Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am...

SOOO damn tired of having to defend Facebook statuses.
I mean really?
Before I EVEN get INTO my rant, let me just say; 
1- I, like everyone else, will post a vague status in a heartbeat [don't try to say you don't, cause more than likely you have before, it's okay to do sometimes] ;). Sometimes it is referring to something or someone in particular, most times though--it's not. General statements, ya know? 
& 2- If something that I post that is clearly generally stated & YOU feel personally attacked, you probably need to step back at look at yourself. 
That's called a guilty conscience. 
So, little back story leading upto my post....Monday I was sitting in my living room trying to figure out what to get a few people for Christmas -cause I am STILL not finished-...and y'all, when I say I stress about this, I'm almost overstressed, lol. 
So as I was thinking, wracking my brain over stuff, my thoughts shifted from, "Should I get them this, or that?" "Will they like it? Or should I get something else?" to, "What if they don't like it at all?" "If they don't like it will they even appreciate the effort?"
That prompted me to post this:
And this is all of the comments:

So, this post has me-once again- in the middle of, or I should say a factor in, a "rift" in the family

IF I am going to say something about you, I'll make it a little more personal (without name dropping) TRUST ME
This however, was a completely general post. AREYOUKIDDINGME?!  
There are many people, on my friends list and in the world, that that status can apply to.
 I mean...
Just shut the fuck up. 
I'm sorry to my other family that has to deal with the ignorance from it.

The point I was making is people whine about being broke, but they spend and spoil, which is fine by all means. But are you teaching your kids to appreciate it? That they can easily not have those things or that they don't always HAVE to have everything that everyone else does.
I say kids, but as I said, it can apply to anyone. 

This isn't the first time, & won't be the last.
But it's seriously tiring sometimes. 
Like, go find something else to whine about, don't flatter yourself thinking that I'm thinking about you THAT much.
It's sad, it makes me feel bad because I do love my family. There are some people that can kind of turn off there feelings and just not care about certain people or things, but for some reason I can't that much. So, my feelings are hurt because apparently there was a low blow taken towards me.
It's whatever.
I can do low blows too, baby. You're older than me, act like it. AND, don't come out saying anything to me, or to my family about me, if you don't want the same done to you, because I can be a bitch too.

I told my hubs, I get in sooo much trouble over my thoughts on Facebook...and I refrain from a lot on there....can you imagine the shit I would cause if people knew the unfiltered versions? DAMN, I'd be shunned from my family.

I feel like I'm the Regina George of Facebook.
People always getting butthurt over what I say.
Everyone thinks it, I just speak it.
I'm now gonna get lost in "40 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of the 90's" on VH1. :)

So, whether it be family or friends, does this ever happen to you too?


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