Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What would you do?

While I'd like to do a longer post, I have been chosen to cook birthday dinner for my mom. Her birthday is tomorrow, but her and my dad are leaving in the morning. So it's hamburgers and fries tonight. Easy to please right? :)
With this Powerball rolling over and everyone flocking to the stores for a chance to win, I've noticed several people asking, "what would you do?", which I think is a good question.

If I could, I probably would:: (& of this all depends on the dollar amount I would get back)
--Pay off my parents house and any outstanding debts they might have.
--Do the exact same for my Mother-In-Law.
--Probably help our grandparents, and maybe some other family members (if needed).
--I would then buy a chunk of land, design and begin building a house.
--Dental work for myself and my whole family suffers from terrible teeth. :(
--Invest in a truck and maybe an SUV. And hope that my hubs would get rid of his car(s).
--Pay off hubby's tool box.
--Maybe buy-or help- our parents get new vehicles.
--I would plan several vacations, one to be taken right away, and others in the future.
--I'd also mayyybe plan a very large family vacation that would consist of our immediate families,..and maybe even aunt/uncle/cousins...and it'd probably be to somewhere like Disney World (or Disney Land).
--Donate a to various charities and organizations that I (&/or my husband) feel strongly about.
--See how I can give back to my community & schools.
--Pay the lease on our Hunting Club for a good amount of years in advance.
--Help a few specific people in need.
--Set aside some for any possible future kid(s) of ours.
--I would fund a U.S., Canadian., U.K., European, and Australian tour for Framing Hanley (U.S. & U.K. for sure, the others -unfortunately- would all depend on expenses)...Don't know who they are? Ask me about them. :)

& then depending on what's left..
--Shopppinggggg, DUH! But not just for me.
--Save a bulk of

Those are just what came to my mind at the moment. And I also think a list like that is always kind of up in the air (subject to change). After all, money changes people (& I don't mean just the winners, I mean the people who turn into bottomfeeders of the winners, you know, that long-lost relative or friend that loves you soooo much. No thanks, man.)

So, my question to you all is...what would you do?


  1. Too funny that you did this as well! It is an interesting thought :)

    Thanks for the blog award!

    1. That it is! And you're very welcome. :)


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