mean, that outfit.. really?!

    1. I had a blast!! I'll prob. post about it today. :) And, I kind of want to know what he was trying to achieve by wearing that...I just don't get it. lol

  2. Brandy! We have the same taste in music. :) Where's your follow button? I'd love to come back!

    1. Hi Holly! I have thought the same thing by looking at your posts! :) Try looking for it now. I think I fixed it. If not let me know. Would love to have you as a follower!


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