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Kind of lengthy post ahead! :)

I went into 2012 thinking that this was MY year.
It was the Year of the Dragon
(which is my Chinese Zodiac)
Which was more of a sign to me that it was going to be good.

Now that we are at the end...I can say that I'm satisfied with it...even the bad.
I brought it in on a very positive note. Even though at the time there was a little drama brewing, I told myself the 2012 was going to be good & that that shit didn't matter.
At the start of the year drama ensued, ties were cut, but I was content. There was a sticky situation that I unwantedly ended up in the middle of & I wasn't interested in it. Some ties were cut and others were loosening...A couple of months later a little more drama ensued and more ties were cut, including the one that was loosening. But, again, I was content. Everything was so great after that. I almost felt bad because of how GOOD everything was. You realize how much drama one or two people can bring into your life, once they are gone. It's like going from chaos to quietness. Very little to no drama after that (aside from a little family drama, but most families deal with that to some degree anyway.) By this time it was moving into Spring time & I wasn't about to let anyone petty crap bother me, and I didn't. Summer was awesome.
I did hit a rough patch back around August, & when I say a rough patch I mean I felt as worthless and depressed as I did back in middle school (let's just say,..I was in a really dark place.) I was actually extremely disappointed in myself. I had been doing so good about not letting anything get to me (or get to me that much.) and then I just broke. I was so mad that I had let myself breakdown, and the fact that I was mad at myself didn't make it any better. lol.
Around August some light communication started to happen with one of the ties that were cut earlier in the year & I had VERY mixed feelings about it. I am actually still a little weary. I watch my tongue a lot. But we are working on our friendship, I'm still trying to take it a little slower than she is though. ha. But, it'll either work out, or it won't. We'll just have to see.
We experienced a lot of friend drama, as I mentioned above, and ended up pretty much cutting ties with most of them. As sad as it was, I think it was for the better. Doug and I really got to spend a lot of time together. Thing I would have normally did with my friend, I was doing with him and I absolutely loved it. It really put into perspective how much of a best friend he really is to me. And we do put up with a lot of crap from each other, but when it comes down to it, I love this shit out of him & I feel like he feels the same way.
I have unsuccessfully tried to find a job this year. I think this is the most I have ever actively put in application & it's so discouraging for NOTHING to come from it. Not even a part time job at a toy store for crying out loud! -_- But, I haven't given up. Somethings got to give & someone has to give me a chance eventually.
Aside from a couple of breakdowns, Fall was alright. I had a lot of plans fall through which made me sad, but there is always next year. :)
I made the decision to try to be a blogger. I think I'm doing pretty well, right? :) I honestly cannot remember what made me even decide to do it. I think it was on the upswing from one of my "dark times" a couple of months ago & I was talking to my bestest and told her that I was thinking about it & she thought it was a good idea. She was going to start one too, but I don't think she has...But then I talked to Doug about it and he supported the idea. So, Sissy Fits was born. I'm so thankful to anyone who has read any of my posts, commented and followed! I'm thankful for YOU for reading this. I'm having fun "meeting" new people. I don't know if I am still considered "new", but I'm definitely still learning. So any tips anyone has would be cool. [I do read the comments! I try to reply, if I don't, I'm sorry! I really hate that blogger doesn't let you know when someone has replied to your comment!]
We made the decision to try for a baby. So I'll take any good vibes you want to send my way. I'm really hard on myself, so dealing with a disappointment time after time with this is going to be really trying. Hell, I was hard on myself even when we weren't trying. Just thinking that my lady bits might be dysfunctional was enough to get me down.
My fish died a couple of weeks ago & I really am still pissed off (at myself) and heartbroken about that. I've just tried to spare you guys from hearing about it constantly.
There were supposed to be some plans for New Years Eve, but they fell through-and I'm glad.
I think I may cook some burgers(maybe), and we can sit around with my family and play cards or board games or whatever & have a few drinks.
This post isn't nearly as organized as I'd like it to be, but I just typed as it came to me. I also condensed it a bit... :)

So...all in all, I think the year is ending on a pretty good note. I am super content with everything.
Some highlights::
•I got to see my bestest!!
•Concerts! I saw::
 -Me Talk Pretty, Hawthorne Heights, & Madina Lake (all for freee!-guest listed!-),
 -Framing Hanley(!!),
 -Def Leppard & Poison (again!),
 -Mute Math,Incubus & Linkin Park (OHEMGEE!),
 -Andy Grammer, Grace Potter, Alex Clare, Phillip Phillips, Jason Mraz & Ed Sheeran(!!)
•Went to my first live comedy show! JON REEP! (Look him up, for reals)
•Walked in a fundraising 1 mile march. First time I've ever done anything like that.
•Any time spent with my niece and nephew are always highlights.
•June marked our first year of being married, but 9 years of being together! :)
•I made it through pretty much losing a handful of friends this year with my head held high, for the most part.
•My Favorite band raised enough money to be able to do their third album, make a video & hopefully do a tour! (&I, along with MANY others, was a small part of it). We are a FHamily.♥
•Um, I started my little bloggy blog! :)

