Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lazy Sunday & New Years Day prepping.

Today was a pretty good day.
I had entirely too much wine last night & ate way to much supper & junk food (drunk munchies), passed out at 2 am, woke at 6am and chugged half a bottle of water with some ice, passed back out at finally woke up at 2pm. lol 
That means I will probably NOT drink VERY much, if anything, on NYE.
So, today didn't consist of much.
Watch the Falcons game, and they lost but it's okay
Then took my mom to CVS.
And,...well that's pretty much it.
Fun right?

My Year in Review post will be posted tomorrow. I'm gonna read through it and do any last changes to it and then I'll probably schedule it to post in the morning. :) It's ramble-y so bear with me when reading it. Kinda skips around. haha.
Tomorrow will consist of going to the bank, grocery shopping for our New Years Day dinner, and some cleaning. We do black-eyed peas, collard greens, sauerkraut and wieners every year on New Years for good luck, wealth, etc. & this year we are adding Ribs, cornbread, potato salad, green beans and maybe some dressing to the menu. MMmmmMM!
We'll probably get a few drinks for tomorrow night & maybe some noisemakers and snacky foods, but that'll be about it.
I also need to start cleaning my stuff out of my brothers room, so I'm not sure if I'll have much time to post anything else tomorrow. Also need to wash some clothes tomorrow since you're not supposed to wash them (or do the dishes-I think) on New Years Day. Supposed to be bad luck.

What old traditions or "superstitions" do you do or celebrate on New Years Day?!

I cannot believe 2012 will be dunzo in a little less than 27 hours! What a crazy wonderful year! 
I am ready for 2013 and what it may have to offer though. If it's anything like 2012, I will be happy. I'm already shopping (or "looking") for furniture for the basement. Buying hubbers his PS3 for Christmas sparked his inspiration to finish our living space so we're not confined and crowded in- to just our bedroom. So yay!


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