Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This Christmas...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
I kind of can't believe it has already came and went & that this week is already half way over...

Christmas Eve was so fun, we did Christmas with my side of the family the first half of the day & then Dougs' moms' side of the family that night. There is never a dull moment at his Nana's, that is for sure! And it always ends in story telling and LOTSSS of laughing. I told my mother-in-law last night that if anyone ever wanted to become a comedian in their family they would have PLENTY of material to use or draw inspiration from. Seriously, lol...
We spent the night at her house so we could wake up and open presents with her and my bro-in-law. Nice relaxing morning. Then we had to stop at my Granny's then it was off to Doug's Aunts to see everyone.
Then home! We waited to open what we got each other today instead of doing it with everyone else around.
And EEEEK! I love what he got me--a pair of Beats! Blue ones!
I loves them so much!! I'm baby-handling them a little. lol They're my precious!
He got a PS3 (that came with Assassins Creed III & also the Assassins Creed Trilogy game fo freeee!) from me.
Wifey Points!
(I'm excited about the ps3 as well!!)
Anywho, I'm very happy when what I got, some of which was unexpected. 

I got: 
A pair of Converse (my FIRST pair EVERRR)..I knew I was getting those though cause I designed them.)
An MP3 player (unexpected but SUPER f'kkin excited about it, mine went on the fritz like a year or so ago)
The Exorcist (Yeaaaa!)
Miranda Lambert-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
An Old Navy shirt (I bought it myself with my Granny's money, it's from my granny for doing her Christmas shopping--she was with me when I picked it out.)
A Kate Spade make-up bag (from White Elephant)
2 Camis
Bo Burnham: Words Words Words DVD (SUPER excited about this too)
Incubus- If Not Now, When?
The Book Of Lost Things by John Connolly!
Some earbuds
A pair of flats (also my FIRST pair of those, lol)
"Jagger Swagger" shirt!
Pair of gloves
A framed picture of my beautiful niece
A little cash & a gift card
& My Beats.
If I had to pick a far it would probably have to be My Beats! Hubbalub did good.

Above all, the family time was great. As I said before, lots of smiles & laughs! If someone could have just been a fly on the wall last night...L-O-L! & I was let in the loop that there is a new baby on the way. (no, not me :( ....) But I'm super excited for them! And I loved watching my niece and nephew open their piles of gifts. They loved everyting they got, which was a bonus. And as far as I know everyone liked what my Granny got them (which means I did good shopping!)

There was only one little bummer for me, but I'm trying to let it just kinda roll off my shoulders so I won't talk about too much, not right now anyway. We all know that not letting yourself get down is sometimes easier said that done.
That being said, the good FAR outweighed anything that could be a damper, so it's been a bit easier to not dwell right now.
I am definitely super blessed and content.

Me & My Scruffaluffagus
Thank goodness that beard will be going away soon!

Gonna leave you with this, I saw it earlier online & had to watch, glad I did. I absolutely love this made me cry a little, I'll admit it. Such a priceless reaction! :)

How was your Christmas? What did you get? What was your favorite thing? (whether it be a gift or quality time.)

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