Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's Ok...

It's Ok...

*That my mind still isn't fully back to normal from Christmas & the stress beforehand.
*That I haven't started my day yet.
*That I'm starving and have no clue what I want..
*That I wanted chili cheese fries, spaghetti & a salad in the middle of the night, I'll probably try to satisfy at least one of those cravings.
*That my room has a small pile of Christmas presesnts & I don't know where to put them room.
*That I am super excited to hear an announcement that Framing Hanley is supposed to make after the holidays. Waiting, waiting, waiting!
*That I've getting distracted again, this time from watching The Women of SNL.
*That I'm ready to start making plans for 2013. lol
*That the house isn't fully clean yet & I don't want to help clean it.
*That I can't wait to get a game for me to play on the PS3! & To get a second controller. (I told Hubs I wanted a blue one)
*That my mind always goes blank when making this post!
(Maybe I should make start a draft post & add to it throughout the week! I might try that.)

*That Thursday is becoming one of my favorite days because I get to realize that ITS OK! haha!

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