What I didn't do-but wanted to-::
•Go to the beach. Normally I'm not all "I HAVE to go to the beach!" but for some reason this year I really wanted to go!
•Get my tattoos..I had 2 in of them, it's still just not the right time for it. The other, was my dragon (my zodiac--year of the dragon ya know) & yes I wanted to get it this year BECAUSE it was the year of the Dragon. lol
•Go to Nopi Nationals. (STILL disappointed about that.)
•Go to the fair and be a kid. lol
•Go to a GA game.
•Lose weight...I only have like 20-30 I need to lose!
•Finish the basement...we started & got the bathroom about 98% done (we got it usable) & then stopped...:-/
•Hubs & I didn't get a proper vacation this year....
•I didn't get the DSLR I wanted even after I finally had saved up enough money...why? Cause I now want a different model which happens to be about $600-800 more than what I have. lol Dang it!
•Find a job. :-/

In an effort to not completely overload with pictures I put some random ones in collages. ;)
January 2012
Top: Nathan Leone (Madina Lake) & Me, JT Woodruff (Hawthorne Heights) & Me
Bottom: NYE 11/12...the first one is them dancing & the 2nd is at Midnight!
•The bottom 2 pics should be on top 
•The top 2 are from that concert I was guest listed on! Woop!

March 2012
 Top:  Me, Jon Reep & Doug, Jon Reep by himself
Bottom: Me & My best of the best & a bonfire
•Got to see my bestie in the middle of March for her little sisters baby shower! :)
•We went with my Mom & Dad to see Jon for their anniversary at the end of March. So fun!
 April 2012
Top: Nixon, Brandon, Ryan & Luke, Luke alone
Bottom: Chris, Nixon, Myself, Luke and Ryan
Framing Hanley♥
•This was the highlight of April. Seeing my boys from TN :)

May/June 2012
Top: Me after the Rock Goodbye Baby Mile March, The super moon, Me with my niece & nephew,
Bottom: Doug & Me; our 1 yr anniversary pics, 
The two on the side are Def Leppard on top & Bret Michaels (Poison) on bottom 
•We walked a mile with a bunch of hubby's family in memory of a baby that one of his cousins lost last year. ♥
•Celebrated my Daddy's 50th birthday with family
•I'm obsessed with the moon, so the super moon was a highlight for me.
•June marked 1 year of Marriage & 9 years of being together
•At the end of June Doug & I saw Poison & Def Leppard with my mother-in-law, one of hubbys cousins & her boyfriend. (Was my 2nd time seeing them!)

 July/August 2012
Top: Firecracker, Incubus, Linkin Park
Bottom: Me at Chilis (b-day dinner), My niece watching 1D videos, and Linkin Park again
•Doug & I spent the 4th ogf July SOLO, it was just him & I and we played with firecrackers by ourselves. We didn't even go to town to watch them. lol
•My birthday dinner with family at one of my favorite places with my favorite margarita! 
•Spending Aunt/Niece time & she likes One Direction & so do I, so she and I like to watch their videos.
•August we saw Mute Math, Incubus & Linkin Park. I cried. lol

Top: Penguin, Doug & I outside the Aquarium, Mother-in-laws Christmas tree, Doug & I on Christmas Day
Bottom: My Nephew's Halloween costume (Jason!), Cousin, me & my mom, Our Christmas Tree
•Family outing to the Georgia Aquarium in September.
•My nephew, who doesn't like or watch scary stuff, wanted to be Jason. I was so proud! I helped with his costume!
•My Cousin, Me & My Mom on Thanksgiving
•The last 3 are from Christmas. Super blessed to be able to do and have what we do & I'm super blessed to have my husband!♥ (even though he looks like a wooleybooger right now)

So I know some are out of order, but that's okay! That's why I did the bullet lists under them! And also, no Feb...apparently nothing that exciting happened in Feb?! lol

2012, you were good to me. I even found good out of the the not so good, which is so great!
I'm ready for 2013 and what it may bring with it.
I think I can handle just about anything...I think. I know that my mentality has a lot to do with it so I just have to stay as positive as I can.
Let's do this!



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