Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Good Riddance Monday.

Well, Monday sucked. Point blank.
I'm super bummed about it too because hubs was off of work and we were supposed to spend the day hanging out....
WELL, woke up to a DREARY, rainy day. I didn't want to get up & when I did it was hard to get going.
Since it was raining, I'm talking a straight-up downpour for a good little while, we didn't really want to get out in the mess. And there's not a whole lot to do around here.
So, we figured we would try working in the basement. Huge mistake, I get overwhelmed every time we start cleaning down here, so we ended up bickering most of the time. I was snappy all day. And then when we weren't bickering he was outside helping my dad burn stuff-once it stopped raining.
So...needless to say...I'm not happy with it.
Then I went to take shower and discovered remembered  I didn't have any clean clothes because when it comes to doing MY laundry, I slack WAY more. So I had to wait for mom to finish with the washer and dryer so I could wash myself a load. SO I finally got to shower....at 10pm. -_-
So ready to go to sleep & wake up & try to have a better day!
It wasn't completely terrible...but it did suck..I know that doesn't make much sense.
At least Doug was home. :) Just wish I wasn't so snappy. God love that man for putting up with me, cause I don't think I would. lol

Nothing interesting to talk about.

Actuallllyyyy...once I woke up, I went upstairs & my mom informed me that my Uncle & his family basically opted out of Christmas this year. Nice. Mom knew it would make me mad because I am the one who actually REALLY cares to have the whole family together! It's money related, so I kinda understand. To an extent. But I'm not getting into it, I know that I don't know everyone struggles, but I see it from an outsiders POV &...well, let's just say it could definitely better.
God forbid any of them ever find this blog and I be the cause of drama just for speaking the truth having a place to clear my head.
It just sucks because I love them all, I really do. And I just find myself wanting to help them and I can't. All I can do is give advice, but even if I were to offer that kind of help, I have that gut feeling it wouldn't be accepted. I mean, because what do I know, right?! Being unemployed with little to no bills doesn't always leave me room to give people who are juggling mortgages, kids, bills, work, etc., any kind of advice.
But, as I said...I see it from an outsiders perspective...that advice, or opinion, alone could be helpful. An insight.
Oh well.

Well, I'm gonna take my contacts out -because I suck at doing that 98% of the time :-/ - & then gonna try to go to sleep!

Night! I'll try to have something interesting to talk about tomorrow (or today, whatevsss).


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