Saturday, December 22, 2012

[Insert cliche "End Of The World" or "I'm Still Alive" line here.]

But really...I mean, if anyone thought it was 100% legitimate they wouldn't have bought any Christmas presents before today.

So, my "end of the world" day was a pretty fantastic one. 
I didn't wake up as early as I would have liked to, BUT got everything done that I wanted to.

I spent a couple of hours shopping and fighting my road rage with my Mom and my Granny, rushed -kinda- home and got ready for my brother-in-laws birthday dinner. 12 years old & expensive-ish taste. He chose to go to Longhorn's. That's mine & Hubs' on occasion/special occasion place to eat. But this qualified as a special occasion. :) It was just us, my mother-in-law & bro-in-law and it was fun, an sooo good! I ate too much and it was totally worth it.
He turned 12 yesterday. Crazy to think I've been around/with my husband since his little bro was like 3.
Anyways, after we left I drug Doug around for a little more shopping. :)

Now he is packing up his gear & waiting on my brother to get off of work. They are headed to the hunting club for the weekend. I hope the wind isn't as crazy there as it is here. It's innnnsane [in the membrane, insane in the BRAIN!]. 
Fingers crossed he get his first deer & that it's a good one!

This will be the first night of me being in my room alone at night since my fish died, it's been a week. It's so lonely and unbelievably quiet in my room with out him. 
I'll stop yammering on about him all the time eventually, just bear with me. You know how it is losing a pet, my fish was no different. :-/

Little bit of a Christmas confession to make...I haven't sat and watched many proper Christmas movies yet, except Elf! & Santa Clause. :)
I've watch a couple of the ABC ones & a couple of the Lifetime one, but I have yet to watch Rudolph, or Frosty, or any of those. I started watching A Christmas Story the other night but ended up helping my brother clean, then I watch like 2 minutes of Home Alone. TSK TSK, I know. I will correct that this weekend. I have more Christmas shopping to do tomorrow & I WILL get myself some Christmas movies. Tomorrow night will consist of watching them & having some hot chocolate. 
Speaking of hot chocolate---today is the First Day of Winter & mother nature brought it in the right! 
We've been bitching about the fact that it has felt almost summer-y here lately, but last night that wind picked up (& has not let up). It was chilly yesterday, but down right cold today. I'm glad. I HATE being cold, but I also don't like when seasons don't feel like they should. Ya know?
I'm almost finished Christmas shopping. 
I finished my Granny's (I do her shopping every year.)
Now mine is almost there! :)

OH! Gotta tell y'all about this! 
My mom told me something that totally made my heart smile
Every year our WalMart does "Giving Trees". They put up 2 (this year 3) Christmas trees with paper ornaments on them. The ornaments have someones age, sex, and something they want on it.
 One tree is for kids & the other one (or the other 2 this yr) is for older folks (usually people in the old folks home in town). It's for people who are less fortunate, to make sure they have something for Christmas. Anyway we always do at least one. 
This year I was only able to do 2. I chose a kid & an adult & I chose from opposite ends of the age spectrum & opposite sexes. I got a 7 year old little boy who wanted some movies(dvds), & I got a 101 year old lady who wanted a pair of sweat pants & a sweat shirt (outfit) and a throw blanket.

 I got him 3 DVD's but like 6 or 7 movies total I think, a couple were the double or triple features. And I got her a matching pair of pants and a shirt, and a soft and pretty sherpa throw (the one in the bottom of the picture above).
Well my mom told me that she found out my cousin is working 2 jobs now, one being at the old folks home & she had told my mom she met the lady that I bought the sweat pant/shirt outfit & blanket for! She said that she uses the blanket I bought her every night. Makes me tear up with happiness. 
I loved hearing that.
'Tis the season.

Well, I believe I will change into my pjs & wait for my hubs & bro to get on the road and I guess lay down. :)
I'll leave you with this amazeballs song.

Yes, I'm gonna be THAT girl and post this. Enjoy. ;)
R.E.M.- It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Hope everyone else had a great day!
Anything exciting happen?


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